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"The Mask" is a comedy from 1994 that follows a regular man who finds the mask of Loki, the Norse God of mischief. Think you know this crazy comedy? Take the quiz to find out!

What was Stanley's job?

Stanley worked as a bank clerk. His life was less than glamorous, as things never really seemed to go right for him. His landlord was mean, the girl he liked manipulated him, and he had lots of car trouble.


What did Stanley find by a harbor?

Stanley found a mask by the harbor. The mask turned him into a crazy man who could do superhuman things.


What does the mask do when Stanley wears it?

The mask turns Stanley into someone else when he wears it. He becomes a crazy character who can do amazing things.


From which Norse god did a psychiatrist tell Stanley the mask may be derived?

The psychiatrist told Stanley the mask might be derived from Loki, who is the Norse god of mischief. Stanley tried to demonstrate to the psychiatrist what the mask does, but it wouldn't work.


Who revealed to Stanley that they knew he was behind the mask the entire time?

Tina revealed to Stanley that she knew he was behind the mask the entire time. She told him when she went to visit him in jail.


Who was captured by Tyrell's men and taken to the Coco Bongo?

Tina was captured by Tyrell and his men after she left the jail cell. Stanley tried to have a policeman help her, but he refused and went back to sleep.


Who obtained the mask after Stanley?

Tyrell obtained the mask after Stanley, but when he put it on, he wasn't a crazy character. He was actually an evil villain, reminiscent of how he was without the mask.


What type of animal was turned into the mask?

It was Stanley's dog, Milo. When Milo was the Mask, he helped Stanley save Tina and everyone else at the Coco Bongo, and then gave the Mask back to Stanley.


What did Tina do with the mask at the end of the movie?

Tina threw the mask into the harbor at the end of the movie. Stanley and Tina were both done with the mask and had found happiness with one another.


What did Stanley buy for Maggie?

Stanley bought concert tickets for Maggie. However, she took her friend, instead of Stanley, to see the show.


Who asked Stanley to open a new account for them?

Tina Carlyle asked Stanley to open a new account for her. She turned down Charlie's offer to open an account for her, and chose Stanley instead.


Why was Tina sent into the bank?

Tina was sent into the bank by her boyfriend to prepare for a robbery. She had a camera hidden in her purse so she could record the incident.


What happened when Stanley let himself into the Coco Bongo?

When Stanley tried to get into the Coco Bongo with his friend, the bouncer only let his friend in. When Stanley tried to let himself in, the bouncer threw him out.


Is it true or false that the mask was broken?

The mask was not broken, it was just thrown into the river. Milo and Charlie raced to get it before it floated away.


What kind of animal did Stanley have?

Stanley had a Jack Russell Terrier named Milo, who was one of his best friends. Milo was interested in the mask when Stanley first brought it home!


What did Stanley's landlord do when she first saw the Mask?

Stanley's landlord shot at him when she first saw the Mask. He was using a huge hammer to quiet a clock, since he read a sign that said "Quiet Please."


What did the Mask make out of a balloon to scare off the thugs?

The Mask made a Tommy gun to scare off the thugs after they tried to attack him in an alleyway. His plan worked and the thugs ran away.


Who went to Stanley's workplace to question him about the auto shop?

A reporter went to Stanley's workplace to question him about the auto shop. Stanley tried to pretend like he didn't know anything about what had happened in the auto shop.


What did Stanley do the second night he became the Mask?

The second night that Stanley became the Mask, he robbed a bank. That same night, Dorian Tyrell and his crew planned to rob the bank as well.


Is it true or false that the sequel to the movie is called "The Mask: Reborn"?

The sequel to "The Mask" is called "Son of the Mask." It follows a cast of totally new characters as one man who has possession of the mask has a child with his wife.


What did the Mask do at the Coco Bongo when he went to see Tina?

The Mask performed with Tina at the Coco Bongo. They danced until Dorian Tyrell found out that the Mask had foiled the bank robbery, and put a stop to the show right away.


What did Lieutenant Kellaway find at the Coco Bongo that led him back to Stanley?

Lieutenant Kellaway found a piece of pajamas at the Coco Bongo that he knew were Stanley's. When he questioned Stanley about them, he told him that they were stolen.


What happened on Stanley/the Mask's date with Tina?

On his date with Tina, Stanley/the Mask was arrested by Lieutenant Kellaway. When emptying his pockets he found a picture of his wife with a phone number on it.


Who saved Stanley when the cops caught up to him after he had fooled them into dancing?

Peggy saved Stanley from the cops after he had fooled them into dancing. She showed up in her car to pick him up and took him to the newspaper plant.


Who lured Stanley for Dorian Tyrell?

Peggy lured Stanley for Dorian Tyrell. He offered her $50,000 to keep him at the newspaper plant until Dorian and his men could capture him.


What did Milo do after the bad guys raided Stanley's apartment?

After the bad guys raided Stanley's apartment, Milo chased their car. He followed them all the way to the police station where they dropped Stanley off.


Where did Tyrell take Stanley after they raided his apartment?

Tyrell took Stanley to the police station where Lieutenant Kellaway had him locked up. Milo slept outside of Stanley's window all night long.


How did Stanley get out of the jail cell?

Milo fetched the keys to get Stanley out of his jail cell. He took them from the guard's pocket while he was asleep, and brought them over to Stanley's cell.


How did Stanley get out of the police station without being thrown back in the cell?

Stanley took Lieutenant Kellaway with him when he left the station so that he wouldn't be thrown back in. He handcuffed Lieutenant Kellaway to him and they easily got out of the station.


What did Tyrell do to Tina when he tied her up at the Coco Bongo?

When Tyrell held Tina hostage and tied her up at the Coco Bongo, he also strapped a bomb to her. When Stanley was about to save her, he was captured as well.


Is it true or false that Ben Stein played the role of Dr. Arthur Neuman?

Ben Stein played the role of Dr. Arthur Neuman. He also appeared in the sequel to the "The Mask." He can also be seen in other movies, such as "Ferris Bueller's Day Off," and "Casper Meets Wendy."


What was Tina's last request?

Tina asked for one last kiss from Dorian as her last request. The catch was that she wanted it from the real Dorian, not the one who was wearing the mask.


Who caught the mask after Tina kicked it out of Dorian's hand?

Milo caught the mask after Tina kicked it out of Dorian's hand. Milo put his face into the mask after one of the henchmen caught him, turning himself into the Mask!


What did the Mask do with the bombs to save Tina?

The Mask ate the bombs to save Tina. They exploded after he ate them, but he was just fine, and he had saved Tina from death.


Who jumped into the harbor to get the mask for themselves after Tina threw it in?

Charlie jumped into the harbor to get the mask after Tina threw it in. He was too late, as Milo had jumped in before him and he was swimming back to shore with the mask!


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