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Fred Claus is a Christmas movie starring Vince Vaughn, who plays Fred, the older brother of Nicholas Claus. The movie follows him as he moves out from behind his brother's shadow and saves the North Pole from being shut down. Think you remember his adventure? Take the quiz to find out!

What was the first word that the newborn baby said?

The newborn baby's first word was "Ho." When the baby was born, the nurse said that he was the "fattest baby she had ever seen." His parents named him Nicholas Claus.


What did Fred promise Nicholas when he first met him?

Fred promised Nicholas that he would be the best big brother in the whole world. The narrator then said, "Sometimes it's easier to make a promise than to keep one." This foreshadows the rest of the movie!


What did Nicolas do with all of his birthday presents?

Nicholas gave all of his birthday presents away to an orphan named Henry. Fred was upset because he had made a journal for him with his name on the front. He argued that Henry doesn't need a journal with Nicholas' name on it!


What did Nicholas do when Fred was sitting in a tree?

Nicholas cut down the tree that Fred was sitting in. He said that he cut it because he noticed how much Fred liked it and he wanted to bring it inside to put presents under. He didn't know that he had killed Fred's friend Chirp Chirp in the process.


Why did the little girl kick Fred?

The little girl kicked Fred because he repossessed her television. She was mad because she said that she watches her television in bed. Fred was less than sympathetic and gave her a long speech about what she should aim to do with her life.


What did Fred forget when he saw his girlfriend?

Fred forgot Wanda's birthday. He saw her on the street while she was working and she asked him if he remembered what the next day was. Fred lied and said that he remembered and planned a surprise for her.


What did Slam ask for from Santa?

Slam asked Santa for a puppy, which he planned on naming Macaroni. Slam was worried that Santa wouldn't know where he was on Christmas and asked Fred if he thought he would find him. Fred told Slam that Santa wasn't really as good as he thought and that he didn;t give toys to kids to be nice.


What did Fred do to try and make some money?

Fred decided to pose as Santa collecting money for charity so that he could make some cash quick. Another Santa caught him doing this and confronted him. He asked if Fred had a permit and Fred thought of a way to get out of there as quick as he could.


After Wanda didn't pick up, who did Fred call from jail?

After Wanda didn't pick up the phone when Fred called from the police station, he decided to call Nicholas. He asked him to send $5,000 to the police station so that he could be bailed out. Fred said that he would be giving Nicholas $10,000 as a Christmas gift for bailing him out.


Why did Fred go to the North Pole?

Fred went to the North Pole to earn $50,000 from Nicholas, to put towards his deal. Fred asked what he would have to do up there in order to receive the $50,000. Nicholas said that he would just have to help out.


Why did Slam ask Fred to pretend to be his father?

Slam asked Fred to pretend to be his father because child services wanted to take him away. Slam went with the child services representatives and Fred packed for the North Pole.


Who came to bring Fred to the North Pole?

Santa's head elf, Willie, came to pick up Fred. He asked Fred for his ID and offered to bring Fred's bags for him, but they were too heavy for him to lift! Fred ended up carrying them himself.


How did Willie and Fred get to the North Pole?

Willie and Fred got to the North Pole by taking Santa's sleigh. When they got to the North Pole, they landed on Main Street, where they were greeted by Nicholas and his wife.


What did the child at the top of the naughty list do?

The child at the top of the Naughty List, Johnny from Nova Scotia, bit both his father and his dentist. Nicholas said that he does check-ins on children through his snowglobe to see if they have been naughty or nice recently.


What was the first job that Nicholas had Fred do?

The first job that Nicholas asked Fred to do was to review the children's files. If the child seemed nice, Fred was to put a nice stamp on the file. If the child was naughty, Fred was to put a naughty stamp on the file.


What bad news did the efficiency expert give Nicholas?

The efficiency expert gave Nicholas the bad news that he might be shut down. He said that Nicholas' operation was not efficient enough and that they were looking to outsource and operate at the South Pole. He said that things were getting tougher for the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny as well.


What were the elves doing when Nicholas, Annette, and the efficiency expert entered the workshop?

