How Would Your Ex Describe You?

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Lots of relationships end in heartbreak, among other things. What started out as a loving union can often end with you hating your ex, wishing a bus would hit them, or you wanting them gone from the world. Relationships that end like that often leave us saying some pretty horrifying things about our exes, and them returning the favor with similar sentiments. Luckily, not all relationships and that way, and it has inspired us to make a quiz about it. So, what not-so-bad thing would your former boo say about you? 

You must be a pretty stand-up person since your ex doesn't really have bad things to say about you. But what exactly would they say if we were to ask them right this second? On the bright side, you don't have to call them because our quiz can provide you with the answer. 

So would your ex say you're a good person with a good heart? Would they say that you're one of their best and closest friends? Would they say you're nice but afraid of commitment, or would they not want to comment?

Find out what your ex would say in one of our most fun quizzes yet! 

Do you still talk to your ex?

Whose idea was it to break up?

Would you say that it was a bad break-up?

How long have you known your ex?

How often did you argue when you were together?

Do you remember your ex's birthday?

How often did you surprise your ex with a special treat?

How did you celebrate Valentine's Day?

How often did you say "I love you"?

How affectionate were you with your ex?

How long were the two of you a couple?

How did the breakup happen?

How good are you at talking about your feelings?

Do you have a job?

Do you have a car?

Did your ex ever say that they thought you were afraid of commitment?

When you broke up, did the other person say, "It's not you, it's me?"

How do you think your ex feels about you now?

Do you enjoy talking on the phone?

Did you ever cheat on your ex?

Would you consider yourself to be a good cook?

What do you consider to be a great date night?

Would you say that you are in great shape?

How many out-of-town trips did you go on with your ex?

Which word best describes you as a lover?

How well did you get along with your ex's family?

Did you ever buy any jewelry for your ex?

Did you ever write any poetry or songs for your ex?

Did you and your ex enjoy deep conversations?

Did you ever think that your ex might be "the one?"

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