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This mid-1990s adaptation of the classic Austen novel set the standard for films that followed! Revisit it now with our quiz! (Note: Even if you're not familiar with the BBC version, jump in anyway! The adaptation was very faithful to Austen's novel, so you're likely to be at home here.)

Everyone remembers Colin Firth's turn as Mr. Darcy, but who played Elizabeth Bennet?

Jennifer Ehle is actually American. She was born in North Carolina.


What is Mr. Darcy's first name?

You can be forgiven for thinking he has no first name. He's been burned into the popular consciousness as "Mr. Darcy."


How many daughters do the Bennets have?

Unfortunately, the Bennets have not a single son. This is important because daughters could not inherit land under the law of the time.


Which pair of the Bennet sisters are inseparable, flighty and vivacious?

Kitty and Lydia function almost as a unit. They love fashion and parties, and today would be thought of as "basic girls."


Which of the the Bennet sisters is introverted and bookish?

Elizabeth is bright, but not bookish or withdrawn. It's Mary who would nowadays be thought of as a nerd. (Or she'd be kinda Goth, and the coolest girl in school.)


What was the name of Darcy's close friend?

Charles Bingley is the mellower, better-natured of the pair. His move to Netherfield Estate, near the Bennets, launches the novel's plot of courtship and marital wranglings.


How do Darcy and Bingley arrive at Netherfield?

An opening scene shows them galloping across the fields to see the place where Bingley will soon live. It's one of the series' little touches, adding outdoors vigor to Austen's novel. (Hot-air balloon would have been cool, but the filmmakers weren't willing to go that far.)


Which Bennet daughter is Bingley interested in?

Jane is described as the most beautiful and gentle of the Bennet daughters. This makes her a natural match for the easygoing Bingley.


Where does Mr. Darcy meet Elizabeth Bennet?

At the ball, Darcy doesn't dance with any of the local women. This is part of the reason Elizabeth considers him "proud," and it doesn't help that she overhears him describing her looks as average.


What is the name of Mr. Darcy's huge estate?

Pemberley almost becomes a character in its own right. A visit to the estate plays an important role in Darcy and Elizabeth's reconciliation.


What requires Elizabeth to come to Bingley's estate, Netherfield?

Jane was calling on Bingley and his sisters when the illness took hold. Elizabeth's visit gives Darcy his second look at the young woman he initially rejected as too plain for him.


What relationship does Mr. Collins have to the Bennet sisters?

Cousin marriage was a way to keep assets in an extended family. In the Bennets' case, it took on extra importance, because Collins was the heir to Longbourn, their home. Marrying him would allow one of the daughters to stay, and probably their parents as well.


Which of the Bennet sisters does Mr. Collins propose to?

Though Jane is the most beautiful, Collins seems to be attracted to Lizzie's intelligence and spirit. Unfortunately, she has too much of these qualities to marry him!


Who eventually accepts Mr. Collins's proposal of marriage?

The Bennet sisters all dislike Collins because of his pretentious behavior. But Charlotte sees past that to the life of financial security she'll have as his wife.


When Bingley and his sister leave Netherfield, where do they go?

Elizabeth and Jane both fear that this means Bingley has lost interest in Jane. Elizabeth further suspects that Darcy has discouraged Bingley's interest, which is true.


What is the name of the handsome soldier who catches Elizabeth's eye?

George Wickham is part of a militia stationed near the Bennet home. Elizabeth likes his good looks and easy good manners.


What color do the British soldiers, like Wickham, wear?

Rudyard Kipling popularized the phrase, "thin red line of 'eroes," in the poem, "Tommy," about a British soldier. In Wickham's case, the color makes him look dashing.


What grudge (according to him) does Wickham have against Darcy?

Wickham tells Elizabeth that Darcy's father had promised Wickham the position and its guaranteed income, but then Darcy wouldn't deliver on that promise. Of course, there's more to the story than that.


What is the name of Darcy's younger sister?

Wickham courted Georgiana strictly for her money, money he needed for his gambling debts. Elizabeth doesn't learn this until after turning down Darcy's first proposal.


Lady Catherine DeBourgh is the aunt of which character?

Mr. Collins hero-worships Lady Catherine, but isn't related to her. It's while visiting his aunt that Darcy surprises Elizabeth with his first proposal of marriage, which she flatly rejects.


What is the name of Lady Catherine's estate?

This is also where Elizabeth's friend Charlotte and her new husband, Mr. Collins, live. Lady Catherine is Mr. Collins's patroness.


At the time of his first proposal, which of the following is NOT a reason Elizabeth resents Darcy?

Darcy has a variety of check marks in the "negative" column. But Elizabeth will later learn that her initial impressions of his actions are misguided. For example, Wickham didn't tell Lizzie that he exchanged the curate's position for cash in hand, to clear up gambling debts.


Which of the Bennet sisters elopes with Wickham?

"Eloped" in this case doesn't mean marriage, just running away together. That's the problem: Lydia's scandal could affect the marriageability of the other four sisters.


Why do Elizabeth and her aunt and uncle go to Pemberley in Darcy's absence?

To modern people, it seems odd that you'd "tour" someone else's home, especially in their absence. But Pemberley is more than a private home, it's a historic estate, and Elizabeth and the Gardiners are welcomed.


What grand gesture does Darcy make on Elizabeth's behalf?

Modestly, Darcy doesn't even draw attention to the fact that he made the wedding happen. It's only when Lydia mentions it that Elizabeth realizes what Darcy has done for love of her.


Who demands that Elizabeth not accept a proposal from Darcy?

Darcy's aunt sees Elizabeth as beneath him. However, her high-handedness backfires. When she tells Darcy that Elizabeth refused to make such a promise, he has renewed hope that Elizabeth might love him after all.


Elizabeth has a double wedding with whom?

The series ended with a double wedding. The oldest Bennet sisters have gotten their men -- and secured their futures in a time when women couldn't easily just go out and get a job.


Is "Pride and Prejudice" a Victorian novel/movie?

Austen published "Pride and Prejudice" in 1813. That's the Regency period -- the Victorian period didn't begin until Queen Victoria took the throne in 1837.


Which scene from the BBC adaptation made a "Top 100" list of TV moments?

This scene is what many people remember best about the BBC series. But its charm is not just in Firth's sex appeal, critics say, but rather that it's the first moment where we see Darcy as an unguarded human being.


Which bestselling novel did the BBC's "Pride and Prejudice" inspire?

Helen Fielding loved the BBC series and Firth's performance as Darcy. Her protagonist, Bridget, falls for an aloof "Mark Darcy" in the book.


Who played Mark Darcy in the film version of "Bridget Jones's Diary"?

Hugh Grant played a Wickham-like rounder in the film. But Firth reprised, sort of, his Darcy role.


Julie Sawalha, who played Lydia, was well-known for work in which British series?

Sawalha played Saffron Monsoon, the uptight, studious daughter of freewheeling Edina Monsoon. The role of flighty Lydia was, therefore, a departure for Sawalha.


After Jennifer Ehle, who was the next actress to step into Lizzie Bennet's slippers for a major adaptation?

Keira Knightley acted opposite relative unknown Matthew McFayden in "Pride & Prejudice." Donald Sutherland, meanwhile, played a dryly witty Mr. Bennet.


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