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This low-budget horror film shocked everyone with its box-office performance, and it's been cited as an influence by more than one filmmaker. How much do you know about this classic? Find out now with our quiz!

Who is the villain in "Halloween"?

Freddy, Jason and Michael Myers are the Unholy Trinity of slasher movies. But only Michael Myers is commonly identified by both his first and last name.

Who directed "Halloween"?

Carpenter was coming off a successful action movie, "Assault on Precinct 13." Still, he had a remarkably low budget for "Halloween," just $300,000.

What simple image dominates the film's opening credits?

The opening credits were simple because the film had a very low budget overall. In them, the camera pushes in on a crudely-carved pumpkin, until finally the candle inside goes out.

In which state is "Halloween" set?

The town is the fictitious "Haddonfield, Illinois." There really is a Haddonfield in New Jersey -- it's where co-writer and producer Debra Hill grew up.

Whom did Michael kill first?

Judith "Judy" Myers was Michael's first victim. He killed her on Halloween night, 1963.

Where is the asylum where Michael lives as an adult?

Dr. Loomis and a nurse are going to Smith's Grove to take Michael to a judicial hearing on his continued incarceration. It's Dr. Loomis's intent that Michael never be released, however, the hearings are a legal necessity.

Who played the psychiatrist, Dr. Loomis?

Kiefer Sutherland would have been about twelve at the time! His father could have played the role, but it went to former Bond villain, Pleasence.

What lounge is advertised on the matchbook seen twice in the film?

The nurse who was accompanying Loomis to the asylum was smoking, and her matches were from the "Rabbit in Red." Loomis later finds the matchbook at a crime scene, and thus knows Michael is responsible for the killing.

When Michael escapes, Dr. Loomis says, "The ____ is gone!"

Dr. Loomis has an unusual mindset for a psychiatrist. He refers to Michael as the "the evil" and seems solely interested in keeping him locked up, not in treating him.

Why were Dr. Loomis and the nurse picking Michael up at night?

The cynical explanation is that Michael's escape is just scarier on a dark, rainy night. But "Halloween" leaves a lot unexplained -- from how Michael can drive a car, to why there are other patients roaming the grounds at night in the rain, and so on.

What was the name of the character played by Jamie Lee Curtis?

Curtis was relatively unknown when she was cast. But Debra Hill recognized the publicity to be gained from casting Janet Leigh's daughter in a horror film. Leigh, of course, was in "Psycho."

What line of work is Laurie's father in?

This would be a minor detail except that, early on, he asks Laurie to drop off a key at the "Myers place." This allows the little boy Laurie walks to school tell us all about how the old Myers place is supposed to be haunted.

What are Laurie's friends named?

Both of Laurie's friends are depicted as fun-loving and sexually active. Laurie is depicted as serious and responsible, though not humorless -- she says disparagingly of a boy who calls the Myers place haunted, "He'll probably never get past the sixth grade."

What does Annie's father do for a living?

Annie's father, the sheriff, is named Leigh Brackett. This was a homage to a famous pulp-fiction writer turned screenwriter, a woman whose last credited work was co-writing "The Empire Strikes Back."

Who is Ben Tramer?

Laurie has admitted to liking Ben. But, in classic high-school fashion, when she learns that Annie has spilled her secret to Ben, she begs Annie to take it back. (You'll never get a date that way, Laurie!)

What popular song can be heard in "Halloween"?

The song plays while Annie and Laurie are driving in Annie's car. Michael is following them in a stolen car at the time.

What is the name of the little boy Laurie babysits?

Laurie takes care of Tommy Doyle. Her friend, Annie, meanwhile, looks after a little girl, Lindsey.

What does Tommy think he sees outside the house?

Tommy has been warned about "the Boogey Man" by bullies at school. So when he sees Michael through the window, that's what Tommy calls him.

What kind of mask does Michael wear?

The crew found a cheap "Captain Kirk" mask in a store and painted it white. The plainness of the mask underscored Michael Myers being an emotionless killing machine.

Which of these lines is said by Michael?

The "a guy with a car" line is actually in the movie -- Laurie's friend, Annie, says it after Michael stops his car at a distance and watches them for some time before driving off. The line doesn't make a lot of sense, but it's what passes for comic relief in "Halloween."

How many dogs does Michael kill?

Michael kills a dog at the old Myers place, then one at the home where Annie is babysitting. The first killing seems to be simple malice; the second is to silence a dog that is barking at his presence.

Where does Annie die?

Annie is at first strangled, then her throat is cut. Despite this, we don't see any blood -- "Halloween" was virtually a bloodless film.

What is stolen from a cemetery in Haddonfield?

Michael must be unusually strong. A headstone the size of his sister's -- that's the marker he stole -- is very heavy!

Who does Michael kill after Annie?

Though there are horror movies in which children die, "Halloween" wasn't that daring. Tommy and Lindsay both make it through the film.

Why doesn't Lynda run from Michael when he appears in the doorway?

Michael puts a sheet over his head, then Bob's glasses on over that. Lynda thinks it's Bob, clowning around. (She does call Laurie just before she dies, but that's not the reason she isn't scared of Michael).

Where does Judith Myers's headstone reappear?

Michael obviously had some kind of serious issue with his older sister. Not only is she his first victim, but he re-creates her death, in a sense, by putting her grave marker at the head of Lynda's body.

Who repeatedly shoots Michael?

Loomis really came prepared! Most psychiatrists would just be armed with high-dose valium.

When Laurie says, "It was the boogey man," what is Loomis's response?

Dr. Loomis is really, really not in the rational-explanations business.

Where is Michael buried?

When Dr. Loomis looks down from the second-story window through which Michael fell, the body is gone. This is the beginning of a very popular trope in horror movies: the unkillable villain.

What is Michael's total body count (human) in the film?

Michael kills his older sister, a tow-truck driver, Annie, Bob and Lynda. This is a fairly low total for a slasher film. He would double it in "Halloween II."

Why does Michael kill?

Well, it isn't explained unless you read the many academic articles written about the "slasher movie" in general or "Halloween" specifically. Most of the theories have to do with "psychosexual rage," "rage against the mother," or similar.

Who scored the film and was credited as the "Bowling Green Symphony Orchestra"?

Carpenter is musically inclined, and came up with the chillingly simple piano theme for "Halloween." He's from Bowling Green, Kentucky, hence the comic "symphony orchestra" credit.

What future "Real Housewife" had a small role in the movie?

Kyle Richards was Lindsey, the little girl who Annie babysits. That is, until Annie dumps her in Laurie's lap, so she can meet up with her boyfriend, Paul.

Which of these horror villains preceded Michael onto the big screen?

"Halloween" premiered in 1978. "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre" was in 1974 (and yes, "Chain Saw" actually was two words in the title -- it was the typical spelling for that time).

Level-headed survivor Laurie Strode is an early example of a popular trope in horror movies. What is it called?

John Carpenter has denied that he was making a connection between the other girls' sexual activity and their grisly deaths. But many films followed "Halloween's" example in killing off its sexually active teens and making an apparently chaste girl the sole survivor.

How many sequels has "Halloween" inspired?

OK, here's the explanation. Ten films carry the "Halloween" name, but the third one had nothing to do with Michael Myers, so some people don't include that one. Other fans wouldn't include the 2007 "reboot" and the sequel to that film. So, yes -- it does depend how you count.

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