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Ernest Saves Christmas is a holiday comedy that follows Ernest as he helps Santa pass off the duty of being Jolly Old Saint Nick to a man named Joe Carruthers. How well do you remember Ernest's wacky adventure? Take the quiz to find out!

What occupation did Ernest have?

Ernest was a taxi driver. He was first seen taking a passenger to the airport while singing "O Christmas Tree" over and over again. The passenger got annoyed and asked Ernest to hurry up so that he could make it to the airport.


What happened to Ernest's passenger?

After the passenger asked Ernest to speed up a bit, Ernest decided to follow his orders but swerved through traffic as well. Ernest's driving caused the passenger to fall out of the taxi and he picked him up and tried to get him back inside.


What happened to the man who was unloading boxes from the plane at the airport?

The man that was unloading the boxes from the plane at the airport was working alone because one of the other employees was on his break. The man was trying to get the box off of the plane and it landed on top of him!


What fell off of a truck in front of Ernest after he picked up Santa Claus?

After picking up Santa Claus at the airport, Ernest was driving down the highway. The taxi was behind a truck carrying Christmas trees and one fell off the back. Ernest started backing up on the highway, causing accidents all around him.


Why was a waiter chasing a girl down the street?

The waiter was chasing the girl in the street because she failed to pay for her meal after she finished. She gave the waiter a long excuse about her brother leaving her to foot the bill all the time and distracted the waiter long enough for her to run off.


What did Ernest do when Santa said that he only had play money to give him?

When Santa told Ernest that all he had with him was play money, Ernest thought for a moment and then decided that he would let Santa ride for free. They shook hands and Santa went inside, feeling relieved.


Why did Santa visit Joe Carruthers?

Santa went to visit Joe Carruthers to let him know that he was chosen to be the new Santa Claus. Before Santa could tell Joe the news, he was interrupted by Joe's colleague who informed him of a new once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for him.


What happened to Ernest after he let Santa ride for free?

After Ernest let Santa ride for free, his boss found out and was extremely angry. He was so angry that he fired Ernest and he told him that good Samaritans don't make money.


What did Santa forget in Ernest's taxi?

Santa forgot his bag in Ernest's taxi. Ernest's boss threw the bag out to Ernest after he fired him. Meanwhile, Santa realized that his bag was missing and went to find Ernest.


Who did Joe ask to talk to Santa, to find out what he wanted?

Joe left his agent to speak with Santa about what he wanted to tell Joe because he had to run out to an appointment. Joe's agent was less than enthusiastic to talk to Santa, but he did it as a favor to Joe.


What fell on Ernest when he and Harmony arrived at Vern's house?

Ernest brought a Christmas tree to Vern's house. When Vern saw him, he closed the door in his face. Ernest let himself and Harmony inside where he tried to set up the tree for Vern. The tree fell on top of Ernest after he tried to set it up!


What did Marty do after Santa told him who he really was?

Marty called the police to escort Santa out of the building. Marty believed that he was posing as Santa. As the police were putting Santa in the police car, he told them that he really needed to talk to Joe. The police ignored him and drove him away.


What was odd about Santa's fingerprints?

Santa's fingerprints had snowflakes on them. After he arrived at the police station, the police officers took Santa's fingerprints. They were amazed to see that the prints ended up being very odd, with different snowflakes in the middle.


What was inside the boxes that were unloaded from the plane that Santa was on?

There were reindeer inside the boxes that were on the plane. The employees who unloaded the boxes had a few ideas about what the reindeer really were (such as aliens), and one of the reindeer even flew up to the ceiling.


What did Ernest say that he was going to ask Santa when he saw him again?

Ernest told Harmony that he was going to ask Santa how he managed to get into his house when he was younger. Ernest said that his house didn't have a chimney, so he suspected that Santa came in through the forced air heating system.


Who did Ernest pose as, to get Santa out of jail?

Ernest posed as the Governor's employee and brought Harmony to pose as the governor's niece, and they tried to get Santa out of jail. They had the opportunity to get him out when they entered his jail cell and successfully made their move!


What did Santa say would happen if he didn't find Joe?

