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Imagine if someone made you sing, "I feel pretty! Oh so pretty," and you just weren't in the mood for it! Take this quiz to remember all of your favorite scenes from "Anger Management."

In which year was the premiere of the film "Anger Management"?

"Anger Management" premiered on April 11, 2003. It ran 106 minutes long and was directed by Peter Segal.


Which actor plays the role of lead character Dave Buznik?

Adam Sandler was born on November 9, 1966, in Brooklyn, New York. He started his career as a cast member of "Saturday Night Live."


At the start of the movie, in 1978, we see a bully named ______ embarrass Dave in front of his friends.

Arnie Shankman bullied Dave as a young boy. Dave was about to kiss the girl of his dreams, and Arnie pulls his pants down in front of everyone!


Where does Dave live?

"Anger Management" was made on a $75 million budget. It made more than $195 million at the box office.


What type of company does Dave work for?

"Anger Management" was written by David Dorfman. It was produced by both Jack Giarraputo and Barry Bernandi.


What is the name of Dave's boss at the pet clothing company?

Frank Head is portrayed by actor Kurt Fuller. Fuller is best known for his roles in "Psych" and "Supernatural."


What is the name of Dave's girlfriend?

Linda and her ex-boyfriend are not only still friends, but he also works with Dave and does not treat Dave too well!


Which famous actress plays the role of Dave's girlfriend Linda?

Marisa Tomei was born on December 4, 1964, in Brooklyn, New York. She began her career on the TV soap "As the World Turns."


Linda's ex-boyfriend and Dave's co-worker is named what?

Andrew is portrayed by actor Allen Covert. Covert is best known for his role in "Grandma's Boy" in 2006.


Where does Dave meet Buddy Rydell?

Dave is heading to a business meeting and his seat on the plane is right next to Buddy. Dave gets into a bit of trouble on this plane ride, though...


Buddy Rydell is portrayed by which actor?

Jack Nicholson was born on April 22, 1937, in Neptune City, New Jersey. He has received 12 Academy Award nominations over the course of his career.


What happens to Dave on the airplane?

Dave loses his temper and the sky marshal accuses Dave of being a racist. He tasers him and arrests him for assaulting the flight attendant.


What is the name of the judge who hears Dave's plane mishap case?

Judge Brenda Daniels was portrayed by Lynne Thigpen. Sadly, Thigpen passed away one month before the film was released. The film is dedicated to her memory.


Judge Daniels sentences Dave to anger management therapy. Who is the therapist?

Buddy has an interesting technique for working with Dave. To work on his anger management, Buddy actually provokes Dave into being angry.


Shortly after he begins therapy with Buddy, who causes Dave to get into a bar fight?

Chuck is another one of Buddy's patients. He is portrayed by actor John Turturro.


Now back in court, the judge allows Buddy to move in with Dave to intervene. If he does not comply, Dave will go to jail for how long?

This unprecedented sentence has Dave all bothered and Buddy all excited. If Dave gets out of line, Buddy will just remind him of the jail time.


When Buddy moves in with Dave, which of Dave's possessions does Buddy throw out?

Buddy does things to provoke Dave. This includes throwing out his CDs, walking around in the nude and flirting with Linda.


Where does Buddy sleep when he moves in with Dave?

He not only sleeps in Dave's bed, but Dave is in the bed also! Buddy has a tendency to fart in bed too... gross!


While on the way to work, what song does Buddy force Dave to stop and sing?

Dave is infuriated. Buddy forces him to stop the car on a busy bridge in New York City and sing the lyrics to "I Feel Pretty."


Buddy pays a transvestite to get in the back seat with Dave. Which famous actor plays the transvestite?

Woody Harrelson was born on July 23, 1961. His breakout role was starring as Woody Boyd, the bartender on "Cheers."


What was the name of the transvestite?

Woody Harrelson also played the role of Gary the security guard in "Anger Management." Harrelson has received two Academy Award nominees during his career.


Where does Buddy's mom live?

Buddy essentially forces Dave to drive with him to Boston to visit with his mother. The trip alone is therapy enough for Dave!


During their road trip, Buddy pressures Dave into flirting with a beautiful blonde at the bar. Which famous actress played this role?

Heather Graham was born on January 29, 1970. Her first starring role was in the 1988 film, "License to Drive."


What was the name of Heather Graham's character in "Anger Management"?

Kendra tries to seduce Dave, but Dave won't have it. He is fully committed to Linda.


On their way home from Boston, Buddy takes Dave on a side trip where?

"Anger Management" was filmed at 24 different locations. The locations ranged from New Jersey to New York to California.


Who is now a monk at this Buddhist Temple?

Arnie Shankman has become a monk. This confrontation has helped Dave in moving on from his childhood problems.


Who suggests to Linda that she break up with Dave?

Buddy has quite the scheme in mind. Dave tries to propose to Linda but fails, and Linda proceeds to separate from him.


Following their separation, who does Dave find Linda on a date with?

Dave is completely enraged. He thinks that Buddy convinced her to break up with him so that she could date Buddy.


After beating up Buddy, Dave finds himself...

Judge Daniels promises Dave that at his sentencing he will wind up in jail. She is fed up with his misbehaving.


Where does Buddy take Linda on their next date?

This particular scene at Yankee Stadium was in fact filmed at Yankee Stadium! The stadium is located at E 161st Street and River Avenue in the Bronx.


Why was Dave so upset at Buddy taking Linda to Yankee Stadium?

Little does Dave know that this was all part of Buddy's plan. Kissing Linda in front of the stadium full of fans replicated his childhood experience gone wrong. This was his way to make it right.


Despite security guards trying to take Dave away from Yankee Stadium, who allows him to stay and speak with Linda?

Rudy Giuliani made an appearance as himself in "Anger Management." Several Yankees players did as well, including Derek Jeter.


The film ends as the whole crew sings, "I Feel Pretty." What famous musical does this come from?

Buddy required Dave to sing this song on several occasions throughout the film. It came from the 1957 musical, "West Side Story"!


"I am feeling very angry right now, because I have only one bed and ________."

Dave attempts to practice controlling his anger. He records messages into his tape recorder as he feels necessary!


At the end of the film, a gunman shows up at their celebration party in the park with what?

After all of Buddy's scheming, Dave finally gets the last laugh. The "gunman" holds the group up, but Dave stands up to him and it is revealed that it was just a water pistol!


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