How Would Your Ex Describe You?

By Steven Miller on March 09, 2018

About This Quiz

Lots of relationships end in heartbreak, among other things. What started out as a loving union can often end with you hating your ex, wishing a bus would hit them, or you wanting them gone from the world. Relationships that end like that often leave us saying some pretty horrifying things about our exes, and them returning the favor with similar sentiments. Luckily, not all relationships and that way, and it has inspired us to make a quiz about it. So, what not-so-bad thing would your former boo say about you? 

You must be a pretty stand-up person since your ex doesn't really have bad things to say about you. But what exactly would they say if we were to ask them right this second? On the bright side, you don't have to call them because our quiz can provide you with the answer. 

So would your ex say you're a good person with a good heart? Would they say that you're one of their best and closest friends? Would they say you're nice but afraid of commitment, or would they not want to comment?

Find out what your ex would say in one of our most fun quizzes yet! 

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