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A young man obsessed with death, unexpectedly finds love at a funeral, when he meets a woman who is old enough to be his grandmother. A dark comedy and cult classic.

What is the opening scene?

Harold sets up what appears to be a suicidal hanging. His mother walks in, makes a phone call, and pays little attention to what her son is doing.


Which incident prompts Harold's mother to say, "This is too much!"?

Harold goes to great lengths to stage very dramatic death scenes; most of which his mother ignores.


When Harold's psychiatrist asks what gives him "that special satisfaction," what does Harold reply?

Harold attends the funerals of strangers. Maude (played by Ruth Gordon) has the same fascination.


What physical deformity does Uncle Victor have?

Victor is an army man. He rigged his sleeve with a retractable string so it looks like it salutes.


Cat Stevens' music is used throughout the film. Which song is NOT featured?

Limited copies of the soundtrack were released on vinyl. A CD of the soundtrack has never been released. The songs were a compilation from other Cat Stevens albums.


Which quote does Maude NOT say?

Although there are many scenes in which Maude is driving recklessly, she never says this.


What does Maude habitually do at funerals?

She steals a priest's car. Later she invites Harold for a ride in a Hearse, not realizing the car she stole is his.


There are only two pictures hanging on the wall of Uncle Victor's office. One is Nathan Hale. Who is the other?

Victor gets absorbed in rants about his glory days in the military. His fanaticism backfires when Harold imitates it.


Harold's mother finally takes action to help her son. What does she propose?

Harold's mother sets him up with some dates. She is a woman of wealth, and has quite a bit of control over her son.


Harold appears to have drowned in the pool while his mother, Mrs. Chasen, swims around him. This scene has only music. What is playing?

Mrs. Chasen does her morning laps as Harold's body floats beside her in the pool. It's another attempt at faking his own death that gets no reaction from mom.


Maude offers Harold a snack at a funeral. What is it?

Maude sneaks up behind Harold in a church pew and casually starts a conversation. She asks if Harold knew the person.


What does Maude do for Glaucus?

Harold looks for Maude and finds her posing. He is embarrassed; she isn't.


Harold's mother makes this comment about the dating survey she gives Harold:

Mrs. Chasen reads the questions aloud to Harold, but she responds with her own answers. He never responds to any of them himself.


What does Harold do while his mother reads off dating survey questions?

The bang of the gun doesn't seem to faze Mrs. Chasen. Harold falls over in his chair and onto the floor.


How many date interviews does Mrs. Chasen arrange?

The first girl is a political science major. The second girl is a file clerk. The third girl is an actress.


How long is the story's timeline?

When Maude first meets Harold, she mentions she will be turning 80 in another week. The story focuses on the the time leading up to her birthday.


Who plays one of the officers who confronts Maude and Harold?

Skerritt is credited as "M. Borman." Maude gets away from the officer and cleverly avoids arrest.


At one of the funerals, everyone has dark colored umbrellas. What color is Maude's?

Maude seems to find life among the dead. Her bright yellow umbrella stands out among the mourners.


Maude has a contraption called Odorifics. What smell does Harold try?

Harold seems to almost get high on the fumes. So much of what Maude offers him are new experiences.


What kind of flower does Harold say he'd like to be?

Harold mentions the first thing that comes to mind. They are sitting in a field of daisies. Maude points out they are all different.


What does Maude propose they steal from the city?

Maude wants to transplant the tree in the country. They remove it from its place along a city sidewalk.


Which does Harold NOT do on his dates?

He scares off the first two dates. The third stabs herself re-enacting the death scene from "Romeo and Juliet."


What kind of new car does Mrs. Chasen give Harold to replace his Hearse?

Harold takes a blowtorch to it to convert it to a Hearse. This gets a frustrated reaction from of his mother.


Where does Harold profess his love to Maude?

He gives her a ring that reads, "Harold loves Maude." She throws it in the water and says, "Now I'll always know where it is."


What instrument does Harold play?

Music is woven throughout the plot. The main characters are either singing or playing music together. A banjo is played in the closing scene.


What tattoo does Maude have?

There is a quick camera shot of her forearm to show that she has faced some very difficult times. Despite that, she views life with overwhelming optimism.


What off-set event brought Ruth Gordon (Maude) and Bud Cort (Harold) closer?

Cort leaned on Gordon's support when his father passed away at age 50 from MS. He later commented it was one of the most important friendships of his life.


When the first two dates are not successful, what does Mrs. Chasen direct Harold to do?

Maude helps Harold convince his Uncle Victor he is too crazy for the army. He tells Victor he'd like to get souvenirs from his kills.


How does Maude die?

She commits suicide on her 80th birthday. She tells Harold she will be gone by midnight and tells him to go and love some more.


Several scenes did not make the final film. Identify one.

This was another attempt at freaking out his mother. She tells him, "You are looking a little pale, Harold."


What does Harold do after Maude's death?

Harold is not in the car, but is seen walking away with his banjo. He has a new outlook on life because of Maude.


In what successful movie was Bud Cort offered a part but declined?

Cort was offered the role of Billy Bibbit but turned it down, hoping for the lead. When the lead went to Jack Nicholson it was too late to get the Bibbit role.


Bud Cort, who plays Harold, has said this about the film:

He felt it typecast him into "weirdo" roles, but he enjoyed its success. At his audition, he announced, "I'm playing this part."


The screenwriter, Colin Higgins, wanted to direct the movie. Who directed instead?

Ashby also directed "Shampoo," "Being There," and "Coming Home." Higgins was happy with the end product, despite the fact he was not chosen to direct the movie.


In what state was the movie filmed?

There are some scenic driving scenes. Palm trees and the ocean can be seen.


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