How Well Do You Remember "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre"?

By: Torrance Grey
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This was a disturbing, nasty, hard-to-watch film ... and yet one that's made many critics' "best" lists! How well do you remember this horror icon? Find out now with our quiz!

Where does "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre" take place?

Who narrated the film's opening?

What was the name of the movie's main character and survivor?

Who played Sally Hardesty?

What is the chain-saw-wielding villain of the movie named?

What kind of skin is Leatherface's mask made of?

Including Sally, how many teenagers were out driving that day?

What differentiates Franklin Hardesty from the other teenagers?

What type of business do the young people drive past early on?

Why do the young people go to the cemetery?

"The Texas Chain Saw Massacre" was loosely based on whose real-life crimes?

What kind of business does the Sawyer family run?

From what kind of book does Pam read?

For what does the Hitchhiker want to be paid?

What does the Hitchhiker do when the kids won't pay him?

Where do the young people go after the gas station?

What do Kirk and Pam find on the front porch of the neighbor's (Sawyer) house?

What is in the birdcage inside the house?

Which character is the first to die?

Which of the characters is found still alive in a freezer?

Which of the characters is actually killed by a chainsaw?

Who in the family is meant to kill Sally?

Who directed "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre"?

How does the Hitchhiker die?

How does Leatherface die?

After Franklin is killed, where does Sally first go for help?

How many old people are in the upstairs bedroom?

Where does Sally go for help after the Sawyer house?

With what does the Cook attack Sally?

Who else does the Cook meet up with on the way home?

How does the Cook die?

How does Sally escape Leatherface?

What rating did Tobe Hooper want to get for "Massacre"?

Finish the tagline: "Who will survive and what _________."

In what decade was "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre" released?

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