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How well do you know the ABC's of wedding season? Take this quiz now to see how well you can decipher bridal acronyms, diamond cuts, dress shapes and more!

A sister or friend who stands closest to the bride at the altar is called the _________.

The maid of honor generally walks down the aisle with the best man. The best man stands closest to the groom.

If the maid of honor is married, she is referred to as the ______ of honor.

The term maid/matron of honor originally referred to the female attendant of a queen.

Most groomsmen also serve as ________ at weddings, helping to seat the guests as they enter the ceremony.

Ushers traditionally lead female attendees by the arm to their designated seats at the ceremony. Typically the groom's friends and family sit on one side while the bride's sit on the other.

Place cards at the reception inform the guests...

Place cards are generally alphabetized and decorative. They display each guest's name and table number/name.

To inform the bride and groom of their attendance and entree choice, guests must complete the ______ card.

Depending on the capacity of the wedding venue, the bride and groom may invite guests with a guest. That number is notated on the reply card along with their choice of dinner meal.

A rectangle-shaped diamond on an engagement ring is referred to as ___________ cut.

There are numerous shapes and styles of engagement rings available. Some women think it's a good idea to provide their long-term boyfriends with examples of rings that they like.

What do the letters BM stand for?

The best man is often a brother or close male friend of the groom. He stands next to him during the ceremony and also gives a speech at the reception.

If the bride and groom sit at a long table with the entire bridal party at the reception, this is called the ________ table.

Some brides and grooms prefer that all of the bridesmaids sit on one side while the groomsmen sit on the other side. Others prefer that they alternate seats.

After the ceremony, the bridesmaids may assist in tying up the ______ so the bride can dance at the reception!

Wedding gowns often have hidden strings and buttons made for the bustle. It can sometimes take several bridesmaids to complete the task!

_______ is the fine netted fabric used for veils.

Tulle can also be used for tutus and other gowns.

An elongated waistline that is positioned a few inches below the natural waist is called a _______ waist.

Drop waist dresses are fitted above the waist to the bride's body. They are generally strapless dresses, though don't have to be.

The bride and groom often offer a _________ cocktail to their guests, a drink that has personal sentiment to them as a couple.

While guests may enjoy the signature cocktail or other drinks during the cocktail hour, the bride and groom will typically offer red or white wine during the dinner course.

What is the name of the small floral arrangement that is placed on the left side of the groom/groomsmen's jacket?

The groom and all of the groomsmen wear a boutonniere on the wedding day. The groom's boutonniere tends to vary slightly from the groomsmen's.

What do the letters MOH stand for?

The maid of honor has a few extra responsibilities than the typical bridesmaid. She may also help plan the bridal shower, and give a toast at the wedding reception.

Mothers and/or grandmothers of the bride and groom are often given a ______, flowers worn on the wrist.

Corsages tend to match the bridesmaids's bouquets and the groomsmen's boutonnieres. Plus they make the mothers feel special!

This is a small bouquet or flower arrangement given as a gift to the mothers of the bride and groom before the wedding ceremony...

Nosegays have existed since medieval times. They are generally made of sweet-scented flowers, so as to please the nose.

Most wedding invitations are printed on _________.

Card stock tends to be thicker and more durable than regular writing paper. The thicker the paper, the fancier the invitation.

What do the letters FG stand for?

Flower girls are often young siblings, nieces or cousins of the bride and groom. Not all weddings have them, but many do.

What is the name for a square-shaped diamond on an engagement ring?

Princess cut is the second most popular cut shape for diamonds. The round brilliant is the #1 cut.

What do the letters FOG stand for?

If the rest of the bridal party is dressed formally, the father of the groom will also wear a tuxedo. He usually gets ready with the groom on the wedding day.

What does MOB stand for?

The mother of the bride is quick to cry tears of joy as her husband, the father of the bride, walks their daughter down the aisle at the start of the wedding ceremony.

The _______ is the decorative plate that goes beneath the dinner plate at the reception.

Charger plates are also called service plates. They are used to dress up the table at special events such as weddings. They have been in use since the 19th century.

A trumpet or _______ -style dress is fitted through the bodice and hips and flares out generally around the knees...

A mermaid or trumpet-style dress even has a third name... it is sometimes called 'fit and flare' style.

What do the letters RB stand for?

The ring bearer is generally the sibling, nephew or cousin of the bride or groom. He also tends to be very young and very cute.

A sweetheart neckline is a _______-shaped neckline of a bridal gown.

Different brides have different tastes in not only wedding rings, but wedding dresses. It takes some brides multiple trips to various boutiques to find the perfect dress.

What is the name of the thick wedding cake icing that makes the cake look smooth on the outside?

The firm texture of fondant creates a smooth finish for an elegant and detail-oriented wedding cake.

The ________ traditionally walks the bride down the aisle.

If the father of the bride is unavailable, the mother of the bride, or a brother of the bride, may walk her down the aisle. Otherwise, traditionally it is the father.

Flower girls often carry a _________, a ball of flowers used as a decoration or accessory.

Pomanders are often carried by a ribbon handle. It is perfect for a young flower girl who may not be able to carry a full bouquet.

"______ wrap" is the ribbon or fabric that wraps around the stems of a bouquet of flowers.

The handle wrap is usually made of satin and often the color of the bridesmaids's dresses, the flower stems, or the bride's dress.

A _______ veil extends just below the chin.

A blusher veil only goes to the chin so that it does not interfere with the bride's bouquet of flowers.

Who is the MOG?

The mother of the groom is often teased for wearing a navy blue or beige dress. She often tears up when she sees her son recite his vows to his bride.

What is the name of the table where the bride and groom sit alone at their wedding reception?

The two sweethearts often enjoy a few moments of 'alone time' at their table as they eat dinner. The irony, however, is that guests constantly interrupt them!

Made from chocolate, this is the icing that is used to cover, decorate or fill cakes...

Couples who do not like chocolate may opt for a fondant icing or a traditional buttercream frosting. Buttercream is the most common icing for wedding cakes.

The type of wedding veil that extends at least 9 feet is referred to as a __________ veil.

It is called a cathedral veil because of its sheer volume. It takes up the width of the cathedral's aisle!

What is the name of the heavy, transparent paper that is often used to overlay the wedding invitation?

Vellum is often used for other items, such as the paper inside a favor box. It is used to protect either the invitations or the items found in the favor boxes.

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