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They're stars when inside the ring and out of it, who have become part of multiple wrestling organizations. They surprise and entertain you with not only their skill in the ring but also what they say upon entering. They might even have you saying, "What a rush!" Which wrestler is your favorite?

Can you name the wrestler who's always cooking something up? What about the wrestler who believes that everyone has a price? Do you know the wrestler who believes in lying, cheating, and stealing? Maybe you can name them, but can you name the wrestler who would call you a "pencil neck geek"? Don't forget the personas of the wrestlers, it's the key to acing this quiz!

Do you know what Booker T would call you? What do you think Diamond Dallas Page would tell you if you met him? Can you guess what picked up in Jim Ross' world? If that's too easy, tell us what Hulk Hogan would tell you to eat! Make sure you know wrestlers from the sport's early days as well as the wrestlers of today.

If you think you're a wrestling expert, feel the burn of all of your favorites who have stepped foot in the ring. Take the quiz to see how well you really know the wrestlers!

This wrestler would tell you to "Lie, cheat and steal." Who is he?

Eddie Guerrero was famous for this catchphrase during his time with the WWE. He was also part of wrestling groups such as the Los Guerreros.


Billy Graham is the man of the what?

Billy Graham is the man of the hour according to his catchphrase "I'm the man of the hour, man with the power, too sweet to be sour." Billy started off bodybuilding and later moved on to professional wrestling.


What would Booker T call you?

Booker T's catchphrase was "Can you dig that, sucka?" Booker T recently retired in 2016 after his 29-year career with WCW, WWF and WWE.


Which wrestler just wants to say hello?

Val Venis used the famous catchphrase "Hello, ladies." He started in the mid-1990s and moved from professional wrestling to independent wrestling.


Who is always cooking when he steps into the ring?

The Rock's catchphrase is "Can you smell what the Rock is cooking?" Did you know that The Rock and John Cena once had a feud in the WWE ring?


Hulk Hogan wants you to eat your what?

Hulk Hogan's catchphrase was "Train, say your prayers, eat your vitamins." He first started with a career in music and later moved onto wrestling!


Which wrestling team would poke fun at you for not knowing something?

The New Age Outlaws used the catchphrase "Oh, you didn't know?" The team was made up of Billy Gunn and Jesse James and they have won the WWE Championships six times!


What just picked up for Jim Ross?

Jim Ross' famous catchphrase is "Business just picked up!" Jim is well known as being a host and commentator and he is part of the WWE Hall of Fame.


What do the The Road Warriors dine on?

The Road Warriors used the famous catchphrase "We snack on danger and dine on death!" The group had many members throughout its history including Road Warrior Animal and Droz.


Which two wrestlers love feeling the rush?

Animal and Hawk used the catchphrase "Oh what a rush!" It was part of their entrances to the ring where they used either the name the Road Warriors or the Legion of Death.


Which wrestler can't you see?

John Cena used the catchphrase "You can't see me." He started his wrestling career in 1999 and shifted into acting shortly after. He has appeared in movies such as "Daddy's Home" and "The Hangover Part III."


Who thinks that "everyone has a price"?

Ted Dibiase used the catchphrase "Everyone has a price." Ted was known in the wrestling world as the Million Dollar Man and he was even part of the tag team Money Inc.


Which wrestler would order you to "Get the table!"?

Buh Buh Ray Dudley, who used to be part of WWE, said this famous catchphrase when he entered the ring. He is now part of Ring of Honor although he is considered to be somewhat retired.


Which wrestler knows he is the absolute best?

Bret Hart's catchphrase is "The best there is, the best there was, the best there ever will be!" He started his career in 1976 and moved through the WWF, WWE and WCW, then he retired in 2000.


Which wrestler doesn't care about what you think?

One of the Rock's catchphrase is "It doesn't matter what you think!" The Rock started his career in wrestling in 1996 and he later started acting as well.


What does Shawn Michaels consider himself to be?

Shawn Michaels used the catchphrase "The showstopper! The icon! The main event!" Shawn was part of the group D-Generation X at times when he was with the WWF and the WWE.


Which wrestler just wants to delete his opponents?

Matt Hardy's famous catchphrase is "Delete, delete, delete." He would often shout it after losing a match, which made it become synonymous with his name.


What do Edge and Christian hope you have the benefit of?

Edge and Christian used the catchphrase "For the benefit of those with flash photography!" The group came from Canada and wrestled in both the WWF and WWE.


Which wrestler only tells the truth?

Kurt Angle used the catchphrase "It's true. It's damn true." Did you know that Kurt holds 21 wrestling championships to his name? He is also inducted into two Halls of Fame in his 20 year career.


Which man did you have to beat?

Ric Flair used the catchphrase "To be the man, you have to beat the man!" Did you know that Ric won the WWE Championships 16 times in his career?


Which wrestling group tells the audience to "Suck it!"?

D-Generation X does this upon entering the ring. The groups members have changed over the years but it almost always includes Triple H and Shawn Michaels.


Who would tell you to "rest in peace"?

The Undertaker's catchphrase was "Rest in peace!"


Chris Jericho would tell you that you made what?

Chris Jericho's catchphrase was "You just made the list." He started his WWE career 1999 after working with the other wrestling organizations.


Which wrestler would ask what's up?

The Hurricane's catchphrase was "What's up with that?" Did you know that The Hurricane, also known as Gregory Helms, also wrestled under the name "Hurricane Helms?"


Who would call you a "Pencil neck geek"?

Freddy Blassie's catchphrase was "Pencil neck geek." The wrestler started his career with the WWA in 1952 and he retired in 1986 later becoming part of the Hall of Fame.


When John Cena enters the ring, who would he say is "here"?

John Cena's other catchphrase is "The champ is here." Did you know that John started off his career by working as a body builder in California?


Who keeps it very simple with their catchphrase?

Randy Savage used the simple catchphrase, "Oh, yeah!" Randy wrestled for 32 years before retiring and he was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2015, ten years after his death.


Which wrestler would say "Arriba"?

Tito Santana's catchphrase was "Arriba!" In Tito's career, he was part of the AWA, WWF and WCW among many others. Since leaving the professional scene, he still wrestles independently as well.


Which wrestler is known for his very polite catchphrase?

Mick Foley used the catchphrase "Have A Nice Day." Mick retired from his 29-year career in 2012, and he was quickly inducted into the Hall of Fame a year later!


Which wrestler enters the ring with a cool greeting?

Razor Ramon's catchphrase was "Hey, yo!" He started his career in 1984 and moved through the different wrestling organizations, and he was eventually inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame.


Taz tells you to do what?

Taz's slogan was "Beat me if you can, survive if I let you." Taz wrestled both independently and professionally and he retired in 2006.


What will Diamond Dallas Page tell you to feel?

Diamond Dallas Page used the catchphrase "Feel the bang!" The wrestler was recently inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2017, but he still makes appearances on WWE.


Who would give you the bad news that you were fired?

Vince McMahon's catchphrase was "You're fired!" Mr. McMahon worked as a commentator in wrestling and only became a wrestler in the late '90s.


This wrestler is always one step ahead of you by changing the questions before you can answer. Who is he?

Roddy Piper's catchphrase is "Just when you think you know the answers, I change the questions." He was also known as the Masked Canadian as he was from Saskatoon.


What did Stone Cold Steve Austin say?

Stone Cold Steve Austin's catchphrase was "And that's the bottom line, because Stone Cold said so!" The wrestler started his career in the late 1980s joining many wrestling organizations including WWE.


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