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Tune in and find out how much you remember about the zany crew at WYNX! We've got a 35-question quiz on this popular 1990s sitcom and its all-star cast for you!

What event at WNYX was the focus of the pilot episode?

He shared his first name with Dave Foley, who played him.


What state was Dave Nelson from?

The character was later revealed to have been born in Canada.


Who was Bill McNeal's rival anchor at the station?

Alexander was said to have left the show because her character didn't get a lot of screen time.


Station handyman Joe Garrelli was known to make his own what?

Joe was eccentric in a lot of ways.


What is the unexpected outcome when Bill takes Beth to a luncheon event?

"It was the moment," she says, by way of an excuse.


What was the staff's term for not getting an annual raise?

In an early episode, Matthew lives in fear of getting "the shaft".


What was the name of the station's janitor?

He is the prime suspect in the theft of Joe's gelato.


A running joke on the show was billionaire Jimmy James' inability to find what?

As part of his search, he considered all three Judds -- Wynonna, Naomi and Ashley.


In "Xmas Story," which staffer doesn't get a sports car from Jimmy James?

He got a series of radio plays instead -- that is, the legal rights to them.


Which of the following was not among Dave's talents?

Actually, given how reluctant Dave was to reveal his talents, he might just have kept this hidden.


When Jimmy James thinks he's found the perfect wife candidate, what ruins it?

His 'master list' indicated something was wrong, but he couldn't remember what it was.


What messes up Dave's plan to retake the SATs?

The game has just recently been installed in the WNYX building.


After the failed SAT retake, what movie line does Dave quote?

The arcade game stands in for the fortune-telling machine in "Big."


Ben Stiller guest-starred on the show as which character?

Dennis Miller played the not-really-a-stalker in another episode.


In the "outer space" episode, what is Jimmy James' proposed budget-cutting measure?

Joe actually did go on the air, but on an earlier episode.


What was revealed to be Bill McNeal's hated first name?

He pronounces it "Eeeve-lynn."


Lauren Graham briefly joined the cast in what capacity?

Given Jimmy James's wide net in the wife search, though, we can't be sure she wasn't a candidate.


When Matthew is fired, what is his surprising next job?

Surprisingly, Matthew is a very competent dentist.


Catherine Duke left WYNX to take a job in what city?

Baltimore was where "The Corner" was set; Alexander was part of the cast.


Who is Jimmy James briefly suspected of being?

Cooper skyjacked a plane and escaped via parachute; he is considered unlikely to have survived.


After Phil Hartman's death, who replaced him in the cast?

He and Andy Dick reputedly did not get along on set.


Who played Johnny Johnson, the nemesis of Jimmy James?

Despite her loyalty to Jimmy James, Lisa fell under Johnson's spell.


What is Jimmy James's 'secret of management'?

"Measure twice, cut once," is one of the cliches.


Which staffer is also known to be a conspiracy theorist?

Dave calls him "one of the best electrician-slash-conspiracy-theorists out there."


What sexy new on-air name does Matthew give to Lisa?

Matthew thought Lisa deserved a "pretty" name.


How does Lisa win the apartment she and Dave both want?

The puppy's name was Daisy.


The "Sinking Ship" episode was a parody of which movie?

The handprint turned out to be made by Matthew, who was alone in the broadcast booth.


What is the name of Joe's special brand of martial art?

Joe Rogan was a martial artist in his youth.


In addition to his wife search, Jimmy James had an inappropriate crush on whom?

More awkwardly, James hides out at Dave's parents' place during the "D.B. Cooper" storyline


When Jimmy sells WYNX, where he does plan to move?

A spinoff series about life at his New Hampshire radio station was under consideration, but was never produced.


What is Beth's last name?

Late in the series, Beth claims not to have a last name.


What actor was originally hired to play Joe?

Don't worry, Romano landed on his feet, anchoring his own hit show.


Stephen Root is possibly best known for what cult movie?

He also sported a horrible mustache for this film.


What is Joe Rogan best known for nowadays?

Rogan has been ringside for the UFC for years. He also hosts his own podcast.


How many seasons was "NewsRadio" at risk of cancellation?

"NewsRadio" was reported to be in jeopardy during all five seasons it ran.


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