Santa told Ernest and Harmony (who he revealed to have the real name of Pamela) that if he didn't find Joe, the magic of Christmas would be gone. He told them that he had to talk to him before 7:00pm that night.


Who did Ernest pretend to be when he entered the building where Marty worked?

Ernest pretended to be Marty's mother who had just landed in the city looking to visit with her son. He dressed up and ventured inside while Santa and Harmony waited for him outside of the building.


What did Ernest say he had in the back of his truck, to get into the set of the movie?

Ernest knew that Joe was working on the set of a horror movie, so he told security that he had snakes to deliver in the back of his truck. It was really Santa under a tarp with some hoses and a rattle to make the story believable!


What did Santa do to the director of the movie?

Santa hit the director of the movie after he told him that the movie was called "Christmas Slay," which was a movie about terrorizing children on Christmas break. Santa was appalled and hit the director in protest of his movie.


What did Santa have to deliver to Joe?

Santa had to deliver his bag to Joe. He planned to do this so that Joe would be able leave with enough time to get the presents to all of the children before the next morning. He even brought the reindeer for the new Santa Claus.


What did Harmony fill the fake bag with?

Harmony filled the fake bag with feathers. This didn't help Santa's case when he brought the bag to Joe. Harmony hid the other bag. After Ernest and Santa left, she took it with her.


Where did Harmony go after she ran away from Ernest's house?

Harmony went to the train station after she ran away from Ernest's house. When she got to the station, she asked how far all of her money could get her. The man gave her a ticket to Miami.


Who arrived at the airport and helped Ernest get the reindeer?

Santa's elves arrived at the airport and helped Ernest get the reindeer. They loaded them into a truck. Everything was going well until Ernest accidentally ran over some spikes by a gate!


What happened when Joe brought up his concerns about the script for the movie?

The representative shot Joe's concerns down after he asked if the script could be a little less violent. The representative continued to spew insults and talk down to Joe afterwards.


After ruining the tires on the truck, what did Ernest and the elves do?

After Ernest ruined the tires on the truck, he and the elves hitched up the reindeer to the sleigh. Although Ernest couldn't remember the names of all of the reindeer, with a little help from the elves they were soon up in the air.


What did Joe see outside of the office window?

Joe saw Santa's sleigh outside of the office window. He interrupted the signing of his contract to look out the window at the sleigh. It made him believe what Santa had been trying to tell him.


What did Harmony do after a little girl asked why she had Santa's bag?

After a little girl asked Harmony why she had Santa's magic bag, she was overcome with guilt and she knew that she had to return it. She went running to find Santa.


How did Santa pass off the responsibility of being Santa to Joe?

Santa passed off the responsibility of being Santa Claus to Joe by a handshake. Joe transformed into Santa and gained a long white beard. Harmony gave him the bag and he was ready to go!


What did Joe do as his first act as Santa?

The previous Santa told Joe that he had met someone at the airport who wanted snow for Christmas. Joe made it his first act as Santa Claus to make it snow in the hot temperatures of Orlando, Florida!


What did Ernest always forget about Blitzen?

Ernest always forgot Blitzen's name. Throughout the movie, Ernest always struggled with the last reindeer's name when calling out the names of all the reindeer. Somebody always had to help him out with Blitzen's name!


What happened to Harmony at the end of the movie?

Harmony planned to go back home to her parents at the end of the movie. She told Santa that she had called her mother and that she was worried about her. She also told Ernest that it would probably be the last time that they would ever see each other.


Who did Santa decide to spend the night with after Joe, Ernest, and Harmony left?

After Joe, Ernest, and Harmony left, Mary asked Santa what he was doing that night. He said that he wasn't going to be doing anything. He also revealed that his name before Santa Claus used to be Seth Applegate.


Who did the airport employees find in one of the boxes they unpacked at the end of the movie?

They found the Easter Bunny in one of the boxes. The two employees were arguing over whether a paper said "E. Bunny" or "F. Bunny." It turned out to be the Easter Bunny when they saw two ears pop out from the box!


Whose face is never seen in the movie?

Vern's face is never seen throughout the whole film. The camera shows Vern's view instead. The viewer is able to see Vern's point of view of Ernest wrecking his house and setting up the Christmas tree.


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