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Your best friend is getting married, but you love him too! You even made a vow that you'd marry each other if you were both single after a certain age! What ever will you do? Try this quiz about My Best Friend's Wedding.

In which year was the premiere of My Best Friend's Wedding?

My Best Friend's Wedding was released on June 20, 1997. It was rated PG-13 and ran for 1 hour and 45 minutes.


Who is the main character in My Best Friend's Wedding?

Julianne Potter is 27 years old and realizes she is in love with her best friend. Unfortunately he is about to get married.


Which famous actress plays the role of Julianne Potter?

Julia Roberts was born on October 28, 1967, in Smyrna, Georgia. She became famous for her role in Pretty Woman.


Who is Julianne's best friend?

Michael O'Neal is Julianne's best friend. He has recently become engaged and is getting married very soon! This sends Julianne into a tizzy - she has to act fast if he's going to change his mind.


Which actor plays the role of Michael O'Neal?

Dermot Mulroney was born on October 31, 1963, in Virginia. He is best known for his western roles as either an outlaw or gunman, including 1988's Young Guns.


Who is Michael planning to marry?

Kimberly "Kimmy" Wallace is Michael's fiance. Kimmy is blonde and slightly ditzy, which Michael seems to find appealing.


Which actress plays the role of Kimmy?

Cameron Diaz was born on August 30, 1972, in San Diego, California. She is not only an actress and producer, but also a former model.


What is Julianne's profession?

Julianne is a successful and independent food critic. The film shows her eating at a restaurant with the staff watching closely from the kitchen window. She smiles and they rejoice!


Who is Julianne's editor and friend?

George Downes is Julianne's friend, editor, and confidant. He is portrayed by actor Rupert Everett.


Which of the following applies to George?

George is Julianne's gay friend. Rupert Everett is also openly gay in real life. He currently lives in London.


What is the name of Kimmy's father?

Walter Wallace is portrayed by actor Philip Bosco. He was born on September 26, 1930, in New Jersey, where he also currently resides.


Walter owns which baseball team?

Walter Wallace is a rich businessman who owns the Chicago White Sox. He is married to Isabelle.


Which actress plays the role of Kimmy's mother, Isabelle Wallace?

Susan Sullivan was born on November 18, 1942, in New York. She is still active in the acting industry, currently portraying Martha Rodgers in Castle since 2009.


Finish the quote: "When you kissed Michael, __________?"

George asks Julianne about their kiss. She replies, "What do you mean? We were lip to lip." George wants to know if there was any feeling behind the kiss on Michael's side.


Why does Michael give Julianne the ring to hold on to for the wedding?

Scotty O'Neal is portrayed by actor Christopher Masterson. He is Michael's best man at the wedding, who traditionally would hold the ring, but Michael trusts Julianne more.


Who is Joe O'Neal?

Joe O'Neal is portrayed by actor M. Emmet Walsh. He was born on March 22, 1935, in New York. His last film was Calvary in 2014.


Who suggests to Michael that Julianne should be his best man?

Joe thinks that Michael should ask Julianne to be his best man, but instead he has to go with his brother Scotty - though everyone knows Julianne would have made a better best man!


What is the name of Samantha Newhouse's twin sister?

The Newhouse sisters are two of Kimmy's bridesmaids. They dress the same and often speak together in a coordinated fashion!


Julianne and Michael once made a vow that they would marry each other if they were both still single at what age?

Julianne and Michael made this agreement in college- that they would marry each other if they were both still single at age 28. However, he calls her on the phone to say that he has become engaged and is getting married in four days.


How old is Kimmy Wallace in My Best Friend's Wedding?

Kimmy is just 20 years old and still in college. She comes from a wealthy family and seems to always get her way.


Where does Kimmy attend college?

She is a student at the University of Chicago and Michael has fallen madly in love with her. He invites Julianne to help lend her support for their wedding.


What is Julianne's nickname in My Best Friend's Wedding?

Jules is a nickname for Julianne. She is fondly called Jules by both Michael and George.


Shortly after meeting Jules, Kimmy asks her to do what?

The maid of honor is the chief bridesmaid if she is unmarried. If she is married, she is referred to as the matron of honor. Jules is horrified that Kimmy has asked her to do this, because all Jules wants to do is sabotage the wedding!


Kimmy has a terrible what?

After learning about Kimmy's terrible singing voice, Jules takes her and Michael to a karaoke bar, thinking that Kimmy will bury herself in front of Michael. Unfortunately for Jules, Michael finds it endearing!


Who drives like a maniac in the movie?

Kimmy has a convertible and drives fast. She's oblivious to many rules of the road. Jules holds on for dear life, thinking that Kimmy is going to get them killed!


In order to make Michael jealous, Jules pretends to be engaged to whom?

George comes to Chicago, pretending to be a straight man and engaged to Jules! He puts on an over-the-top performance in front of Michael and his family.


Finish this quote: "Kimmy says if you love someone you say it, you say it right then, out loud. Otherwise the moment just __________."

Michael tells Jules this, and Jules finishes the sentence for him. She desperately wants to profess her love to him right then and there, but the moment also just passes her by!


What color is Jules' maid of honor dress?

George, on the phone with Jules at the wedding, references her lavender gown. She replies, "Did I tell you my gown was lavender?" He continues and now she gets suspicious that he is there looking at her from afar. She says, "George, I didn't tell you my dress was lavender!"


Finish this quote: "Maybe there won't be marriage... maybe there won't be sex... but, by God, there'll be _______!"

George says this to Jules at the end of the film. The two of them dance at the wedding until the credits roll.


What is Michael and Julianne's song?

This song is performed by Tony Bennett on the soundtrack to My Best Friend's Wedding. Michael sings it to Jules as they dance together on the boat.


What song does Kimmy sing at the karaoke bar?

The original song, performed by Nicky Holland, is #5 on the movie's soundtrack. Kimmy absolutely butchers it in a very off-key performance, but Michael and the entire bar love her enthusiasm!


Who starts singing at the rehearsal lunch table?

George tells all of the guests at the table the story of his and Jules' meeting and engagement. What results is the entire table singing together in one of the most memorable scenes of the movie.


What song does the cast sing together at the rehearsal lunch table?

I Saw a Little Prayer for You was performed by Diana King. It was originally recorded by Dionne Warwick in 1967, but King included it on her album in 1997.


Who sees Michael and Jules kiss in the gazebo?

Kimmy witnesses the kiss, initiated by Jules, and runs away. Michael chases after Kimmy. Jules chases after Michael. Jules eventually finds him at the train station and confesses the whole scheme to him.


Upon confessing her scheming intentions to Michael, Jules calls herself "pond scum," and Michael replies...

"Lower. The pus that infects the mucous... that cruds up the fungus... that feeds on the pond scum. On the other hand, thank you... for loving me that much. That way, it's - it's pretty flattering."


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