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Denzel Wasington and Liev Schreiber anchored this 2004 remake of a classic political thriller, about a plot to place a "sleeper" agent in the highest office in the land. Take our quiz and find out how much you recall about this nail-biter of a film!

"Manchurian Global" is an evil worldwide corporation. This was an update of what group in the 1962 original?

Don't laugh about the Catholic Church, though -- JFK's candidacy sparked fears that the Vatican would run American politics.


Whose shoes did Denzel Washington fill as upstanding Major Marco?

The singer had a substantial body of work in Hollywood.


In what country does the action of "Manchurian Candidate" open?

Marco's unit is seen playing cards in the opening shot. This is a nod to the importance of cards in the original.


Whom is Major Marco speaking to, when the action shifts back to the States?

He's describing how Sgt. Shaw (Schreiber) saved their unit after an ambush.


What is the nickname the media gives to Marco and Shaw's unit?

They were gone for several days. Later, we find there's a good reason for that.


What item does the troubled Private Melvin leave behind after talking to Marco?

Melvin has drawn a woman with a tattooed face. This is a figure that he and Marco both see in their dreams.


What is NOT an item Marco buys regularly at the grocery store?

No-Doz is for his bad dreams. Cup Noodles, meanwhile, appear throughout the film. It's a really egregious example of product placement!


What is the name of the presidential candidate about to pick a running mate?

Jordan is the front-runner for VP, while Senator Prentiss is Shaw's mother. "Prentiss" is also Shaw's middle name, and part of the key to activating his brainwashing.


Who played Shaw's domineering mother?

As Sen. Prentiss, Streep just about blasts her male co-stars off the screen. Many people thought she based her performance on Hillary Clinton, whose hairstyle Prentiss wears.


What other than his military service qualifies Shaw to be a VP candidate?

Of course, winning the Congressional Medal of Honor doesn't hurt, either.


Why does Eleanor Prentiss resent Jocelyne Jordan?

It was Senator Prentiss who "ran Jocelyne off," as Raymond refers to it.


In Marco's nightmares, who is killing Private Baker ?

It was Marco himself who killed Ingram. He retrieves this memory with the help of electroshock therapy.


From where does Marco know Eugenie Rose, whom he meets on the train?

She approaches him on the train and eventually brings him to her cousin's place in New York City. Of course, it's not really her cousin's home, but we don't realize that until later.


What does Marco hallucinate on the train?

The second hallucination causes Marco to flee to the bathroom. This is where he might or might not have an encounter with the rogue geneticist, Noyle.


Where does Marco find the implant?

He digs it out after showering at Eugenie's "cousin's" place.


What happens to Marco's transplant right after he finds it?

Of course, now he doesn't have it show to the Army brass and thus prove his story.


From what country is Noyle, the geneticist?

To American ears, Noyle's accent would probably sound German. The South African accent is heavily influenced by Dutch colonialism.


Where was the field hospital where Marco and the unit were brainwashed?

Marco remembers seeing it after he has electroshock therapy.


Where is Private Melvin's body eventually found?

Marco had given up on finding him and broken into his apartment.


Who is Eugenie Rose really working for?

Marco initially believes she's working for Manchurian; this is because he spots a video camera in her bathroom vent.


How does Marco get the implant out of Shaw's back?

Impressively, he then "cheeks" the implant through his entire interrogation by Army Intelligence and the feds. He removes it from his mouth after his release.


What is Marco's middle name?

This might be a homage to the fictitious Ezekiel "Easy" Rawlins. Denzel Washington played him in "Devil in a Blue Dress."


How does Shaw kill Senator Jordan?

Shaw also drowns Jordan's daughter Jocelyne when she tries to intervene.


Where is the polling station at which Shaw votes?

Afterward, Marco and Shaw meet in an empty classroom. There, Marco himself is brainwashed by Eleanor Prentiss over the phone.


What (unintentionally) comic image is shown on a screen at the Arthur-Shaw victory party?

The 1962 film was more satirical. Here, the image is a rare break from the tense plot line.


Why does Marco fail to shoot president-elect Arthur?

It's Shaw, not Marco, who is beginning to overcome his mind control.


Why isn't Marco identified as the shooter in the Prentiss-Shaw assassinations?

However, it's implied that Manchuria isn't going to suffer any long-term consequences.


What does Marco place in the surf at the movie's end?

Eugenie Rose takes him back to the sandbar where the brainwashing took place. This is for closure, presumably.


Who played Shaw's mother in the 1962 original?

In both versions, the role required a scene with some really-not-OK mother-son touching.


Who played Senator Tom Jordan?

Jordan is the good-guy politician to whom Marco takes his evidence.


Which actor/actress was handpicked by Paramount's head for their role?

It'd be easy to guess Streep, though, given her powerhouse performance as a controlling mother.


In what premium-cable series do both Liev Schreiber and Jon Voight appear?

Schreiber plays the title role. Fans will be pleased to know Showtime has renewed "Ray Donovan" for a fifth season.


Who directed "The Manchurian Candidate"?

The original was directed by John Frankenheimer.


Who wrote the novel on which both movies were based?

The novel had the same name as the films -- why mess with success?


Which of the following celebrities had a cameo in "The Manchurian Candidate"?

Roger Corman and Gayle King also briefly appear.


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