How Well Do You Really Know Your Cat?

By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

Everyone knows dogs have owners, but cats have staff. How well do you know the needs and dreams of the most demanding employer you'll ever have? Take this quiz to find out!

Do you know your cat's favorite treat?

Does your cat bring you dead animals?

If your cat disappears for hours, could you accurately predict where she is at any given time?

Do you just know when they're about to hock up a hairball?

What's your cat's opinion on your TV viewing habits?

How much of your bed has your cat colonized?

Do you two snuggle on the regular?

How does your cat feel about your nickname(s) for them?

Does your cat have a nickname for you (probably)?

Does your cat get mad if dinner is not ready on the dot of the appointed hour?

What does your cat think of your significant other?

What scares your cat?

Who is your cat's nemesis?

Could your cat be a good ambassador to dogs?

Does your cat like other cats?

Does your cat have strong opinions about which collar he likes to wear?

Does your cat respect your property?

Does your cat use its litter tray politely?

Does your cat have any friends?

If your cat could talk... would it?

If it did talk, what would it say?

Does your cat get anxious when you put on a horror movie?

When you're happy, is your cat happy?

Does your cat comfort you when you are sick or sad?

How does your cat react when you get home?

If you ignore your cat when it wants attention, how does it react?

If you bother your cat when it doesn't want attention, does it put up with it?

Does your cat like listening to music with you?

Is your cat afraid of thunderstorms?

Be honest: if you were removed from your home and replaced with another human who smelled similar and provided the same amount of belly rubs and food, would your cat notice?

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