How Well Do You Really Know Everyday American Slang Words and Phrases?

By Stella Alexander on March 28, 2018

About This Quiz

Bring your A-Game! While the English language is the same around the world, you'll find different dialects and slang. The same can be said for the United States. You'll find slang that is used all around the country. From "cash" to "bucks," how well do you know American slang?

English is the third most spoken language in the world. There are more than 360 million people around the world who speak English as their native language. English is an official language of countries like the United Kingdom, the United States, South Africa, Nigeria, and Belize. While these countries would be part of the native speaker population, there are more than 1.5 billion people around the world who speak English in general. That's 20 percent of the world's population!

While you'd hear the English language in dozens of countries, many speakers wouldn't understand American slang. While the words might register, their meaning might seem foreign. How well do you know everyday American slang?

If someone said, "this party blows," what does that mean? For something to be a "piece of cake," does it have to be covered in frosting? Let's find out how much American slang you understand!

Don't give us the cold shoulder! Come hang out with us and prove how much slang you know! This quiz will be a banger!

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