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Don't be a donkey! In 2001, Dreamworks released "Shrek," a movie about a green ogre who encounters a group of fairytale characters. How well do you remember Shrek's journey? Find out with this quiz!

Who plays Donkey's voice?

Donkey is one of the fairy tale characters that is supposed to be returned. Donkey is voiced by Eddie Murphy.


Which actor plays Shrek's voice?

Mike Myers is the first name seen during the film's credits. He voices Shrek's character.


What is the name of the Lord who banishes the fairy tale characters?

When Shrek sees all the fairy tale characters camped inside and outside his home, he gets confused. They soon tell him they have been banished by Lord Farquaad.


What song is played at the movie's introduction?

"All Star" by Smash Mouth is the opening song for "Shrek." The song is the ninth track featured on the soundtrack and the second song performed by Smash Mouth.


With what does Shrek wash his body?

During the intro, Shrek is seen pouring mud onto his body to take a bath. He then jumps into a swamp to wash it off.


What song does Donkey sing to Shrek when he says they should be friends?

While Donkey is telling Shrek that they should be friends, he starts singing the 1972 song, "Friends", by Bette Midler.


What fairytale character interrupts Shrek's dinner?

While Shrek is trying to enjoy a peaceful dinner alone, he finds the three blind mice fumbling around on his table, searching for food.


What fairy tale character does Shrek find sleeping in his bed?

When Shrek realizes his house has been infested with fairy tale characters, he finds the big bad wolf has taken residence in his bed.


When Shrek and Donkey begin their journey to find Lord Farquaad, what song does Donkey start singing?

Donkey LOVES to sing and when Shrek picks Donkey to help him find Lord Farquaad, his excitement prompts him to sing "On the Road Again" by Willie Nelson.


What character is being tortured by Lord Farquaad?

When Lord Farquaad wants to know where all the fairy tale characters have gone, he tortures poor Gingerbread Man for answers.


Who does the Gingerbread Man say is hiding the fairy tale characters?

When Lord Farquaad questions the Gingerbread Man about the fairy tale characters, he tells him that the woman married to the Muffin Man is hiding them.


When the Mirror on the Wall offers Lord Farquaad options for a wife, who is the first option?

When the Mirror on the Wall gives Lord Farquaad options for his queen, Cinderella is the first option, followed by Sleeping Beauty and Princess Fiona.


What song starts playing when Lord Farquaad chooses Princess Fiona as his queen?

When Lord Farquaad picks Princess Fiona to be his queen, "Escape," commonly referred to as "The Pina Colada Song" begins playing.


What is the name of Lord Farquaad's kingdom?

When Shrek and Donkey go looking for Lord Farquaad, they stumble upon his kingdom, Duloc, where Shrek gets roped in to saving Princess Fiona.


What do Lord Farquaad's fighters have to do to become his champion?

When Shrek interrupts the competition at Duloc, Lord Farquaad announces that in order to be his champion, his fighters must kill Shrek.


Who says, "No, I'm just a little uncomfortable about being over a rickety bridge over a boiling lake of lava?"

When Shrek and Donkey get to the castle where Princess Fiona is in, they have to cross over a lake of lava. Donkey is none too pleased!


What color dress is Fiona wearing when Shrek finds her?

When Fiona is rescued from the castle, she is found wearing a long, green gown with gold detailing.


What does Fiona give Shrek after he saves her?

When Fiona thanks Shrek for rescuing her, she gives him a white handkerchief that he quickly dirties by wiping his face.


Shrek says ogres are like what?

When Shrek and Donkey first go on their trip, they have an in-depth conversation about how Shrek is like an onion.


When Donkey disagrees with Shrek about onions, what two foods does he say everyone loves?

When Shrek explains to Donkey that ogres are like onions, Donkey tells him that everyone loves parfaits and cake.


How high is the wall Shrek plans to build around his swamp?

When Donkey asks Shrek about their plans when they return to the swamp, Shrek tells Donkey he plans to build a 10-foot wall around it, and Donkey is not invited.


What kind of drink is Lord Farquaad having as he repeatedly asks the Mirror on the Wall to show him Princess Fiona?

When Lord Farquaad is in bed and asks the Mirror to show him Princess Fiona, he is drinking a martini with an olive in it.


What does Fiona make for breakfast for Shrek and Donkey after she wanders into the woods?

When Fiona wakes up and wanders in the woods, she finds a nest with three eggs in it. She then makes them for breakfast.


Who thinks he's saving Fiona from Shrek?

While Fiona, Shrek, and Donkey were walking in the woods, Fiona is swooped up by Robin Hood who thinks he's saving her from Shrek.


What kind of flower does Fiona ask Donkey to find in the woods?

In order to distract Donkey long enough so she can pull the arrow out of Shrek's butt, Fiona asks Donkey to go into the woods and look for a blue flower with red thorns.


What creature does Shrek blow up into a balloon for Fiona?

While they are journeying back to Duloc, Shrek finds a frog and blows it up into a balloon for Fiona.


What creature does Fiona blow up into a balloon for Shrek?

After Shrek gifts Fiona with the blown up frog, Fiona finds a snake and blows it up for him in return.


What does Shrek make for dinner for Fiona over the fire?

When Fiona and Shrek decide to take a detour to delay their arrival in Duloc, Shrek makes her a weed rat over the fire.


Who first discovers that Fiona is also an ogre?

When Donkey ventures into the cave where Fiona is staying, he discovers that Fiona is also an ogre.


How often does Fiona turn into an ogre?

Each day at nightfall, Fiona turns into an ogre. She quickly tries to wed Lord Farquaad before sundown so he doesn't realize that she's also an ogre.


What color is Fiona's wedding dress?

When Princess Fiona is seen getting ready for her wedding to Lord Farquaad, she is wearing a white and pink wedding dress with gold details.


How does Lord Farquaad die?

After Shrek stops Fiona and Farquaad's wedding, Fiona reveals her ogre self to everyone. After Farquaad points his sword at Fiona, the dragon swoops in and eats him.


What does the dragon spit out after eating Lord Farquaad?

When Farquaad vows to lock Fiona back in the castle, the dragon swoops in and eats him. She then spits out his crown.


Who says the line, "God bless us, everyone!"

At the end of the film, the Gingerbread Man, missing one of his legs, says "God bless us, everyone." This is modeled after Tiny Tim's character from the classic film, "A Christmas Carol."


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