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In 2007, Disney Channel released the highly anticipated sequel, "High School Musical 2." With the return of Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens, the film blew the ratings out of the water, with 17.2 million viewers. How well do you remember the film? Let's find out!

Who has the first line in the film?

Mrs. Darbus has the first line of the film. She is talking to her homeroom and is reminding her "young thespians [that] learning is never seasonal."


What's the first song performed in the film?

The first number of the movie is "What Time Is It?" The students are rejoicing that it is now summer break.


What does Chad's shirt say at the beginning of the film?

Chad Danforth's character is known for his interesting shirts. In the opening scene of "HSM 2," he is wearing a neon green shirt that says, "I majored in vacation."


What are East High School's colors?

The colors of East High School are mentioned in the song, "What Time Is It?" The lyrics are "Wildcats are the best. Red, white and gold."


What time is East High School's dismissal?

In the opening scene, there's a massive clock ticking behind Mrs. Darbus' head. As the students count down by chanting "summer," the clock ticks closer to 3:10.


What gift does Troy give Gabriella on the last day of school?

On the last day of school, Troy finds Gabriella at her locker and gifts her a necklace with the letter "T" on it.


What color is Ryan's hat at the beginning of the film?

In the first "High School Musical," we see Ryan's affinity for wearing hats. In the opening scene of "HSM 2," both Ryan and Sharpay have a pink theme going on.


Which of these is not a word on a banner hanging on the high school building?

There a few banners hanging outside of East High - a total of five. Also included are Community and Spirit.


Where does the crew wind up working for the summer?

Because of Sharpay's connection with the country club, she is able to get Troy a job. He then vouches for Gabriella, and pretty soon, the entire East High crew is working there for the summer!


What is the name of the country club?

Sharpay and Ryan's parents own the Lava Springs Country Club, where the East High crew ends up working for the summer.


When Troy is able to get Gabriella a job at the country club, what is her position?

When Gabriella starts working at the country club, she gets a position as a lifeguard. Sharpay complains to Mr. Fulton, with the hopes of getting her fired, but it doesn't work.


What is the name of the award given at the Annual Midsummer's Night Talent Show?

At the Lava Springs Country Club, there is an annual talent show that patrons of the country club are allowed to participate in. The prize is the "Star Dazzle" award, and like everything else, Sharpay always wins.


Which of these songs is performed first?

"Fabulous" is the second song performed in the film. Sharpay and Ryan perform it while they are relaxing poolside.


Finish the lyrics: "We still have the ingredients to make this summer sweet / Well, I got rags instead of riches / And all these dirty dishes."

"Work This Out" is a musical number that the crew performs in the kitchen once they feel discouraged about their jobs.


What nickname does Ryan's mother give him?

When Sharpay goes to complain to her mother about the East High crew working at the country club, Mrs. Evans calls Ryan "Ducky."


What is the name of the song that Kelsi writes for Troy and Gabriella?

Kelsi writes "You Are the Music in Me" for Troy and Gabriella, hoping that they'll perform it together for the Midnight's Summer talent show.


What sport is the crew playing when they perform "I Don't Dance"?

"High School Musical" is known for combining their sports and musical numbers. In the first film, "Get'cha Head in the Game" was performed during their basketball practice. In "HSM2," "I Don't Dance" was performed while they were all playing baseball.


What kind of sandwich does Troy make for Gabriella on their date?

When Troy takes Gabriella on a date on the golf course, they share fruit before he references his perfect skills at making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.


Which two songs from both "HSM" and "HSM2" does Troy reference when agreeing to sign up for the talent show?

When Taylor asks Troy if he's going to sign up for the talent show, he says, "Maybe we can "Work This Out," but only if "We're All in this Together."


What is Ryan's code name for Sharpay?

After Ryan is seen listening to the Wildcats, when they agree to sing at the musical, he calls Sharpay on a walkie-talkie and refers to her as "Golden Throat." His own code name is Jazz Square!


What designer flip-flops does Sharpay own?

In "Fabulous," Sharpay is heard asking for the waiters to bring her her Jimmy Choo flip-flops before she asks for her pink Prada tote.


What sport does Troy play besides basketball?

When Sharpay introduces Troy to her father, Mr. Evans brings up the Wildcats' successful basketball season. Sharpay then mentions that Troy also plays for the golf team.


Which of these is a sport that Chad DOESN'T play?

In the same scene where Sharpay reveals that Troy also plays on the golf team, Chad reveals that he plays baseball and track and field in addition to basketball.


When Sharpay and Troy practice for the talent show, what song do they sing?

When Troy promises to practice with Sharpay for the talent show, they perform a reprised version of "You Are the Music in Me."


What is Mr. Evan's alma mater?

While Troy is golfing with the Evanses, Sharpay mentions to her father that he would be an asset to his alma mater. He then makes a connection between Troy and the University of Arizona Redhawks.


What does Sharpay have Troy teach her how to do?

Although Sharpay already knows how to play golf, she has Troy promoted to a golf assistant as a way to get closer to him! Sneaky!


What song does Gabriella sing when she and Troy temporarily break up?

After Troy starts changing and Mr. Fulton bans the Wildcats from performing in the talent show, Gabriella decides that she needs to leave the Lava Springs Country Club and Troy.


What color is the gem on the necklace Troy gives Gabriella?

When Gabriella gives Troy back the necklace he gifted her with, we are able to see a red gem next to the letter T.


Where does the scene for "Bet On It" take place?

"Bet On It" is one of Troy's solo musical numbers. After he loses Gabriella and his friends, he reaches the end of his limit when he realizes his friends aren't allowed to participate in the talent show.


What is the first performance of the talent show?

When the night begins, Mr. Fulton comes out to introduce "Tina and her tippety-tappity toes." Apparently, Tina was coming out to recreate her performance from the year before.


What color suit does Troy wear for the performance of "Everyday?"

They really set the mood for the performance! Troy is decked out in an all-white suit, while Gabriella dances around in a white dress. Can't forget about the white piano!


Who gives Troy the new song to perform for the talent show?

In order to trick Sharpay and get Troy to perform with the Wildcats, Ryan gives Troy a new song and makes him think Sharpay changed it last minute.


Who does Sharpay give the Star Dazzle Award to?

After the Wildcats' performance, Mr. Fulton goes to award Sharpay with the Star Dazzle award. Sharpay instead gives it to her brother, who put the Wildcats' performance together.


What are the opening lyrics to "Everyday?"

"Everyday" is the song that Troy, Gabriella and the Wildcats sing during the talent show. Troy starts and then Gabriella and the Wildcats join in.


Which celebrity makes a cameo during "All for One"?

When it came to the cameo at the end of "High School Musical 2," Disney Channel gave their viewers the opportunity to vote for who appeared. At the end of the film, you can see Miley Cyrus dancing poolside.


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