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This sci-fi thriller, based on a popular series of teen novels, introduced us to a seemingly normal teenage boy who was developing rare superpowers while on the run from evil aliens! Test your memory of the events of Number Four with our quiz!

Who played the lead, John/Number Four?

Pettyfer broke through as Alex Rider in "Stormbreaker." He also did some modeling for Burberry -- and seriously, why wouldn't he?

What is the name of the planet Four came from?

Lorien was taken over by the evil Mogadorians. Is it just us, or does it sound like all these names came from an alien-name generator?

What is Four doing when we first see him?

His name, in his Florida life, is "Daniel," but that's about to change. So is the fact that "Daniel's" life in Florida is one big party.

What is Henri's relationship to Four?

Henri passes as Four's father. When they're living in Florida, he has a hip and youthful half-ponytail, but when they move to Ohio, he cuts his hair into a more paternal short style.

What is Henri's main weapon?

Only certain Loriens -- like the nine who escaped -- develop the weaponized light that Four has in his palms. However, the base of Henri's scimitar does glow a bright blue.

What is Four doing when he has the warning vision of Three dying?

The scene is set up as a homage to the opening scene of "Jaws." We see both John's and the girl's legs treading water, from below, as ominous music plays, and we know something bad is about to happen.

What else happens while John is underwater having the vision?

The vision tells John that Number Three is dead. He sees the face of a Mogadorian saying, "I want you to feel this." Back on shore, everyone at the beach sees John's glowing scar -- worse news for him.

What is the name of the Ohio town that Four and Henri move to?

It's common in fiction for writers to give towns idyllic names when the crap's about to hit the fan. For example, naming a town "Comity" when its residents are about to succumb to a rage virus that makes them kill each other.

Why was it important the nine children escape Lorien?

The nine children are the sons and daughters of the "Loric Garde," who have special powers. The Mogadorians are killing them in their numerical order.

What hitches a ride from Florida to Ohio with Henri and Four?

He looks a lot like the Geico gecko. Maybe he's worried about how much money they're spending on car insurance.

What is the Loric term for the Nine's special powers?

Among Four's legacies are his great strength and ability to start a car without a key. The latter, of course, comes in handy during a chase scene.

Once in Ohio, what kind of dog does the lizard turn into ?

He doesn't look like much a watchdog, but Four says he'll be another pair of eyes and ears watching the house. He also names him "Bernie Kosar" after a famous football player.

What is Number Six doing when we first see her?

The audience is intended to not know who Six is, or which side she's on. Her behavior at the Florida cabin, including slashing open the mattresses and setting the house on fire, seems pretty hostile.

What is Henri's "business I need to take care of" in Ohio?

The relevance of why Henri is interested in Malcolm Spellman is slow to be revealed. Frankly, we're more interested in Henri's ability to so easily erase photos and video from the Internet. He could make a fortune in "reputation management."

What is Sarah in trouble for when John first gets to school?

Sarah's website is called "Strangers in Paradise." She also lives in an alternate universe where gorgeous, artistic high school girls eat lunch by themselves.

Who was Malcolm Spellman?

Actually, aren't all UFO enthusiasts "amateur" by definition? It's not exactly a paying profession.

The Mogadorians have exotic geometric tattoos, super-sharp teeth, and what other feature?

The lead Mogadorian covers these up when he goes grocery shopping. What purpose they serve is never exactly clear.

What is the lead Mogadorian buying in the supermarket?

Apparently whatever's in the truck prefers poultry to red meat. However, the Mogadorians don't even defrost the turkeys first -- which is just uncivilized.

What does Henri find under the floor of the steel mill?

Still, Henri believes he's found more evidence that Malcolm Spellman was on to something. That something, of course, is related to the Lorien children and the Mogadorians.

What does the sign in the hayride say, which disturbs Four?

Four and Sarah go on a haunted hayride, which really seems odd. A Halloween-like attraction ... at a Spring Carnival?

What does Four do while walking home from Sarah's house?

He discovers his ability to do this by accident. The first one breaks when he pumps his fist in excitement (he's just kissed Sarah for the first time). Then he shatters the second one for practice.

Who saw Four use his powers in the woods?

Technically, we suppose Mark's friend -- the one Four held up against a tree and burned with his hand -- could be said to have witnessed Four's powers, too. But it's Sam who wants to talk about it afterward.

Why, according to Henri, is Four so attached to Sarah?

When Henri says they have to leave Paradise, Four lashes out, using his powers. This isn't just puppy love.

What does Henri give Four in the truck, that will help him track the other five?

Really? The key to finding the rest of the Lorien Guard is an eight-year-old's favorite Christmas present?

What does Sam bring along when he gives Four a ride to Indiana?

Sam is eager to be part of the rescue of Henri. This is, in part, because he thinks the Mogadorians might have taken his own long-missing father.

What happens to Henri's body when he dies?

We also saw this happen to Three in the beginning of the film. He was killed by the Mogadorian commander and dissolved as his body was thrown over a cliff or a bluff.

Where does Four find Sarah after returning to Paradise?

The logic here is hard to follow: Sarah's been a social outcast since her jealous ex-boyfriend Mark badmouthed her. So, of course, she gets invited to a hot party. Then, once there, she sits on the roof all by herself. Yeah, we get it.

Where does the climactic battle with the Mogadorians take place?

The school gets pretty well trashed by the end of it. Teenagers in the audience must have found this cathartic.

What does Four see when he comes out of the darkroom, after Sam warns him the Mogs are closing in?

Four and Sarah saw the janitor running the buffer on their way in. Naysayers have pointed out that the buffer shouldn't still be running -- they stop without a hand on the controls.

What does Six tell Four his dog really is?

She tells Four that "Bernie Kosar" came with him from Lorien. "Someone had to look out for you," she says. Isn't that what Henri was for?

What is Six's legacy, that she reveals toward the end of the football-field mayhem?

Six, played by Teresa Palmer, appears to be more advanced in the use of her powers than Four is. She tells Four that her guardian is dead too, the implication being that she's been on her own longer.

Who comes along when Six and Four leave Paradise?

Six is initially hostile to the idea of bringing Sam along. She tells him, "If you slow us down, I'll shoot you myself." Hmm -- we smell love in the air!

Who played Henri, Four's guardian?

Olyphant has played a number of villains -- and one notable maybe-villain who turns out to be the good guy in the twisty thriller, "A Perfect Getaway."

Dianna Agron, who played Sarah, is better known for which TV series?

According to Wikipedia, Agron's character Quinn was "an antagonistic queen bee stock character." Funny -- that's a pretty good description of Six in "I Am Number Four."

What is the name of the "I Am Number Four" film sequel?

The other three choices are all titles from the series of books by Pittacus Lore. The intended sequel was "The Power of Six," but the weak box-office performance of "Four" scotched that idea.

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