How Would You Dispose of a Body?

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You're never going to have to dispose of a body...or if you are, don't tell anyone. There are so many ways to do it, and so many ways to get caught. What's your foolproof method?

After you kill somebody, can you hold it together enough to focus on disposing of the body?

Do you have access to the kind of weapons available in the game Clue?

Will you be able to keep your mouth shut about the murder and disposal?

Who or what have been the best mass murderers?

If the murder and disposal is a two-person job, what becomes of your partner?

Do you have an alibi?

If the police ask you to take a lie detector test, what do you do?

Who would you need to kill for them to suspect you immediately?

Can you handle the sight of blood?

If you're caught, what would likely be the cause?

Who would be the hardest to kill?

How far from the murder should the body be disposed?

The body is too heavy. What do you do?

Who is your favorite individual mass murderer?

What branch of the military probably hides bodies the best?

What's your biggest fear in burying a body?

What's more important to plan; the murder or the disposal of the body?

Do you feel like you need to be super creative in disposing of the body?

Which spy best defines you?

When's the best time to hide a body?

Which season are you most likely to get caught disposing of a body?

Complete the phrase: Swiss ________?

What should you eat before disposing of a body?

How long will it be before you can comfortably feel you got away with it?

Would you admit to your crime on your deathbed?

What's your favorite method for taking in caffeine?

What's going to be the worst part after you dispose of the body?

How long can you keep the body in the trunk of your car?

What sport do you feel offers the kind of training needed for body disposal?

Which occupation has the best opportunity for body disposal?

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