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In 1999, Disney joined together "Two Worlds" by bringing their animation to Tarzan's jungle. With a fun plot, memorable characters, and amazing music, let's see how much you remember from the film!

At the intro of the film, what is shown to be on fire?

At the intro of the film, we see Tarzan's parents escaping from a fire on a ship. They manage to escape before taking refuge in a tree house.


What is the first song played in the film?

The film "Tarzan" is filled with many popular songs that were featured in the film as well as the soundtrack. The movie starts with "Two Worlds."


Which artist is responsible for singing the music on the soundtrack?

Phil Collins is responsible for composing most of the music from the film. In addition to their composition, he sings on "Two Worlds," "You'll Be in My Heart," and others.


What's the name of Tarzan's mother?

Kala adopts Tarzan as her own when he is found in the tree house and rescued from Sabor.


Who originally finds Tarzan after his parents die?

After the death of her own baby, Kala hears Tarzan crying from the tree house. She goes on to rescue him.


What kind of animal kills Tarzan's parents?

Tarzan's parents are killed by Sabor, a villainous leopard. He also kills Kala and Kerchak's baby earlier in the film.


What's the name of Tarzan's father?

Kerchak is Kala's husband, which would make him Tarzan's father. Originally, in an earlier scene in the film, Kerchak announces to Kala that she can keep him but he won't be a father to Tarzan.


What song does Kala sing to make Tarzan stop crying?

After Kala introduces Tarzan to the rest of the gorillas, a restless Tarzan begins crying. Kala sings "You'll Be in My Heart" to get him to settle down. Phil Collins finishes singing the song while the two bond.


What's Terk's full name?

Terk is one of the first characters that baby Tarzan is introduced to. Her mother officially calls her "Terkina." Her nickname comes later in the film.


In order for Tarzan to hang out with Terk and her friends, what kind of hair does he have to get?

Tarzan wants to play with Terk and her friends, but she says that he can if he can keep up with them. In order to prove himself, she tells him that he has to collect an elephant hair.


What kind of animal is Tantor?

When Tarzan is swimming towards the elephants, a smaller one, Tantor, tries to warn his mother and their friends that something is swimming towards them. He originally thinks it's a piranha.


On what continent does Tarzan take place?

When Tantor, the elephant, tells his mom that he sees a piranha in the water, his mother responds that there are no piranhas in Africa.


Which of these songs plays while Tarzan is learning to be a part of his pack?

After Kerchak tells Tarzan that he'll never be one of them, he is comforted by Kala and taught that they are the same. He then begins to teach himself how to get around the jungle and find food.


Who does Tarzan save from being attacked by Sabor?

When Sabor attacks the camp, Kerchak immediately comes to the rescue. While he is down, Tarzan steps in and kills the leopard. Kerchak still isn't happy and Tarzan lays the leopard at his feet.


What is the name of the antagonist of the film?

William Clayton comes with the Porters on their journey to study gorillas. While they have legitimate reasons, Clayton is ready to capture them.


What animal does Tarzan save Jane from?

When Jane draws a picture of a baby gorilla, the gorilla wants to keep it. When Jane steals the picture back, she is attached by a pack of baboons.


What color dress is Jane wearing when she is first introduced?

When Jane is introduced to the story, she's wearing a yellow gown. She is later saved by Tarzan when she is attacked by a pack of baboons.


While they are 'Trashin' the Camp,' what 'instrument' is Tantor using?

While Terk leads the rest of the crew in "Trashin' the Camp," Tantor is tasked with blowing the horn, which makes him their trumpeteer.


What song did Clayton teach a parrot to sing?

When Clayton is convinced that he can teach Tarzan to speak English, he mentioned that he taught a Parrot "God Save the Queen."


Why does Tarzan take the Porters and Clayton to see the gorillas?

When Jane tells Tarzan that she has to leave, Clayton tricks him into showing them the gorillas. Tarzan thinks seeing the gorillas will cause Jane to stay.


What is Porter's first name?

When Tarzan brings them to the camp, a few gorillas are holding Porter upside down. He introduces himself as Archimedes Q. Porter.


Where did Kala take Tarzan after he brought Jane to the gorillas?

After Kerchak tells Tarzan that he betrayed the family, Kala finally shows Tarzan where he came from. After he learns about his parents, he decides to go to London with Jane.


What currency is Clayton expecting for the gorillas?

When Clayton captures the Porters and Tarzan, Tarzan questions why. He then tells him that he's doing it for 300 Sterling pounds a head.


Who leads Tarzan's rescue from the ship?

When Tantor hears Tarzan cry out from the ship, he thinks Tarzan is in trouble. Although Terk doesn't initially care, Tantor convinces her that they have to go back and help.


Which of these is not one of the animals that comes to Tarzan's aid?

When Tarzan comes to save his family from Clayton, the rest of the animals in the jungle come to his aid. You won't find any leopards risking their lives!


How does Kerchak die?

When Kerchak goes to attack Clayton, he opens fire and shoots Kerchak, killing him.


Who was Kerchak defending when he was shot?

Clayton shoots at Tarzan and the bullet grazes his arm. When Kerchak sees this, he goes to attack Clayton, who then shoots him.


Who rescues Kala from her cage?

When Kala is being carried away in a cage, Jane uses the skills Tarzan taught her and swings on a vine to take out one of her captors. She then gets Kala out of the cage with a little help from Tarzan.


How does Clayton die?

After Clayton shoots Kerchak, Tarzan goes after him. While Clayton attacks Tarzan, he gets stuck in a few vines. Clayton cuts at them until he actually hangs himself.


Who is the last person to speak to Kerchak before he dies?

While Kerchak is dying, he tells Tarzan that he is now tasked with protecting their family. His last words are, "Take care of them, my son. Take care of them."


Which of Jane's belongings goes flying back to shore as she's leaving?

When Jane and Porter are leaving, her father convinces her to stay. Her glove goes flying back to shore, and she decides to stay.


What songs plays during the final scene of the film?

When Jane decides to stay with Tarzan at the end of the film, "Two Worlds" plays again. What do you know? It's the combination of Tarzan's "Two Worlds" into one family!


Finish the lyrics: "I can see there's so much to learn / It's all so close and yet so far / I see myself as people see me / Oh, I just know there's something bigger out there."

"Strangers Like Me" is one of the compositions written and sung by Phil Collins for the "Tarzan" film soundtrack. The song appears as the fifth track.


Finish the lyrics: "Just take my hand, hold it tight / I will protect you from all around you / I will be here don't you cry."

"You'll Be In My Heart" is one of the most popular Disney soundtrack songs to date. The song won Best Original song at both the Academy Awards and Golden Globes.


Which song are these lyrics from? "All these things will come to you in time / On this journey that you're making / There'll be answers that you'll seek / And it's you who'll climb the mountain."

"Son of Man" was another composition written and performed by Phil Collins. The song appears as the third track on the CD. The album won Best Soundtrack Album at the Grammy Awards.


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