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How to make even a psychotherapist lose his mind? Give him a new patient named Bob and just wait! Take this What About Bob? quiz to remember all of your favorite scenes from this '90s comedy film!

In which year was the premiere of What About Bob?

What About Bob? was released on May 17, 1991. It grossed more than $63 million at the box office!


What is the last name of main character Bob?

Bob Wiley is a recluse who is afraid to leave his own apartment. The beginning of the film shows the efforts he makes to function outside of the comfort of his own home.


Which actor plays the role of Bob Wiley?

Bill Murray was born on September 21, 1950, in Evanston, Illinois. He first gained exposure to the world of comedy on Saturday Night Live, where he earned his first Emmy.


What is the name of Bob's doctor?

Dr. Leo Marvin is a psychoanalytical psychiatrist with a very big ego! He meets with Bob, but as soon as time is up he rushes him out the door.


Which actor plays the role of Dr. Leo Marvin?

Richard Dreyfuss was born on October 29, 1947, in Brooklyn, New York. He is also well known for his roles in The Goodbye Girl and Mr. Holland's Opus.


What is the first name of Dr. Marvin's wife?

Fay is a sweet and loving wife and mother to their children. She cares deeply about her husband but has a light heart and often jokes around, at his expense and to his dismay!


How many children do the Marvins have?

The Marvins have one boy and one girl. The girl is older and the boy is younger. Fay and the children take to Bob much easier than Leo!


Bob Wiley suffers from multiple what?

Bob has several fears, including touching door knobs and being in public spaces. He much prefers to stay home and limit his contact with the general world!


Where is Dr. Leo Marvin's office located?

Filming locations for What About Bob? included New York City, Los Angeles, and several rural and lake areas of Virginia.


Where does Dr. Marvin take his family on vacation?

Lake Winnipesaukee is located in New Hampshire. The Marvin family owns a vacation home there and it is a place they love. Dr. Leo Marvin does NOT see patients while he is on vacation.


What is the name of the book that Leo gives to Bob before heading off for vacation?

Baby Steps is a book written by Dr. Leo Marvin. He recommends to all of his patients that they read this book, especially hoping to use it as a distraction and way to buy time away from Bob while on vacation.


Bob tries to read Baby Steps, but instead decides to do what?

Bob decides if he can't see Leo in his office, then he'll follow him to wherever he is so that he can be seen. It takes great strength for Bob to make his way to New Hampshire!


What prescription does Dr. Marvin give to Bob?

Dr. Marvin thinks that if he tells Bob to take a vacation from his problems, then he will take it literally and not worry! Leo also believes that should this be successful, Bob will leave him alone while he's on vacation.


Who owns the coffee shop and hosts Bob at their home on Lake Winnipesaukee?

Mr. and Mrs. Guttman are portrayed by actors Tom Aldredge and Susan Willis. They portray two small-town older individuals and don't seem to like Dr. Marvin too much!


Why don't the Guttmans like Dr. Leo Marvin?

The Guttmans had been saving up for a lakeside home for many years. Dr. Marvin came along and bought the house that they wanted. They have resented him ever since!


What is the name of Leo and Fay's daughter?

Anna Marvin is portrayed by actress Kathryn Erbe. Erbe was born on July 5, 1965, in Newton, Massachusetts.


What is the name of Leo and Fay's son?

Sigmund Marvin was portrayed by Charlie Korsmo. Korsmo was born in 1978 in Fargo, North Dakota. He attended MIT and Yale Law School and is now a practicing lawyer!


Who takes Bob sailing?

This famous scene shows Bob tied to the boat, "sailing" in the wind. He screams, "I'm sailing!!" repeatedly and tries to show Dr. Marvin his improvements, but Dr. Marvin has no interest.


What does Bob teach Sigmund to do?

Sigmund takes a liking to Bob for his gentleness. Sigmund tried diving with his father, Leo, but felt as though he just dropped him into the water. Bob promises to wait until Sigmund is ready for release, and then he dives perfectly!


What is Sigmund's nickname?

Sigmund is called Siggy for much of the movie. Siggy develops a fun and playful relationship with Bob, much to the dismay of his father, Leo.


Who insists that Leo invite Bob for dinner?

Leo gets angry with Bob for ruining his vacation and getting involved with his children. He pushes Bob into the lake and Fay insists that he apologize and invite him to stay for dinner.


Why does Bob end up staying the night after dinner with the Marvins?

Despite the thunderstorm, Leo tries to send Bob out into the rain. Fay and the children insist that he stay the night. Leo agrees but insists that Bob must leave by 6:30 am.


What television show comes to interview Dr. Leo Marvin at his New Hampshire home?

GMA is coming to interview Leo on his new book, Baby Steps. Leo ends up being nervous on camera, and Bob is invited onto the show as an example of Leo's patients. Bob steals the spotlight and further maddens Leo.


What is the name of Leo's sister?

Lily is Leo's beloved sister. She comes to the vacation house to help Leo's family celebrate his surprise birthday party. Bob and Lily hit it off.


What does Bob steal from the town's general store after breaking in?

Leo intends to harm Bob with his stolen goods from the general store. Bob is so naive he actually believes it is part of Leo's therapy for Bob!


After suffering in the woods, Bob frees himself and returns to the Marvin's house, saying he has been cured by what?

Dr. Leo Marvin takes Bob deep into the woods where he figures no one would find him. He ties him up and straps explosives to him. He tells Bob it is "death therapy," and Bob believes him.


Where does Bob put the black powder from the explosives?

Bob frees himself from Leo's restraints. He uses the Baby Steps approach, and little by little he is freed. Unfortunately, he is too naive to believe the explosives are actually real, and the house ends up detonating!


Who does Bob marry?

Much to the dismay of Leo, Lily takes a liking to Bob and the two are married by the end of the film. Leo, still in shock from the house explosion, is unable to object sensibly to this wedding.


By the end of the film, Bob has written a book titled what?

Bob goes back to school and becomes a psychologist. He writes a best-selling book, Death Therapy. Leo tries suing him for the rights!


Which actress plays the role of Fay Marvin?

Julie Hagerty was born on June 15, 1955, in Cincinnati, Ohio. She has starred in other films, such as Airplane!, Lost in America, and A Master Builder.


"I feel good, I feel great, I feel ________."

Bob repeats this to himself over and over. It is a coping mechanism he learned from Dr. Leo Marvin's book, Baby Steps.


"What if I'm looking for a bathroom, I can't find one, and my bladder _______?"

This is just one example of a worry and phobia that Bob has. He details many of his phobias to Dr. Leo Marvin, who is barely interested!


How does Bob travel from New York to New Hampshire?

It takes Bob several attempts to get on the bus. He tries taking baby steps onto the bus, but is finally prompted by the bus driver, who sees him struggling.


Who says, "Bye, dog-pissing-barf!"

Bob Wiley: Goodbye, rat-d*ck suck-nut!%0DSiggy: Bye, dog-pissing-barf!%0DDr. Leo Marvin: Sigmund!%0DBob Wiley: Later, testicle-head bosom-beaver!


"Fay, these _______ are delicious!!"

Bob loves the potatoes. He is so excited by the wonderful meal that Fay has prepared. He says, "mmmm, mmmm, mmmmm" throughout much of the meal because he enjoys the food so much. Leo gets upset by this and yells at Bob!


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