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Do you know the difference between a Corolla and a Camry? Can you explain how the Tundra is superior to the Tacoma? Do you have a mini shrine at your house dedicated to the 2JZ? 

Toyota is one of the biggest automakers in the world, with it constantly contending against the likes of Volkswagen and GM for that top spot. It sells more of single models like the RAV-4 and Corolla in a single month than some automakers sell in total cars for a year. To call the company a giant would be an understatement. One of the many things that keep Toyota on the top of the heap is its obsessive cost control methods, something that has been ingrained in the culture for decades. The automaker also spends a considerable amount each year on research and development, plus emphasizes manufacturing excellence. 

But, Toyota is about more than just shelling out a bunch of boring cars that are built well. It's created plenty of amazing performance machines, too, from the legendary Supra to the MR2 and the Lexus LFA. There's plenty of deep history in this brand. How much do you know about it all? Take the quiz now and find out! 

What city is home to Toyota's global headquarters?

Located in Aichi Prefecture, a little over 400,000 people live in this city, where 10 operational Toyota factories are located.


What was the first year Toyota released the Prius?

Way back in 1997, the Prius launched, first in Japan and then in other markets. It wasn't a runaway hit at first, but today boasts the most hybrid car sales in the world.


What car did Toyota release back in 1971 as a rival to the Ford Mustang and other pony models?

The Toyota Celica arrived in the United States for the 1971 model year and stuck around all the way until 2005, having transitioned long before into a lightweight and tight-handling sporty car.


What was the name of the mid-engined, two-seater Toyota model?

The second-generation MR2 featured a sleek design that made many people mistake it for some kind of Ferrari.


Which model was the first Toyota sold in the United States?

Technically, the Crown was sold as a Toyopet and not a Toyota, starting in 1958 and ending in 1973. It's still alive and well in the Japanese market.


When the Scion brand was discontinued, what did the FR-S become?

Only some of the Scion models were transitioned into the Toyota brand lineup, with the FR-S becoming the 86.


What Toyota model has been in existence the longest?

Production of the Land Cruiser started back in 1951. Today, it's by far the most expensive Toyota for sale in North America, partly because it's only sold fully-loaded.


Which of these brands has never been owned by Toyota?

Mitsubishi is actually owned by Renault Nissan and has never been associated with Toyota.


What luxury brand did Toyota launch in 1989?

To better cater to a more upscale market in North America, Toyota launched the Lexus brand back in 1989. Thanks to cultural differences, it held off on using the Lexus name in the domestic Japanese market until 2005.


Where did Toyota originally have its US operations base?

Toyota bought a former Rambler dealership in Hollywood in 1957 and sold a mere 288 vehicles in the US that year.


What Toyota vehicle holds the title of the best-selling car of all time?

At the last official global tally, the Corolla had racked up over 44 million sales, with many millions more sold since. Yeah, that's impressive.


What vehicle pushed the Toyota brand into the mainstream in America?

Toyota designed the Corona specifically for the American market, giving it plenty of power and factory-installed AC.


What year did Toyota launch the Scion brand?

Scion debuted with three budget-friendly options, plus a marketing program that was aimed at younger buyers, helping to push sales in the US to over two million vehicles the next year.


What kind of vehicles did Toyota open its plant in San Antonio to build?

In 2006 it opened this plant, which was the 10th one the company had operating in the United States. It caused a big stir, because the move showed how much ground Toyota had gained in this market.


What was Toyota's first supercar?

Funny enough, this car was supposed to be the Nissan Fairlady Z, but the other automaker rejected the design for not fitting a sporting image they desired. Today, the 2000GT is often described as one of the most graceful Japanese car bodies ever created.


In what year did Toyota become the third best-selling automotive brand in the United States?

Toyota passed up Dodge that year, grabbing over 1.7 million sales and turning a lot of heads.


What important milestone did Toyota reach in 2009?

Toyota and Lexus hybrids were on a roll by this point, although total hybrid sales have shot way past this milestone.


What big move did Toyota make with the Prius in 2011?

Toyota unveiled not only the third-gen Prius, but also the Prius v, Prius c, and the Prius Plug-in Hybrid.


What's the popular nickname for the Toyota Tacoma?

People have had all kinds of fun with this nickname, including pulling off the M and A from the badges.


If you wanted to drive a Toyota fuel-cell vehicle, what would be your only option right now?

Residents in certain parts of California can lease the Toyota Mirai, which currently is the only Toyota fuel-cell vehicle available in the United States.


What was the first supercar Toyota made under the Lexus brand?

Jeremy Clarkson, the former host of Top Gear, famously said it was the best car he'd ever driven, and he doesn't like many cars.


What was the first dedicated hybrid Lexus vehicle?

Even though the HS 250h didn't become a roaring success, it did show the luxury brand's continued dedication to hybrid tech.


What terrorist organization was Toyota wrongly accused of supporting?

Under the Obama administration, an official investigation was launched because ISIS fighters were known to drive newer Toyota Hilux pickups, but the investigation concluded that ISIS and Toyota had zero ties.


What year marked Toyota's 50th anniversary of being in the United States?

To celebrate this big milestone, Toyota released a new generation of the Tundra, plus the second generation of the Scion xB.


What Toyota van had the engine positioned midway in the body?

Even though the Previa only had a four-cylinder powerplant, it was positioned in a way that made the minivan a blast to drive on winding roads.


Which is the smallest Toyota on sale now?

The Yaris is a subcompact five-door hatchback that isn't known for performance, but boasts amazing reliability.


What does TRI stand for?

The Toyota Research Institute was founded as a new company by Toyota in 2015. It works on R&D projects like robotics and artificial intelligence.


What was the first Toyota manufactured in the United States?

On October 7, 1986, a Corolla FX16 rolled off the assembly line at the New United Motor Manufacturing, Inc. plant, making history.


What important milestone did Lexus reach in 1991?

Just two years after the brand was launched, Lexus was able to best both BMW and Mercedes-Benz, thanks in large part to its reputation for reliability.


Where is Toyota's North American headquarters located today?

In 2017, Toyota officially opened the doors to its humongous campus in Plano, relocating employees from sites in California and other parts of the nation.


What was the "Toyota jump"?

In the 1970s Toyota was riding high on a reputation of making cars that didn't constantly break. To communicate the enthusiasm owners felt for their Toyotas, the company portrayed them as jumping into the air in various advertisements.


The Toyota Tundra launched in what year?

The Tundra was designed and engineered specifically for the North American market, being Toyota's first full-size pickup truck ever.


What was the big safety scare for Toyota vehicles back in 2009?

Although the official conclusion was that floor mats were getting stuck under pedals, some safety experts think drivers were panicking and getting the accelerator confused with the brake.


In what year did Toyota become the top-selling brand in America?

Even though the recession was beginning and Toyota's sales figures were down, the brand was able to leapfrog past Chevrolet to become number one.


What year did Toyota become the top-selling import brand in the United States?

Volkswagen was the top brand, but Toyota finally got the momentum to pass it up and grab the crown.


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