When Nicholas, Annette, and the efficiency expert entered the workshop, the elves were dancing with Fred. Fred was tired of hearing "Here Comes Santa Claus" over and over again on the radio and went in to change the song.


Why didn't Fred want to go to dinner with Nicholas?

Fred didn't want to go to dinner with Nicholas because his mother would be there. Fred had never visited with his mother on CHristmas and he didn't want to start now. He ended up going anyway.


What did Fred try to teach Willie to do?

Fred tried to teach Willie how to dance. Willie was upset because he believed that Charlene thought he was a freak. Fred decided to teach Willie to dance so that he could impress Charlene.


What did the efficiency expert do to sabotage Fred?

The efficiency expert shredded letters from the children to sabotage Fred. The next day he pretended that he didn't know what happened. When he overheard what happened he asked Nicholas if he had back-up copies and Nicholas said no.


Why did Nicholas have Fred abducted?

Nicholas had Fred abducted and brought into a room so that they could have a family intervention. Wanda was brought to the North Pole and a doctor was flown in to try and help Fred with his behaviour.


What did Fred do to all of the children's files?

Fred marked every single child's file as nice. Nicholas was furious and said that their mother was right about Fred. Nicholas and Fred started to yell at each other and then their yelling turned into a snowball fight.


What was the present that Nicholas gave to Fred?

Nicholas' present to Fred was a birdhouse. It came with a note that said: "I'm sorry that I cut down your tree." Nicholas felt bad that he had ruined something that Fred cared so much about and wanted to apologize.


Why didn't anyone in Siblings Anonymous take Fred seriously?

Nobody in Siblings Anonymous took Fred seriously because he said that his brother was Santa Claus. They thought that he was there for a joke. The experience actually helped him because one of the attendees said something that really resonated with Fred.


What did Fred do with the $50,000?

After attending Siblings Anonymous, Fred decided to use the money to go to the North Pole right away. He made his way to the North Pole by flying, taking a boat, using sled dogs, and snowshoeing.


Why couldn't Nicholas go out on Christmas?

Nicholas couldn't go out on Christmas because he had thrown his back out. Fred said that Willie could deliver the presents, but Willie told Fred about a rule: Only a Claus can deliver presents to the children.


Who delivered the presents on Christmas Eve?

Fred delivered the presents on Christmas Eve. He didn't think he would be able to do it because he didn't think he could fly the sleigh. Nicholas decided that he wouldn't ask Fred to deliver the presents, but Fred decided that he had to do it for the kids.


How did Fred activate the sleigh?

To make the reindeer go, Fred had to say "Ho!" Since it was Fred's first time driving the sleigh, he didn't know how to get it going. Willie was tagging along with him and he helped him operate the sleigh.


What did Fred do when he arrived where Slam was staying?

When Fred found Slam, he woke him up and gave him the puppy he said that he wanted. He was very happy that Santa was able to find him and even happier about the puppy. Fred also talked to him about the advice he had given him earlier, but this time as Santa.


Who shut off the power at the North Pole?

Mr. Northcutt shut off the power to the North Pole. This also cut off the communication to Fred and Willie while they were delivering presents. He shut off the power to stop Christmas and fire everyone.


What did Mr. Northcutt ask Santa for when he was young?

Mr. Northcutt had asked Santa for a Superman cape when he was younger. He was amazed that Nicholas was able to remember his name and address. Nicholas also remembered that he was called "Four-eyed Clyde."


Who did Fred visit after he delivered all of the presents?

Fred visited Wanda after he delivered all of the gifts. She was confused about how he got into her house. She was even more confused when he told her he came in by the chimney!


Where did Fred take Wanda in the sleigh?

Fred took Wanda to the Eiffel Tower. He wanted to make up for everything he had put her through. He also decided that he would give up his lease and come live with her.


What happened to Slam at the end of the movie?

By the end of the movie, Slam was adopted. He now had his own family and was seen opening a present. He was also on a team that Wanda and Fred coached.


What did Fred's mother say that he should get for the new year?

Fred's mother said that he should buy himself a new wardrobe. She had always given him tough love. She seemed to have softened up by the end of the movie, though!


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