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In 1980, promoters set up fog machines in the lobbies of movie theaters to launch this atmospheric thriller! Now, find out how much you remember about "The Fog" with our quiz!

What is the name of the fictitious town where The Fog is set?

Davenport is a real California town, near Santa Cruz. There is an "Arkham Reef" in The Fog, an homage to H.P. Lovecraft.


What is the town celebrating?

The celebration isn't just a festive backdrop for the supernatural events. The circumstances of the town's founding will be very important to the plot.


Who played the former sailor telling stories on the beach?

Houseman's scene was added in reshoots that Carpenter added after seeing the first cut of his film. He felt The Fog was too short and not scary enough.


What are the call letters of the radio station?

KAB is run by Stevie Wayne. She broadcasts from the old lighthouse.


Who played Stevie Wayne?

Barbeau was married to director Carpenter at the time. The Fog was her first feature film.


Who played Father Malone?

Holbrook played a priest who -- no surprise, in movies -- loves his liquor. A visitor knocking on his door says a quick prayer that "he's not in his cups."


Which of the following is NOT a supernatural event that happens shortly after midnight?

Other things that happen shortly after midnight: a hose falls from a gas pump and starts pouring gas, car alarms go off, and a dog barks incessantly.


What does Father Malone find in the church wall?

The diary is labeled, "Father Patrick Malone, 1880." It turns out to be the diary of Father Malone's grandfather.


Who played the hitchhiker, Elizabeth?

The character's full name is Elizabeth Solley. She's a free spirit, into sketching and casual sex.


What is the name of the trawler that is first attacked?

The Sea Grass is a fishing vessel. Its crew is warned of a fog bank heading their way, but doesn't believe it.


Where did Elizabeth start hitchhiking, and where is she going?

Elizabeth says that she's from Pasadena. Her family is rich, but she says she has no chance "to do what I want."


Whose dog barks from midnight to six?

Kathy is rattled by this and the fact that her husband didn't come home the night before. Al Williams is captain of the Sea Grass.


Who played Kathy Williams?

Janet Leigh and Jamie Lee Curtis are mother and daughter. They had a scene together near the film's end.


What is the name of the ship that sank in 1880?

The crew of the Elizabeth Dane were lured onto the rocks by a signal fire. The fire was set deliberately by Antonio Bay's founders.


What medical condition did the passengers on the Elizabeth Dane have?

The lepers' leader was a wealthy man named Blake. He wanted to move the colony to within a mile of Antonio Bay.


Other than not wanting a leper colony nearby, what inspired the sinking of the Elizabeth Dane?

Blake was wealthy, and was bringing his gold with him. Sinking the ship must have required a diving expedition to retrieve the treasure -- not the easiest way to steal!


How do the townspeople (some of them) find out about the sinking/theft?

The original Malone, who went along with the scheme, poured out his guilt to his journal. Of course, he's hiding another sin... but we'll get to that later.


What does Nick ask Elizabeth after they've had sex?

Nick and Elizabeth's casual approach to sex marks the movie as classically 1970s (despite its 1980 release date). Other '70s touches include frequent smoking, hitchhiking, drinking beer from cans, and, of course, Beautiful Woman Drives a Jeep.


When Nick is slow to answer the door, what does the undead sailor do?

Nick is in bed with Elizabeth when the creature knocks. He's reluctant to get up and get the door, and by the time he does, there's no one there.


What are the ghost sailors armed with?

Mostly, the undead sailors use the hooks, an appropriate weapon for seafarers. But the first victim on the Sea Grass is run through with a sword.


Which crew member of the Sea Grass do Elizabeth and Nick find dead?

Dick's body falls out of a locker onto Elizabeth. The other two crew members aren't found on board.


What does Andy, Stevie's son, find on the beach?

Andy finds a broken plank reading "DANE." But he tells his mother that, at first, it was a gold coin.


What writing appears on the plank, after it seeps sea water?

Of course, three of those six have already died. But this scene serves as exposition -- it's where we learn the ghost sailors have a goal.


What is the significance of the number six?

The money from Blake's gold supposedly funded the chartering of Antonio Bay. That's why the 100th anniversary is important -- it's the anniversary of a town built on blood money.


Who is in the exam room when Dick's corpse comes back to life?

Dick's body fell on Elizabeth on the Sea Grass. In the exam room, he lurches toward her. We're starting to think he has a crush!


After the three men on the Sea Grass, who is victim #4?

Stevie is on the phone with Dan as he reports that the fog has surrounded his building, then that someone "must be playing a joke." She warns him not to go to the door, but he does.


What street do Stevie and Andy live on?

This may seem like a minor point of trivia, but Stevie repeats it at least a half-dozen times in the scene where she implores someone to go to Andy's aid. She's seen the fog rolling toward her neighborhood and assumes -- somehow correctly -- that it's targeting her house.


Why does Stevie feel she's "needed" at the station?

Stevie seems to figure out that the fog is the fatal element rather easily. It's like she knows she's in a horror movie!


Who is the fog's fifth victim?

The character of Mrs. Kobritz was named after a producer friend of John Carpenter's. In the movie, she's Andy's babysitter.


Where does Stevie flee to when the undead sailors come for her?

Point Reyes Lighthouse was the filming location for some of Barbeau's scenes. Point Reyes is a famously beautiful small town near San Francisco.


Where do the others flee to?

Stevie relays the information that the church remains unaffected by the fog, so Nick, Elizabeth, Andy, Kathy Williams, and Kathy's assistant, Sandy, all converge on it. Father Malone is already there; he never seems to go anywhere else.


What does Father Malone offer to Blake and the undead sailors?

The cross was made from the gold the original Father Malone stole from Blake. Why he made it into a giant cross instead of profiting from it, the script doesn't explain.


Who is victim #6?

This was the last-minute twist all '80s horror movies had. The undead seem to have been appeased by the return of Blake's gold, since they went away. But in the film's final moment, the fog returns, and Malone is beheaded in his own church.


Who wrote the musical score for The Fog?

Carpenter scored the film himself. An extended cut of the soundtrack, released as an album, includes a radio interview with Jamie Lee Curtis about the film.


What hit film did Carpenter make shortly before The Fog?

Carpenter won a lot of critical acclaim for Halloween. It was released in 1978 and had a lot of influence on the horror cinema of the 1980s.


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