How Well Do You Remember The Movie "The Bishop's Wife"?

By: Heather Cahill
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"The Bishop's Wife" is a movie from 1947 that follows a bishop, his family, and business troubles. When he asks for help, an​ angel appears! Think you remember this touching story? Take the quiz to find out!

Who saved a woman's baby from being hit by a vehicle at the beginning of the movie?

Dudley saved a woman's baby from being hit by a vehicle. Dudley was very helpful that night, helping a blind man across the street, and saving the baby.

After Dudley left for good, what showed up in Debbie's room?

After Dudley left for good, there was a doll in Debbie's room which neither Henry, nor Julia, knew from where it came. It was Dudley's work, but they no longer had any memory of him.

After his visit, what did Dudley help Professor Wutheridge to do?

After his visit, Dudley helped Professor Wutheridge write the book he had been putting off for so long due to writer's block. He inspired him by telling him the history of his Roman coin.

For what was Julia shopping at the beginning of the movie?

Julia was buying a Christmas tree. Professor Wutheridge was also in the market for a new tree, although Julia mentioned that he had no religion.

What did Professor Wutheridge give to Julia that was for Henry?

Professor Wutheridge gave Julia a Roman coin to give to Henry. The professor's kind gesture made Julia tear up, as she missed the town and the people to which she used to be so close.

Where did Dudley say that he and Professor Wutheridge met?

Dudley said that he and Professor Rutheridge met in Vienna. Professor Wutheridge couldn't remember from where he knew Dudley because he had no idea that Dudley was actually an angel.

When Dudley told Julia that he had to leave, what was her reaction?

Julia was upset when Dudley told her that he had to leave. While fighting back tears, she told him to leave and never come back as she ran out of the room.

What did Henry want to build?

Henry wanted to build a cathedral. He needed the funding, and that is why he asked for help. Dudley didn't help him build the cathedral, but instead gave Henry the guidance he needed.

What was Julia late to, due to Christmas shopping?

Julia was late to a meeting about the cathedral because she had been Christmas shopping. When she arrived, everyone was upset and left shortly after.

After the failed meeting, what did Julia suggest that she and Henry do?

After the failed meeting, Julia suggested that the cathedral should be postponed until after Christmas. Henry refused, since there was a lot of work to be done on the cathedral.

When Sylvester was driving Dudley and Julia, what happened?

When Sylvester was driving Dudley and Julia, they were almost in an accident. Dudley quickly saved them, although Sylvester believed that he was the one who saved them.

What happened when Henry asked for help?

After Henry asked for help while alone in his office, Dudley appeared in the room. Henry heard the door open, but when he looked around, he didn't see anyone. Dudley appeared from behind him.

While Henry read his sermon, who listened from outside the chapel?

Dudley listened to Henry's sermon from outside the chapel. He was happy to know that his work paid off and that everything was back on track in Henry's life again.

What was Dudley?

Dudley was an angel. This explained how Dudley knew information about everyone whom he encountered. Henry found it hard to believe that a real angel was standing in front of him.

What was Henry?

Henry was a bishop. He gave the sermons and made sure that everything in the church ran smoothly. Unfortunately, at the beginning of the movie, he had lost sight of how he should handle matters.

What did Julia believe Dudley was?

Julia believed that Dudley was an assistant who was going to take some of the work load off of Henry. Dudley was Henry's assistant, but not exactly the assistant she thought he was.

What happened that made Henry truly believe that Dudley was an angel?

Dudley disappeared in the blink of an eye, prompting Henry to truly believe that he was an angel. When Henry left the room, his dog was staring upwards, confirming more of Henry's suspicions.

What was the name of Henry and Julia's daughter?

Henry and Julia's daughter was named Debbie. She was a cute little girl who told Dudley all the things that Julia had told her about him. Luckily, they were nice things!

What did Dudley help Debbie with?

Dudley helped Debbie fit in with the other kids. The other kids didn't want Debbie as part of their snowball battle because they said she couldn't throw, and she was a Bishop's daughter. Dudley and Debbie showed the other kids that Debbie could throw snowballs just as well as they could.

What did Dudley do after finding sheet music in Mrs. Hamilton's jewelry box?

Dudley played the music on a harp after finding sheet music in Mrs. Hamilton's jewelry box. The sheet music was from Mrs. Hamilton's deceased fiancé.

On his first day on the job, what did Dudley suggest that he and Julia do?

Dudley suggested that he and Julia should go out for lunch. When they got to the restaurant, the owner was ecstatic to see Julia, but the women who knew her wondered why she was with a man who was not her husband.

After noticing that the ladies at the next table were wondering what he and Julia were doing together in a restaurant, what did Dudley do?

After noticing that the ladies at the next table had the wrong idea about him and Julia, Dudley invited them to their table. He wanted to make sure they didn't have the wrong idea about the two of them.

After Professor Wutheridge invited Julia and Dudley to his house, what did Dudley do to confuse the professor?

Dudley kept filling up the professor's glass when he and Julia went to the professor's house. The professor was very confused, since each time he went to fill it up, it was already done.

After being fed up with Dudley, what did Henry tell Julia he had done?

Henry told Julia that he fired Dudley. He was fed up with the way Dudley was always with his wife, and he didn't think that Dudley was doing anything to help him.

What did Henry accuse Dudley of being after he came back from a day out with Julia?

Henry accused Dudley of being a demon. Dudley told Henry not to speak of Hell, and made his exit after Henry's accusations.

Who had been at Mrs. Hamilton's house, comforting her before Henry and Julia arrived?

Dudley had been at Mrs. Hamilton's house, comforting her just before Henry and Julia arrived. Henry was angry when he found out that Dudley was there, whereas Julia was ecstatic because she had been looking for him.

After Henry booked an appointment with Mrs. Hamilton during the church choir rehearsal, who went to the rehearsal​ with Julia?

Dudley went to the rehearsal with Julia. Julia didn't want to go alone, and wanted her husband to come along. He made a deal to be there as soon as he could, but Dudley accompanied her until Henry arrived.

What happened to Henry when he tried to leave Mrs. Hamilton's house?

When Henry tried to leave Mrs. Hamilton's house, he was stuck to the chair. Mrs. Hamilton's assistant said that the chair had been varnished.

After Dudley left for good, what happened to everyone who came in contact with him?

After Dudley left, the memories of the people who knew him were gone. They have no memory of Dudley, or anything that he did while he was there.

When Julia and Dudley arrived at the church, where were all the boys who were supposed to be in choir practice?

The boys were playing basketball instead of being at the church for choir practice. Dudley asked the two boys who did show up for practice to sing for them. Once they started, Dudley used his powers to bring the rest of the boys to choir practice.

What did Dudley always do that confused the new people he met?

Every time Dudley met someone new, he always called them by their name. They often asked Dudley how he knew their name when they hadn't told him what it was.

What did Dudley do with the papers that Henry asked Mildred to type?

Dudley burned the papers that Henry had asked Mildred to type. He told Mildred that he would handle the papers and told her to finish her Christmas shopping. But instead he wrote a Christmas story.

After Dudley visited her, what did Mrs. Hamilton decide to do with her money?

After Dudley visited her, Mrs. Hamilton decided to give her money to those who needed it most. She had found her compassion and decided to be helpful to the less fortunate.

What talent did Dudley have?

Dudley could figure skate very well. When Dudley, Julia and Sylvester went skating, Dudley impressed Julia with his skating skills.

What story did Henry tell the church on Christmas Eve?

Henry told the church the story that Dudley had written after he let Matilda go Christmas shopping. Dudley's work was done, and he had helped Henry, Julia and the rest of their family and friends.

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