How Well Do You Remember "The Unborn?"

By: Torrance Grey
Image: Platinum Dunes

About This Quiz

This 2009 thriller took a Jewish slant on the classic exorcism movie and disturbed audiences everywhere! Now, test your knowledge of this late-2000s horror movie with our quiz!

What is the name of the movie's heroine?

What is Casey doing when the movie opens?

Which of these things does Casey NOT see in her dream?

What does Casey's friend Romy say that dogs represent in dreams?

What is the little boy, Matty, doing upstairs?

What does Matty say just before he attacks Casey?

What does Casey find at the end of the Newtons's driveway?

What comes out of the egg that Casey cracks into a pan?

Where does Casey hear knocking coming from?

Who is Mark?

What happens to Casey's eye?

What does Casey learn from the change to her eye?

What was the nickname Casey's parents gave her brother?

How did Casey's mother die?

What is written on the bathroom stall where Casey throws up?

Who is Sofi Kozma?

What does Romy suggest Casey do to ward off evil spirits?

What was the name of Sofi's twin brother?

What were the Nazis trying to do to Barto?

What specifically does Sofi say possessed her brother?

Who killed Barto when he was possessed by the dybbuk?

What is the name of the rabbi whom Casey consults?

Who played Rabbi Sendak?

In what language is the Book of Mirrors written?

What does Sofi say is a sign of the dybbuk being near?

What other phenomenon occurs when the spirit is near?

What does Sendak see in the sanctuary of his synagogue?

What message does Matty give to Romy?

What happened just before Matty gave the message to Romy?

Who played the Episcopalian minister, Arthur?

Why, according to Arthur, is an Episcopal priest going to be useful in a Jewish exorcism?

Where does the group decide to perform the exorcism?

Which of the following characters survives the movie?

What news does Casey get at the end of the film?

Who played Casey's friend Romy?

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