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Four Christmases is a holiday comedy that tackles the importance of family relationships and their ups and downs. Think you know the movie? Take this quiz to find out!

What kind of classes do Brad and Kate take?

Brad and Kate take dance classes together. Another couple in their class asks why they are in dance class if they aren't planning to get married. They say that they enjoy taking dance classes together because they find it fun.


Brad's colleague says that his brother thinks his daughter will be who?

Brad's colleague says that his brother thinks his daughter will be "the next Beyonce." The colleague shows his annoyance by the way he mentions this to Brad and Kate! He even says that she is a bad singer.


What do Brad and Kate say that they are doing for Christmas?

Brad and Kate say that they will be taking a trip to Fiji on Christmas. They explain that they told their families they will be doing charity work. Their colleagues are amazed that they would lie to their families.


What weather condition causes Brad and Kate's flight to be canceled?

Brad and Kate's flight to Fiji is canceled due to a fog bank in San Francisco. They try to reason with an employee at the airport, but, unfortunately, there was nothing he could do to help them get to Fiji.


What word do Brad and Kate decide on as their safe word?

Brad and Kate decide on the word "mistletoe" as their safe word. When the word is used, then both Brad and Kate will know that it's time for them to leave and move along to the next family party.


What are Brad and his brothers named after?

Brad and his brothers are named after cities. One of his brothers says that it is actually the cities that they were conceived in. The brothers' names are Denver and Dallas McVie; Brad's is Orlando McVie.


What does Kate talk Brad into telling his brothers?

Kate talks Brad into demanding respect from his brothers. Brad tells his brothers that he wants some respect, but they aren't having it. Instead, they decide to beat Brad up.


What is the spending cap for Christmas presents at Brad's father's house?

The spending cap at Brad's father's house for Christmas presents is $10. When Brad gives his nephew an Xbox 360, everybody thinks he is showing off. In reality, Brad had no idea about the spending cap.


What does Brad accidentally reveal to his nephews when he is distributing the presents?

Brad accidentally reveals to his nephews that Santa isn't real. They are very upset and one of the kids even jumps out of the window and goes streaking.


What does Brad's father insist on doing with the satellite dish?

Brad's father insists on installing the satellite dish himself. When Brad tells him that the installer will be coming, he refuses to let him install it. Brad ends up installing it for his father instead.


What happens when Brad tries to get a signal on the satellite dish?

When Brad tries to find a signal after installing the dish, he ends up falling from the roof. The cord hooked to the satellite dish gets ripped from the wall and smashes a few Christmas decorations. Brad's father is extremely angry!


What is outside of Kate's mother's house when they arrive?

When Brad and Kate arrive at Kate's mother's house, Kate points out a Jesus statue which she says is new. She thinks her mother must have gotten a new boyfriend who urged her to put up the statue.


What did Kate have a bad experience with as a child?

Kate had a bad experience in an inflatable castle as a child. She was tortured by the other kids in the castle because they called her "Cootie Kate." Kate's sister says that this nickname stuck for seven whole years.


What country star plays Pastor Phil, the boyfriend of Kate's mother?

Dwight Yoakam plays the new boyfriend of Kate's mother. His name is Pastor Phil and he is the reason for her new-found beliefs. Kate's mother decides that instead of giving actual gifts, that they should instead give spiritual gifts.


What kind of camp did Kate go to when she was younger?

Kate attended weight-loss camp when she was younger. She struggled with obesity as a child. Kate's family shows Brad an old picture album and he starts to learn more about Kate's life as a child.


What does Kate's niece take from the bathroom?

Kate's niece takes Kate's pregnancy test from the bathroom. Kate is embarrassed and tried to stop her from taking it. Her niece runs outside and jumps into the inflatable castle with the test!


What does Kate get trapped in at her mother's house?

Kate is trapped in an inflatable castle. After her niece steals her "magic marker" and jumps into the castle, Kate has no choice but to jump in after her. Kate tries to scream the safe word to Brad but he can't hear her!


When Brad sees the baby vomit, what does he do?

When Kate is holding a baby and it vomits, Brad freaks out and thinks that he will vomit as well. He doesn't have a very strong stomach!


What do Brad and Kate have to do for the church?

Kate and Brad have to help the church with their play. Kate's mother volunteers Kate to play Mary and Pastor Phil asks Brad if he would do the honors of playing Joseph.


What does Kate have trouble doing while playing the role of Mary?

Kate has trouble swaddling the baby as the pastor reads the line. The pastor is a bit impatient and repeats the line to indicate that Kate has to hurry. Brad saves the day by saying his line, as the audience agrees with him!


What Christmas song is sung after the performance is over?

"Silent Night" is sung after the performance is finished. Brad had a great performance, but Kate is upset that her performance wasn't quite up to par.


Who did Brad's mother marry after divorcing his father?

Brad's mother married his best friend after divorcing his father. Brad was clearly not happy about this, after his former best friend seemed to be acting like his father.


What game is played at Brad's mother's house?

The game Taboo is played at Brad's mother's house. Brad and Kate get angry at each other during the game because, after they can't guess any of the words, they realize just how little they really know about each other.


Who is Kate surprised to see at her father's house?

Kate is surprised to see her mother when she arrives at her father's house. She was sure that her mother and father both hated each other, but Courtney lets her know that they've been getting along better since her niece turned one year old.


What does Courtney suggest that Kate should do after she finds out about Brad?

Courtney suggests that Kate should try online dating after she hears about Brad. She tries to make a case by telling Kate about Susan, who found her husband through a dating site. Kate is less than thrilled about the idea!


What does Kate's father reveal that he knew about the whole time?

Kate's father reveals to her that he knows they were lying about the charity work all along. He says that he used to do the same thing, but he now regrets it and would like to take it all back.


Where does Brad go after dropping Kate off at her father's?

Brad goes back to his father's house after he drops Kate off at her father's. His father is not happy to see him because of the events that unfolded earlier in the day.


What is Brad's father's reaction to hearing about Kate?

Brad's father's reaction to hearing about Kate is happiness. He is happy that Brad has gotten out of the relationship. He says, "it's the one you fight with the most that's the most like you."


What does Brad say that kids are like?

Brad shows up at the door and tells Kate that kids are like dogs. If you have one then you have to have two. He also says that if you leave them alone at home, you'll feel guilty about it.


How does Brad and Kate's life change in one year?

Brad and Kate's life changes in one year when they have a baby. Throughout the movie, they were very against having a baby, because of their parents, but later they realize that it wasn't such a bad idea.


Who doesn't know about Brad and Kate having a baby?

Brad and Kate's families don't know that they are having a baby. After the birth, the local news anchor shows up at the hospital to interview the parents of the first baby of the new year. Of course, the parents are Brad and Kate!


What do Brad and Kate disagree about?

Brad and Kate disagree about what they want their lives to be like. Kate starts to realize that she wanted a family while Brad was still freaked out by the whole idea of having children.


Where does the movie take place?

The movie takes place in San Francisco. Brad and Kate go to the San Francisco Airport early in the movie, when they try to fly to Fiji. There are shots of the Golden Gate Bridge throughout the movie as well.


Who plays Brad's mother in the movie?

Sissy Spacek plays Brad's mother in the movie. She is married to Brad's best friend in the movie and she is very happy to finally see Brad again. She even calls him a "stranger," reinforcing the fact that she hadn't seen him in a while!


Who plays Kate's sister in the movie?

Kristin Chenoweth plays Kate's sister Courtney in the movie. She is the polar opposite of Kate, wanting both marriage and kids. She was also in another Christmas movie, titled Deck the Halls.


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