How Well Do You Know US Airports?

By Heather Cahill on May 06, 2018

About This Quiz

Lift off in Nashville, and touch down in Las Vegas! Airports may not always be fun due to wait times or even having to run to your plane in order to catch it. But they get you where you need to go! Airports around the United States have a lot of unique features and history that make them memorable. Think you know all about them?

Can you name the airport that also handles space travel? What about the airport that is the second largest in the entire world? Can you name the airport that you would find in Twin Falls? If those were too easy, which airport has a therapy pig? Study up on your history, geography and overall fun facts about airports throughout the country!

Do you know the code for the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport? Can you name the place where you would find Deadhorse Airport? What about the airport that completed the first flight in 1913? Airports in the country have been operating for longer than you may think!

So, frequent flyers, if you know America and the airports found throughout it, this is your time to shine. See if you'll be flying high above the clouds or making a quick landing with this quiz!

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