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"Surviving Christmas" is the story of Drew, who is left alone on Christmas and rents himself a family for the holidays. Think you know all about Drew's holiday plans? Take the quiz to find out!

What did Drew eat that belonged to Tom?

Drew ate the rest of Tom's salami, causing him to get extremely angry. Tom managed to hold in his anger however, in order to get the money that Drew was willing to pay!

What did Drew make Tom wear while they went looking for a Christmas tree?

Drew made Tom wear a Santa hat. Tom refused to do it, until Drew mentioned that he would be violating his contract. Tom put the Santa hat on right away!

What did Drew offer the family who lived at his childhood home if they agreed to be his family for Christmas?

Drew offered the family $250,000 if they agreed to be his family for Christmas. Tom agreed after hearing just how much Drew was willing to pay them!

Where did Drew go after realizing that everyone else had plans for the holidays?

After realizing that everyone else had plans, Drew went back to the house that he grew up in. When he arrived there, he felt very nostalgic, and started hugging a tree!

What did Drew do to try and win Missy back?

To try and win Missy back, Drew sent her a Cartier bracelet. He didn't realize that all she wanted was to learn more about him and to spend time with both of their families.

After getting the Christmas tree home and decorated, what did Drew ask Tom to do?

After getting the Christmas tree home and decorated, Drew asked Tom to sing! He said that they couldn't light up the Christmas tree until they had sung "O Christmas Tree!"

Who knocked on the door after Tom and Drew sang "O Christmas Tree?"

Alicia knocked on the door after Drew and Tom sang "O Christmas Tree!" Drew asked her who she was and he was astounded to find that Christine and Tom had a daughter.

What did Drew make Brian do when it started snowing?

Drew made Brian have a snowball fight with him when it started snowing. Brian was less than enthusiastic about it, and he let Drew pelt him with snowballs.

What did Drew promise to give to the Valcos if they allowed his grandfather to stay with them for Christmas as well?

Drew gave the Valcos $25,000 if they allowed his grandfather to stay with them over the holidays as well. They accepted, although Drew's "grandfather" was actually a performer from a local theater.

What did Tom tell Drew one night after a day out on the town?

Tom told Drew that he and Christine were breaking up. Drew told Tom not to worry, and that he would take care of Christine, much to Tom's disappointment!

What did Drew surprise Alicia with after they got over their sickness?

Drew recreated Alicia's favorite childhood moment. He brought her outside to a tree that was covered in ice. He also created a Christmas scene for her.

What did Drew tell Christine that he would do for her?

Drew told Christine that he would set up a makeover for her. After hearing about Tom and Christine's relationship, Drew confronted Christine. She was so happy that she started crying.

What did Alicia agree to do with Drew?

Alicia agreed to go sledding with Drew. He convinced her to go by telling her that he didn't believed that she enjoyed having fun. Alicia wanted to prove him wrong!

What did Drew give Missy for Christmas?

Drew gave Missy tickets to go to Fiji for Christmas. Drew didn't exactly get the reaction he expected, as Missy was upset after opening the tickets.

When Drew tried to kiss Alicia while they were sledding, what happened?

When Drew tried to kiss Alicia, she sneezed in his face by accident! She had caught a cold, and after going back home, Drew made her hot chocolate.

What did Alicia and Drew do while they were both sick?

Alicia and Drew got to know each other better while they were both sick. They found out that they might have misunderstood each other at first.

After upsetting Alicia, what did Drew plan to do?

After upsetting Alicia, Drew planned to leave the house and pay out the money he promised to the Valcos. Tom was happy have him leave and take the money.

What did the owner of Drew's childhood home do when he saw him outside?

The owner of Drew's childhood home hit Drew in the head with a shovel when he saw him outside! Drew was burning a paper in the front yard to get rid of his grievances.

Who showed up at the Valcos on Christmas Eve?

Missy showed up to the Valcos on Christmas Eve. She was told that Drew was spending time with his family, and she wanted to finally meet them as well.

Who in the Valco family didn't know about Drew's girlfriend?

Alicia didn't know about Drew's girlfriend, Missy. She found out after she saw Drew kissing Missy, and confronted him about it shortly after.

What did Alicia do to ruin Drew's plan?

Alicia stayed to meet Missy's family, even though Drew begged her to leave until the family was gone. Alicia planned to get Drew in trouble with his girlfriend and their family!

Who saw Drew and Alicia kissing outside the theater?

Missy and her family saw Drew and Alicia kissing outside the theater. The family was still under the impression that Drew and Alicia were siblings!

Whose room did Drew stay in while he was at the Valco's house?

Drew stayed in Brian's room while he was staying at the Valcos' house. He included it in his contract with the Valco family, although Brian wasn't very happy about it!

What did Drew mention that made the entire family go silent when he and Alicia were fighting?

Drew mentioned that he and Alicia had kissed earlier. The family went silent because one half believed that the two were brother and sister, while the other was amazed that Drew and Alicia liked each other!

Is it true or false that Tom and Christine decided not to split after all?

This is true! Tom and Christine decided to stay together after talking at Doo-Dah's play. All was well with the Valco family once again.

What was on Brian's computer while Christine was giving everyone a tour of the house?

There was a picture of Christine on Brian's computer while she was giving everyone a tour. The picture was from the photoshoot that Drew had arranged for her.

When Drew came to after being hit in the head with the shovel, what did he ask the family?

When Drew came to, he asked the family if he could look around the house. The family agreed and Drew was ecstatic to find that the house was for the most part, the same as he remembered it.

After Missy left, what did Drew do?

After Missy left, Drew tried to find a family that he could spend Christmas with. He planned to spend Christmas alone because everyone else had their own families and plans for the holidays.

Is it true or false that Tom and Drew vowed to never speak to each other again?

This is false! Tom and Drew, after discussing the money, went to Doo-Dah's play. The two of them went to apologize to Tom's family for everything that had happened.

What did Missy find out about before leaving the Valco's?

Before leaving the Valco's, Missy found out that her father wasn't actually her real father. Her mother tried to tell her different, but the truth had already come out.

What happened to Drew's father?

Drew's father left the family on Christmas Eve when Drew was a child. Drew told this story to Alicia after she asked why he would want to spend Christmas with them.

Is it true or false that one of Drew's grievances is people he loves leaving him?

This is true! Drew wrote this in his notebook titled "My Grievances." After he poured his heart out to Alicia, she told him how he had ruined their family and left.

After Drew went home, who showed up to his door?

After Drew went home, Tom showed up at his door. He wanted to remind Drew that he owed him some money, and the two talked about what had happened.

Can you finish the sentence? "During Doo-Dah's play, Drew found __________ outside."

The correct sentence is, "During Doo-Dah's play, Drew found Alicia outside." He apologized to Alicia and the two made up and made plans for New Year's!

Who did Missy plan to spend Christmas with?

Missy planned to spend Christmas with her family, because she figured that her relationship with Drew was going nowhere. She told Drew to spend Christmas alone because she didn't even know whether or not he had family.

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