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This was a sexy, wicked 1996 sleeper hit, about four outcast high-school girls using witchcraft to settle scores. Are you ready to revisit the dangerous world of The Craft? Find out with our quiz!

Who played Sarah Bailey?

Tunney is Irish American, as her name indicates. She grew up in the city of Chicago, where one of her cousins is an alderman.


Which character was played by an actual Wiccan?

Fairuza Balk was a practicing Wiccan. She later bought a Los Angeles magic shop.


Which witch was played by an actress who was nearly 30 years old?

Rochelle was played by Rachel True. She looked quite young -- we'd never have guessed!


Who played Bonnie?

Campbell didn't play the lead, but she was arguably the highest-profile actress in the movie at the time of its release. Both she and Robin Tunney have worked regularly since the film came out.


Who played Chris Hooker?

Ulrich's real first name is Bryan. He got the nickname "Skeeter" from a Little League coach, because of his small size.


Which of the girls is a "natural witch"?

Sarah's mother was a witch, too. It's her mother's voice that gives Sarah strength in the film's frightening climax.


The movie starts with Sarah's family making which move?

The film is set in Los Angeles. The Baileys have moved down to L.A, apparently, because Sarah is troubled; she tried unsuccessfully to slit her wrists.


What is the name of Sarah's high school?

Neither Sarah nor her father seems religious, but she goes to a Catholic school. This is probably because of a longstanding Hollywood rule: Put some nice-looking girls in sexy Catholic school uniforms and you're halfway home.


What medical issue troubles Bonnie?

Though Bonnie's scars are on her back and mostly out of view, she considers them disfiguring. She dresses very modestly to cover them up.


Which sport does Chris Hooker play?

Skeet Ulrich doesn't really have a football player's build. Possibly Chris played a position that required speed and agility.


What sport does Rochelle struggle to master?

Rochelle's nemesis, Laura Lizzie, doesn't make things easier. She yells "Shark!" just as Rochelle is diving, then laughs when Rochelle loses her composure and belly-flops.


What lie does Chris spread about Sarah?

Not only does Chris say they "did it," he says she was lousy. Ouch!


What is the name of the woman who runs the magic shop?

Nancy, Bonnie and Rochelle regularly shoplift from Lirio's. It's surprising she hasn't banned them already.


How did Sarah's mother die?

After their relationship falls apart, Nancy will cruelly mock Sarah about this. She says, "You killed your mother ... that's really special."


What is the name of the mega-deity that Nancy, Bonnie, and Rochelle worship?

The concept of "Manon" was created by the writer-director, Andrew Fleming. Nancy says that Manon is everything: "If God and the Devil played football, Manon would be the stadium they played in."


All four girls make a request at the meadow ceremony. What is Bonnie's?

Bonnie asks to be beautiful outside as well as inside. She apparently hasn't noticed she's being portrayed by Neve Campbell!


What is Rochelle's request?

Rochelle then specifies, " ... especially racist pieces of s**t like Laura Lizzie." This is the snob who's bullying her.


What is Sarah's request?

The other girls roll their eyes at this. But as Woody Allen said, not long before The Craft was released, the heart wants what it wants.


What is Nancy's request?

Nancy also does a spell for money, or, to "not be white trash anymore," as Rochelle puts it. But this happens a bit after after the meadow ritual.


What game do the girls play at Bonnie's house?

Of course, the way the girls play it is a little different. They withdraw their hands, and Rochelle keeps levitating above the bedroom floor.


What do the girls cause to happen to Laura Lizzie?

This has a nice symmetry. Laura Lizzie was mocking Rochelle's hair earlier in the movie.


How do Nancy and her mother get rich?

The policy grants them $175,000. Nancy and her mother immediately move to a high-rise condo.


Who's the sole artist featured on Nancy's mother's jukebox?

Apparently, Nancy's mother always wanted a jukebox that played nothing but Connie Francis. Hey, you gotta have a dream!


What is the ritual that the girls do on the beach?

Calling the corners is a general way of beginning a ceremony. Afterward, Nancy invokes the spirit, or Manon. At the ritual's climax, she is struck by lightning.


What is Nancy doing when Sarah first sees her the next morning?

After Nancy walks on water, the girls discover a number of sharks washed up on the beach. Nancy calls these her "gifts" from Manon.


Who comes to Sarah's house at 3:00 in the morning?

Sarah is dealing with the repercussions of her love spell. While this is a darkly comic scene, things turn serious when Chris tries to rape her.


How does Chris die?

Under her hatred, Nancy seems to have unrequired feelings for Chris. When she fails to seduce him by glamouring herself to look like Sarah, the result is a psychic attack that throws him out the window to his death.


After Chris's death, what does Sarah do that angers Nancy?

Technically, the coven has no leader, though Nancy is its strongest personality. Sarah threatens that, though, because she alone is a "natural witch."


When her coven turns against her, who does Sarah go to for help?

Lirio takes Sarah into her secret back room for a ritual. Sarah, unfortunately, loses her nerve and bolts.


After Nancy cuts her wrists, how does Sarah save herself?

Sarah also hears the voice of her mother, and sees her photograph move. Sarah's mother encourages her to "look inside yourself."


Where does Nancy end up?

After showing us that Sarah is happy and well-adjusted, the film ends on a creepy note. Nancy is strapped down to a bed in a locked ward, still believing she has all the power of Manon.


Who played Chris' sardonic friend, Mitt?

Meyer was coming off a role as an amiable stoner in Clueless. He was the love interest for Brittany Murphy in that film.


Which two actors worked together in another 1996 film?

The characters of Chris and Bonnie don't interact much in The Craft. But in Scream, they were boyfriend and girlfriend (with a twist).


What award did The Craft win?

The Craft won this for the knock-down-drag-out fight between Nancy and Sarah near the film's end. It really was an epic fight, using not just magic but old-fashioned fisticuffs.


What year was the remake of The Craft released?

Fairuza Balk, among others, was against a remake. There hasn't been a sequel, either.


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