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"Idiocracy" is a comedy about two individuals who participate in a government experiment and find themselves waking up in the year of 2505. How well do you remember their futuristic adventure? Take the quiz to find out!

Who played the role of Rita?

Maya Rudolph played the role of Rita in the movie. Maya has been in many other movies, such as "Grown Ups," "Bridesmaids" and "Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping."


What happened to Joe Bauers at his job?

Joe Bauers was replaced at his job at the beginning of the movie. Joe asked if he should train the new replacement, but he was told to get off the premises.


Who was chosen to participate in an experiment?

Joe was chosen to participate in an experiment. They chose him because of how average he was. The presenter said that he was one of the most average men that they had in the forces!


Who had to give permission for Rita to participate in the experiment?

Rita's pimp, Upgrayedd, had to give permission for her to participate in the experiment. He agreed to let her participate for a year, so long as he was able to run his business without the law interfering.


How long were Rita and Joe supposed to be asleep?

Rita and Joe were supposed to be asleep for one year. The experiment was supposed to help prove that humans can in fact be stored.


Who was arrested during the experiment?

Collins was arrested during the experiment. This left Rita and Joe to lie dormant for more than the year that was planned. They were instead left dormant for five hundred years.


As time went on, what was said to have happened to the human race?

As time went on, it was said that the human race became more stupid. They no longer spoke proper English and did nothing that was worthwhile.


How did Joe realize what year it was?

Joe saw the date on a magazine while he was waiting for a doctor. He was confused because he thought that he was only supposed to be asleep for one year.


What about Joe made Dr. Lexus freak out?

When Dr. Lexus asked Joe to scan his tattoo, he realized that Joe didn't have one. This scared Dr. Lexus and he hit a panic button, while yelling about Joe being "unscannable."


Why was Joe arrested the first time?

Joe was arrested for being unscannable and because he didn't pay his hospital bill. He tried explaining his situation, about being part of an army experiment, but no one would listen to him.


Who was Frito Pendejo?

Frito Pendejo was Joe's lawyer after he was arrested for not having his tattoo and for failing to pay his hospital bill. Frito wasn't much help to Joe, as he stood up to tell the Judge that Joe had also broken a window on his house.


What did the tattoo system document as Joe's name?

The tattoo system documented Joe's name as "Not Sure." Joe tried to correct this, but each time he tried to correct it, he failed. His ID photo was also taken at a bad moment.


How did Joe get out of jail?

Joe lied to a guard to get out of jail. He told him that he was actually supposed to be getting out of jail and the guard believed him. He told him that he was supposed to be in another line.


Where did Joe go after he escaped from prison?

Joe went to Frito's house after he escaped prison. Frito was angry to see him there and told him to leave, but Joe was able to talk him into letting him stay there.


What item did Joe ask Frito if they had in 2505?

Joe asked Frito if they had a time machine in 2505. Frito said that they did, but that it would cost a lot of money if they wanted to use it. Joe bribed Frito into helping him get to the time machine.


What large store did Frito take Joe and Rita to?

Frito took Joe and Rita to Costco to find the time machine that he had told Joe about. Frito told Joe and Rita that he had even attended law school at the Costco they were in.


Where did the police take Joe after he was arrested for the second time in Costco?

The police officers took Joe to the White House after they arrested him for a second time. Joe's IQ test results had impressed the government, as he was considered the smartest man in the world.


What job was Joe given at the White House?

Joe was given the job of the Secretary of Interior after he was now considered to be the smartest man in the world. Joe thought that he was under-qualified and said that the test was absurdly easy.


Who did President Camacho promise would fix all of the country's problems?

President Camacho promised his citizens that Joe would fix all of their problems. He said that because he was so smart, Joe would fix all of their problems within one week. He also said that if Joe didn't deliver, he would send him back to jail.


What did Joe ask Frito to make a map of?

Joe asked Frito to make a map of where the time machine is, since he was arrested before they could reach it. When checking the soil to find out how he could improve it, he called Frito over to secretly give him the map.


What were the people of the future using to water their crops?

The people of the future had replaced water with Brawndo, a sports drink similar to Gatorade. They were using it to water their crops, which was very ineffective.


How did Joe convince everyone that the plants needed water?

Joe told everyone that he was able to communicate with plants and that they told him that they needed water. Solving the first crisis, he was able to combat more and more problems and become a hero for the President!


What happened to Brawndo after Joe switched to using water?

After Joe switched from using Brawndo to water for the plants, Brawndo's stocks went down to zero. This also lowered the unemployment rate throughout the nation.


What was Joe sentenced with after the Brawndo incident?

Joe was sentenced to one night of rehabilitation. He thought that he was going to be taking part in a regular rehabilitation session but quickly found out that there was no ordinary rehabilitation in the future.


What did Rita see outside of the window at the White House that would save Joe?

Rita saw a flower outside of the White House and she knew she had to get to the rehabilitation center as quick as possible. With the news that Joe's plan to use water to make the crops grow had worked, she could save him before it was too late!


Who survived the crash and emerged from the rubble at the rehabilitation center?

Beef Supreme survived the crash and emerged from the rubble, just as everyone thought that Joe had won. Beef Supreme was holding a flame gun. Everyone cheered as their undefeated officer stood up.


What did Rita pay one of the camera men to do?

Rita paid one of the cameramen to follow Frito to where the crops were growing, so that the audience could see them growing. Unfortunately, the two were sidetracked on the way as Rita sat in anticipation.


What made Frito remember what he was supposed to do with the cameraman?

When Frito saw the camera lying in the dirt, he remembered what he was supposed to be doing with the cameraman. He picked up the camera and started broadcasting the growing crops to the stadium.


Why didn't Rita want to go back in time?

Rita decided that she didn't want to go back in time because she wanted to start fresh. She didn't want to go back to her line of work from the past, and she was actually offered a job at the Starbucks of the future as their CEO!


What did the president promote Joe to?

The president promoted Joe to vice president. Joe originally declined the position because he wanted to return home, but changed his mind after some persuasion from the people of the future.


What was the time machine revealed to be?

The time machine was revealed to be a ride inside of the Costco. It took its passengers on a ride through history, rather than allowing time travel.


Who became the president after Camacho's term was over?

Joe was elected to be the next president after Camacho's term was over. Rita became the first lady and Frito was chosen to be the vice president.


How many children did Joe and Rita have?

Joe and Rita had three children who were the world's smartest children. Frito was the opposite and had thirty-two children with his eight wives.


In a short scene after the credits, who emerged from a chamber used in the experiment?

In the scene after the credits, Upgrayedd awakened from one of the experiment chambers in the future. When he got out, he went off to look for Rita!


Where do the people of the future get their clothing?

The people of the future get their clothing from a dispenser. In Frito's house, Joe grabbed a new shirt from the dispenser located in Frito's wall.


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