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"Teacher's Pet" is a movie about a newspaper man who is stuck in his ways and ridicules education, until he meets a teacher who changes his mindset. He pretends to be a student in her class. How well do remember the story? Take the quiz to find out!

What were the children getting a tour of in the beginning of the movie?

At the beginning of the movie, the kids were getting a tour of the newspaper plant. They were learning about everything that goes on inside and how the papers are made.


Who did Mrs. Kovac's son work for?

Mrs. Kovac's son worked for James Gannon, who was an editor at the local newspaper. Mrs. Kovac used his name to get James' attention and have the opportunity to speak with him.


What did Mrs. Kovac ask James to do?

Mrs. Kovac wanted James to fire her son. She wanted him to go back to school and get an education, since that is what her husband would have wanted him to do as well.


What did Barney write for James?

Barney wrote a news story for James. James gave him some valuable insight on how to improve his story in an attempt to educate him like his mother and father wanted.


Who did James write a letter to?

James wrote a letter to a teacher after she asked him to speak to her class. James didn't think much of school, since he didn't go to one, and wrote a nasty letter to the teacher.


What did James say that he couldn't stand the smell of?

James said that he couldn't stand the smell of chalk. James' boss was angry about the letter James sent to the teacher. So he made James go to the school to do the presentation and apologize.


What did Erica do in the class that James attended?

Erica read the letter that James wrote to her to everyone in the class he attended. James was embarrassed and started to feel bad about what he had written.


What did James do after Erica ridiculed him in front of the entire class?

After Erica ridiculed James in front of the class, he left. He tried to sneak out of the class without being seen because he was embarrassed about what he had said.


What did James stop from running in the paper?

James stopped the university handouts from being included in the paper. He was still upset from the class he attended earlier.


What happened at the beginning of the second class?

James was late to the second journalism class that he attended. He pretended to enroll as a student in the class, using the last name Gallagher.


What did Erica do after James kept interrupting her teaching?

After James kept interrupting her teaching and finishing her sentences, Erica politely asked him to leave. She asked if he was enrolled in the class and told him that they didn't have a card saying that he was. He left the class.


After enrolling in Erica's class, what was James' first assignment?

After officially enrolling in Erica's class, James' first assignment was to write a news article. Erica didn't think he had enough resources -- since James missed a lot of the classes -- but she also didn't know that he was a journalist in disguise.


How fast did James write his 250-word news article assignment?

James wrote his 250-word news article assignment in five minutes. Erica didn't think that he was taking his work seriously since he had only written 150 words and completed the entire assignment so quickly.


What business did James tell Erica that he was in?

James lied to Erica and told her that he was in the business of wallpaper. He wanted to keep his cover so that she didn't know that he was actually James Gannon, the author of the letter she received.


What did James draw on his note pad at work?

James drew a picture of Erica on his notepad at work. When he took a call, he gave the note from the call to his coworker, but the note also had his drawing on it.


What did James do to make up for the letter he sent Erica?

James sent Erica flowers to make up for the angry letter that he had sent her earlier. He also called her, but she refused to take his call and insisted that he should write her another letter.


What did Erica meet with James to do?

Erica met with James -- who she knew as her student -- to ask him to take on extra work. He was hesitant until Erica said that she would be working very closely with him.


What did Dr. Pine get for Erica?

Dr. Pine got tickets for Erica. He called twice while Erica and James were in their meeting, and James was visibly bothered by the way that Erica spoke to Dr. Pine.


What did Erica say made James' article so great?

Erica said the "why" part of James' article is what made it so great. Although James didn't believe it, she said that people want to know why something happened.


What did James have delivered to him at work?

James had a batch of books delivered to him at work. The books were all written by Dr. Hugo Pine, the man who had been talking to Erica while she and James had a meeting.


After James received his books by Dr. Pine, what did Barney ask if he could write?

After James had received the books he had ordered by Dr. Pine, Barney came to ask him if he could try writing some obituaries. James said he would and when Barney asked who he should start with, James said Dr. Pine.


Who showed up at the club that James and Peggy visited?

Erica showed up with Dr. Hugo Pine at the club that James and Peggy visited. Peggy noticed that James was looking in their direction and asked if he knew them.


After being invited to sit with Dr. Pine and Erica, what did James ask Erica?

After being invited to sit with Dr. Pine and Erica, James was getting annoyed with Dr. Pine. He asked Erica if she would like to dance, but they stopped when the mambo came on.


What did Dr. Pine do that impressed everyone in the club?

Dr. Pine impressed everyone at the club by playing the drums when the performers brought them to the table. James, however, wasn't as impressive playing them.


What happened when James, Hugo and Erica left the club?

After leaving the club, Hugo passed out from all the drinking he had done that night. James and Erica got him home and put him in bed so he could rest.


Where did Erica and James go after bringing Hugo home?

After bringing Hugo home, James and Erica went back to Erica's house. When they got there, Erica invited James in for a coffee. She also mocked Peggy's performance.


What was the real reason why Erica and Dr. Pine were spending so much time together?

The real reason that Erica and Dr. Pine were spending so much time together was because they were working on a book. James was under the impression that they were in a relationship.


Who visited Dr. Pine the morning after going to the club?

James visited Dr. Pine the morning after he had visited the club with him and Erica. He came over to see how Hugo was doing after the rough night he'd had, and to get his advice on his situation with Erica.


When James arrived at work after talking to Hugo, who was anxious to talk to him?

The Colonel was anxious to talk to James when he arrived at work after speaking with Hugo. When James went into his office, he came face to face with Erica and she realized that he was James Gannon, the author of the letter she received.


What did James do when he sat down to talk with Barney?

When James sat down to talk with Barney, he fired him. He realized that education was very important and asked Barney to follow his mother's instructions and go back to school.


Who arrived at Hugo's door when James was there?

Erica arrived at Hugo's place while James was there. Hugo was trying to make James feel better about himself after the incident with Erica earlier that day.


What did Erica notice in Hugo's house that made her realize that James was there?

Erica noticed James' hat on the table at Hugo's house, This tipped her off that James was there as well. She was about to leave when Hugo tried to talk her into forgiving James for what he had done.


What did James do when he saw Erica had come to Hugo's house?

When James realized that Erica had come to Hugo's, he had already said something bad about her father's newspaper. He then decided he would tell her what he truly thought of the paper, without holding back.


What did Erica ask James while in the Colonel's office?

While in the Colonel's office, Erica asked James to give a guest lecture to her night school classes. They had both changed their minds about each other after hearing what each other had to say.


Why did Mrs. Kovac visit James after he fired her son?

After James fired Barney, Mrs. Kovac visited James to thank him. She was happy that Barney would be going back to school. James told her that as soon as Barney graduated he could come back to work.


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