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Everyone remembers the Bride's electric-shocked, streak-of-white hair ... but what else do you remember about this 1935 horror classic? Find out now with our quiz!

Who directed "Bride of Frankenstein"?

Whale also directed 1931's "Frankenstein." He resisted making a sequel, but Universal eventually wore him down.


Who did Elsa Lanchester play?

This was meant to be a surprise to audiences. "The Monster's Mate" was only listed as "?" in the opening cast list.


What is Frankenstein's first name?

"Frankenstein" is the creator, not the monster (who has no name). While in Mary Shelley's novel his name is "Victor," for some reason he's Henry in the 1930s adaptations.


Where does the movie's action open?

It's the proverbial dark and stormy night as Mary begins telling her husband and Lord Byron the rest of the Frankenstein story. The action then switches to a burning mill, where the monster has just wreaked havoc.


How did "Bride's" prequel, "Frankenstein," end?

Though the monster throws Henry off the mill, he recovers and marries Elizabeth, and his father toasts the possibility of a grandchild soon. "Bride" had to rewind things a little bit, to the mill scene, to kick things off with appropriate tension.


Who does the monster kill at the mill?

Henry Frankenstein isn't dead. Carried to his castle, he stirs and proves to have survived.


What is the official title of the movie's law-and-order man?

"Burgomaster" was a title used in parts of Europe. It's adapted from a Dutch word, "burgemeester," meaning "town master."


What is the name of Henry's fiancee?

Unlike "Henry," this is a name that's true to Shelley's novel. The Elizabeth of the book is killed by the monster.


What was the name of Elizabeth's maid?

Minnie, played by Mary Gordon, is absolutely everywhere in this film. A gossip and a scolding boss, she even tells the burgomaster what to do.


What does Henry tell Elizabeth he might have accomplished with his experiments?

Henry explains these plans to Elizabeth as he lies recovering in bed. She puts a damper on things by begging him not to pursue such ambitions, then describing her premonition of a death-like figure coming for him.


What does Dr. Pretorius want from Henry?

Dr. Pretorius was a mentor to Henry Frankenstein. Now, he says, it's time for them to work as equals.


Which of the following was NOT one of the homunculi (miniature people) Pretorius created?

Pretorius created tiny versions of a king, a queen, an archbishop, a dandy gentleman, a ballerina and a mermaid. It's like he was going for some strange alternative chess set!


Pretorius says he created the mermaid in an experiment with what?

Pretorius somehow uses seaweed to create a perfect little mermaid, just like his amorous king, pirouetting ballerina and others. This totally implausible scene serves as light-hearted comic relief.


What toast does Dr. Pretorius make?

"Gods and Monsters" was the name of a 1998 film about the later life of James Whale. It won Best Adapted Screenplay at the Oscars.


Who does the monster save from drowning?

The shepherdess falls into a pond while fleeing the monster. After he saves her from drowning, she wakes up and starts screaming all over again. The monster just can't catch a break. Until ...


Who befriends the monster?

The old man introduces the creature to wine and cigars. That's right, he's corrupting a creature who is mentally stuck at about ten years old!


How does the blind hermit's hut burn down?

The hermit is kind to the monster, and his reward is losing his home. No good deed goes unpunished!


What song is the hermit playing on his violin as the monster approaches?

The song draws the creature to his window. Later in the scene, it's incorporated into the film's score itself.


When the monster is captured, how long does he stay in jail?

As soon as the jailers are gone, he simply pulls out the bolts that his chains are attached to, then wrenches the jail door from its frame. This leads to a fun moment where the burgomaster is reassuring the villagers that everything is fine, only to be interrupted by screaming people running from the monster.


Who comes upon Pretorius having a light supper in a graveyard chapel?

Unlike most people, Pretorius isn't afraid of Frankenstein's creation. Meanwhile, the creature figures out pretty quickly that Pretorius is making him a mate, and he's happy about this.


What does Pretorius call "my only weakness"?

Pretorius was never likely to cite "women" as a weakness. Many critics think this character "codes" as gay.


What has changed when Pretorius again calls on Henry?

Henry has recovered enough to marry his fiancee. Speaking of recovery: The actor, Colin Clive, had recently broken his leg and therefore did most of his scenes while sitting down.


How does Pretorius motivate Henry to work on the Bride?

The monster does the dirty work here. Pretorius came up with the idea, though, suspecting Henry would be reluctant to continue his work.


How do Pretorius and Henry get the electricity they need?

Though "Bride of Frankenstein" came out in 1935, it's set in the early 19th century (if not, Mary Shelley couldn't be telling it). So Henry and Dr. Pretorius use a low-tech method.


The closest thing the movie has to an Igor figure is an ex-convict named what?

Karl assists in the laboratory. He and his buddy, Ludwig, assist in getting corpses for the Bride, work they didn't enjoy. "This is no life for murderers," one of them says.


Pretorius and Henry use a "cosmic diffuser" to animate the Bride. What is a "cosmic diffuser"?

Taken literally, a "cosmic diffuser" would be "something that dissipates the heavens." Clearly, the writers expected their 1930s audiences to not ask questions -- or get the camp humor involved.


How does the Bride greet the monster?

The monster dejectedly notes, "She hate me. Like others." Welcome to nearly every boy's high school experience, pal!


What one word does the Bride say?

Elsa Lanchester only screamed, hissed and sometimes spat as the Bride. She said she modeled the behavior on swans, which can be quite bad-mannered.


How did Elizabeth escape the cave?

Elizabeth simply turns up at the laboratory door, pounding on it and yelling for Henry. We knew she was alive, because she spoke to him through a primitive kind of telephone earlier.


What does the monster say to the Bride and Dr. Pretorius?

The monster has his hand on a lever which will -- conveniently -- blow up the entire lab. He's allowed Henry and Elizabeth to leave, suggesting that they deserve to live.


What moral does Mary Shelley pronounce on the story at the end?

A story-within-a-story setup is called a "frame tale," because brief opening and closing segments provide a "frame" for the main story. Sometimes, writers or filmmakers don't close the "frame." It feels sloppy, but in a 1930s film, time constraints would have been one reason to do this.


Who played Elizabeth?

Hobson was only 17 when she played the role. Her co-star, Colin Clive, was 35.


What percent "fresh" rating does "Bride of Frankenstein" hold on "Rotten Tomatoes"?

Yep, out of 41 reviewers, no one's spoiled that perfect rating yet. (At least, at the time of this quiz's writing). The monster's line, "We belong dead," also made a Premiere magazine list of the 100 best movie lines.


"Frankenstein" trivia bonus question: In Mary Shelley's novel, where does the story end?

Many people are surprised to learn that the book starts and ends at the North Pole. Victor Frankenstein has chased his creation all the way to the top of the world. The book ends tragically, with Frankenstein dying and the monster disappearing into the Arctic ice and fog.


"Frankenstein" trivia bonus question, round 2: How old was Mary Shelley when she wrote the first draft of the book?

Shelley wasn't alone in this kind of early genius. Jane Austen was working on "Pride and Prejudice" when she was just 17. Lifespans were more commonly cut short in those days, due to illness or complications of childbirth, which may have to do with why young artists didn't take time for granted.


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