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Trouble In Paradise, released in 1932, follows two criminals as they scheme to rob the rich owner of a perfume company in Paris. Do you remember their crimes and devious motives? Take the quiz to find out!

What did Gaston say that he wanted in the champagne?

Gaston said that he wanted the moon in the champagne. He was planning to have a large and exquisite dinner.


In what city did Gaston pretend to be a baron?

Gaston pretended to be a baron in Venice, Italy. Lily also found out who exactly the baron was when he revealed a small detail of his criminal past!


What nationality did Lily think that Gaston was?

Lily thought that Gaston was American when they first met. She said that she was happy to find out that he wasn't was she had expected him to be.


What member of the nobility did Lily pretend to be?

Lily pretended that she was a countess. She was actually a thief who fell in love with Gaston, who was also a thief. Gaston pretended that he was a baron keeping them both under cover.


What language did the police officer investigating Mr. Filiba's robbery speak?

The police officer that was investigating Mr. Filiba's robbery spoke Italian. A translator had to translate Mr. Filiba's story from English to Italian so that the police officer could finish his investigation.


Who did the robber say he was, according to Mr. Filiba's story?

According to Mr. Filiba's story, the robber claimed that he was a doctor. Mr. Filiba said they talked about his tonsils, even though he told the "doctor" there was nothing wrong with them!


What did Mr. Filiba claim was stolen from him?

Mr. Filiba claimed that his pocketbook was stolen. He claimed that he was unconscious and, upon waking up, his pocketbook and the doctor were nowhere to be found.


What did Gaston rob in Paris?

Gaston robbed the Peace Conference in Paris and he was arrested. They couldn't keep him in cuffs for long, as a news report stated that he escaped shortly after.


What world-famous products does Colet sell?

Colet sells world-famous perfumes. They had a short jingle that was broadcasted on the radio shortly after the news report about Gaston Monescu's arrest.


What business decision did Giron suggest that Madame Colet make?

Giron suggested that she should cut salaries. He said that he was confident that if her husband was there to make the decision, that is what he would want.


What bored Madame Colet?

Madame Colet told Mr. Giron that she was bored by talking business. She would much rather attend events and go shopping, than talk about the salary of her employees.


What item owned by Madame Colet did Gaston have his eye on during the performance?

Gaston had his eye on Madame Colet's bag during the performance. He was keeping an eye on Madame Colet and her bag by using a pair of binoculars.


What did Gaston steal from the royal palace?

Gaston stole a Chinese vase from the royal palace. Lily admired him for stealing it, as he turned the vase into a lamp for her. She said that the lamp stayed on her night table.


What did Lily suggest that Gaston should do with the handbag?

Lily suggested that Gaston should return the handbag to Madame Colet. She figured that they would get the most money out of returning the bag and accepting the reward that was stated in the paper.


What did Madame Colet and Gaston debate about when he returned her handbag?

Madame Colet and Gaston debated over which lipstick shade suited her the best. Gaston emptied Madame Colet's bag to show her that all of her items were still there. He pulled out a lipstick, which sparked their small debate.


How did Gaston get the code to Madame Colet's safe?

Gaston got the code to Madame Colet's safe by watching as she unlocked it. She was unable to find her checkbook, so he suggested that it could be in her safe. This gave him the perfect opportunity to find out her code so that he could steal more items.


What did Madame Colet hire Gaston to be?

Madame Colet hired Gaston to be her secretary. She had just fired her previous secretary and hired Gaston after he impressed her with his advice about money, lipstick and more.


What did Madame Colet do for Lily?

Madame Colet raised Lily's salary. After some encouragement from Gaston, Madame Colet started to be more generous toward the people around her. She also told Lily to make sure she went home to see her brother at 5 o'clock every day.


Who was Gaston introduced to at the garden party?

Gaston was introduced to Mr. Filiba at the garden party. He asked Mr. Filiba if he had met him before, but Mr. Filiba said he didn't think that they did. Mr. Filiba didn't recognize Gaston from the first time he stole from him.


What did Giron want to know about Gaston?

Giron wanted to know Gaston's hometown. He asked him if he was related to the Lavalle family in Marseille. Marseille is a city that is located in France.


What did Mr. Filiba ask Gaston when he went to say goodbye to him?

Mr. Filiba asked Gaston if he had ever been to Venice. Mr. Filiba had a suspicion that Gaston was the one who robbed him, but Gaston had a plan to talk Mr. Filiba out of figuring out who he really was.


Where did Gaston and Lily plan to go next after the encounter with Mr. Filiba?

Gaston and Lily planned to flee to Berlin after Gaston's encounter with Mr. Filiba. They knew that they had to get out of there as fast as they could before Mr. Filiba remembered how he knew Gaston.


What did Gaston order and charge to Madame Colet?

Gaston ordered flowers and charged them to Madame Colet. He wanted to make her believe that he was dead, so that he and Lily could escape without being caught.


What did Madame Colet think that Gaston thought of her?

Madame Colet thought that Gaston liked her. She said that because he cared so much about her reputation, he must really like her. They kissed shortly after, behind Lily's back.


What made Lily unsure about Gaston?

Lily became unsure about Gaston after both he and Madame Colet didn't answer their telephones. She figured that Gaston had fallen for Madame Colet and wasn't sure of what she should do.


Who sparked Mr. Filiba's realization of where he knew Gaston from?

The Major sparked Mr. Filiba's realization of how he knew Gaston. The Major said that he thought Gaston was a doctor when he first met him, making Mr. Filiba recall the day he was robbed in Venice. He was finally able to put two and two together!


Why didn't Giron call the police on Gaston?

Gaston knew that Giron was a criminal as well, and that is why he didn't call the police. Giron had stolen money from the Colets for the many years that he had worked for them.


What did Lily do after she realized that Gaston had fallen for Madame Colet?

Lily robbed Madame Colet's safe herself when she realized that Gaston was falling for her. She became angry and didn't want anything to do with Gaston after she realized that he liked Madame Colet.


Who did Gaston say robbed the safe?

Gaston told Madame Colet that he had robbed the safe. He also revealed that his real name was Gaston Monescu and encouraged Madame Colet to call the police.


What did Lily tell Madame Colet that she could have?

Lily told Madame Colet that she could have Gaston. She told Madame Colet that she was the one who had robbed the safe and that she could now live in peace with Gaston knowing the truth.


What did Gaston say that Madame Colet would be happy about if the police showed up the next morning?

Gaston said that Madame Colet would be happy that she was alone if the police arrived at her house the next day. If Gaston was there with her, she would be in a lot of trouble.


What final item did Gaston steal from Madame Colet?

Gaston stole Madame Colet's necklace. He stole it for Lily, who had mentioned that she really liked it earlier in the movie. He even showed Madame Colet that he had stolen it and she let him leave!


What item did Lily steal from Madame Colet, aside from the money?

Lily stole Madame Colet's handbag. The handbag was how Gaston and Lily were able to get into Madame Colet's house and it was also there when they were on their way out.


Who told Madame Colet the truth about Gaston?

Mr. Filiba told Madame Colet the truth about who Gaston really was. Madame Colet didn't believe Mr. Filiba and left the party to find out the truth for herself!


What was Lily's position after Gaston was hired as Madame Colet's secretary?

Lily was Gaston's secretary. This was Gaston's way of getting Lily inside so that could complete their plan to rob Madame Colet together. She helped write documents for Gaston.


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