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The Vermont State Troopers find themselves in jeopardy of being shut down and replaced by their rivals, the Spurbury Police. Think you know their story? Take the quiz to find out!

What did the three men driving at the beginning of the movie do that was illegal?

The three men at the beginning of the film were doing drugs. They thought they were going to get pulled over ​and had their friend in the backseat eat all the drugs.


Who did the State Troopers meet in the restaurant that they were in?

The State Troopers met the Spurbury Police in the restaurant they were in. The two departments had a rivalry and they were not very fond of each other.


Why were the State Troopers in jeopardy of being shut down?

The State Troopers were in jeopardy of being shut down because they weren't meeting their numbers. They spent a lot of time pranking and socializing with one another.


With whom did Farva not get along?

Farva didn't get along with Rabbit. Farva was on suspension and felt that Rabbit was trying to replace him for good. He warned Rabbit that he'd be back after his suspension.


Fill in the blank: The State Troopers were shut down because they didn't have a big enough ____________.

The State Troopers were shut down because they didn't have a big enough budget. Fortunately, they were all able to work for the local police instead.


What happened to Ursula after Foster gave her a snow cone?

After Foster gave her a snow cone, Ursula was hit by a baseball. She thought it was Foster who hit her, but it was actually the children who were playing.


What did the transport truck driver ​the troopers pulled over claim to be carrying?

The transport driver the troopers pulled over claimed to be carrying soap. Eventually, the troopers found out the truck driver was transporting marijuana.


What connection did the transport driver and dead woman have?

Both the transport driver and the dead woman had a connection through the monkey symbol. The woman had a tattoo of the monkey and the transport driver had the symbol on the bags he was transporting.


Is it true or false that Farva was involved in a fight at the Dimpus Burger?

It is true. Farva became upset about the way the employees at Dimpus Burger were treating him, and he got into a fight with the cashier.


What did Thorny and Rabbit chug in the restaurant?

Thorny and Rabbit chugged Maple Syrup in the restaurant. It was another one of the troopers' friendly competitions.


What did Farva find out about the couple that Thorny and Rabbit pulled over?

Farva found out that the couple Thorny and Rabbit pulled over were driving a stolen car. The couple almost got away, but Thorny talked Rabbit into penalizing them.


With whom did Captain O'Hagen try to cooperate to solve the murder?

Captain O'Hagen tried to cooperate with Chief Grady to solve the murder. Unfortunately, Chief Grady laughed in Captain O'Hagen's face when he told him about the cartoon monkey.


What do the Vermont State Troopers enjoy doing while they are working?

The Vermont State Troopers enjoy joking around with each other while on the job. They make up games and competitions in which they all partake.


What did Thorny plan to do that his wife didn't?

Thorny was planning to move away. He knew there was a possibility that he could get transferred when the State Troopers were shut down. His wife, on the other hand, ​wanted to stay where they were.


Is it true or false that Foster tried to impress Ursula by saying the troopers pulled over AC/DC's bus?

This is true. Foster told Ursula that the troopers pulled over AC/DC's bus and then told her they invited them to Jamaica.


When Thorny and Rabbit were responding to a call, what was found at the scene?

When Thorny and Rabbit arrived at the scene, there was a dead person. It was a young woman. The Spurbury Police had responded before the State Troopers.


What did Rabbit do to get Ursula's attention while she was at work?

Rabbit made a 911 call, that Ursula picked up, in order to get her attention while she was at work. He pretended that he was a woman in distress and told Ursula to look out the window!


Who was in the speeding car that went past the officers who had pulled over the three men in possession of drugs?

Mac was in the speeding car. He was testing the other troopers and concluded that they were too slow when they came after him.


Who was the State Troopers' rookie?

Rabbit was the rookie! Farva was a bit defensive towards him because he felt like the rookie was trying to take his place.


Fill in the blank: Rabbit used a fake ________ to distract the Spurbury Police.

Rabbit used a fake bear to distract the Spurbury Police. It was his job to distract them while Foster and Thorny broke into their police station with help from Ursula.


What name did Farva come up with for his cruiser?

Farva named the cruiser Ramrod. He combined his name and Thorny's name together to come up with the car's new name!


What did the fast food restaurant employees do to Farva's drink?

The fast food employees punched a hole in Farva's cup. When he removed the sticker from the side, the drink spilled out all over him and he lost his temper.


How did Chief Grady try to get information about the drug/murder investigation out of Farva?

Chief Grady tried to get information out of Farva by offering him a job at the Spurbury Police Department. Farva was loyal to the State Troopers and refused to give Chief Grady any information.


Who was going to help Foster get the marijuana that was seized and give it to the Governor?

Ursula was going to help Foster get the marijuana that was seized. They planned to give it to the Governor when she arrived so that he wouldn't shut the State Troopers down.


Is it true or false that Thorny and Rabbit were the only troopers who got jobs with the Spurbury Police?

This is false. All of the State Troopers were able to get a job with the Spurbury Police Department, ending their feud. All of the former State Troopers pitched into the raid at the end.


While speaking to the men he pulled over in possession of drugs, what happened on the highway next to the troopers?

A man was speeding on the highway beside the troopers. The troopers were going to make the men smoke every drug they had, but after the man went speeding by they quickly forgot about their punishment for the men.


What was Farva wearing that upset the rest of the State Troopers?

Farva was wearing a Spurbury Police uniform. When the other troopers saw what he was wearing, they were upset because they realized that Farva had betrayed them.


Why did the troopers pull over a transport truck?

The troopers pulled over a transport truck because he didn't weigh in. Although he promised to weigh in at the next station, the troopers weren't going to let him off that easy.


What did the State Troopers do to Chief Grady's house?

The State Troopers vandalized Chief Grady's house. After they realized they would be getting shut down, the State Troopers started drinking and drove around town making a stop at Chief Grady's house.


Is it true or false that Mac made a bet with Foster that he couldn't say "meow" ten times?

Mac did bet Foster that he wouldn't be able to say "meow" ten times when he went to talk to the people they had pulled over. Foster was able to pull it off.


Who did the Troopers see while waiting for Ursula at the meeting place?

The Troopers saw Galikanokus while waiting for Ursula at the meeting spot. Instead of staying to wait for Ursula, the Troopers planned to follow Galikanokus until Farva stopped them.


Who knew about what Galikanokus was doing the entire time?

Ursula knew what Galikanokus was doing the entire time. She heard about his plan over the radio but kept it to herself until she figured out what to do with the information.


What did the State Troopers receive from the Governor?

The State Troopers received a letter from the Governor. The letter thanked them for their hard work and dedication, and for helping to stop Galikanokus. Unfortunately, the Governor still decided to close the State Troopers.


What job were Thorny and Rabbit doing after the State Troopers were shut down?

After the State Troopers were shut down, Thorny and Rabbit started working for the Spurbury Police. They disguised themselves as beer delivery men and busted the three men they had pulled over at the beginning of the movie.


During the credits, the reason Farva was first suspended was revealed. Why had he been suspended?

The reason that Farva was first suspended was that he was in a fight with children on a school bus. Camera footage during the credits shows the kids pouring their drinks on him.


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