How Well Do You Know These Biblical Brothers?

By Heather Cahill on May 29, 2018

About This Quiz

Even the Bible believes in the importance of brotherly love! It outlines the lives of brothers which includes everything from fighting, to loving one another. Some brothers got along, while others took every chance to take their sibling down. Each group of brothers always had one thing in common – their story always taught a lesson.

Do you know what offerings Cain and Abel brought to God? What brothers would someone wish for God to make you like? Can you name the brother of Nahor? If those are too easy, can you name the person who was sold into slavery by his own siblings?

Do you know who in the Bible is thought to be a brother of Jesus? Can you name which of King Solomon's brothers was killed by him? Do you know for whom Moses and Aaron performed miracles? There are many groups of brothers in the Bible that did both good and bad things throughout their lives. You'll be quizzed on all of it!

So, Bible experts, if you think you know the brotherly bonds found throughout the greatest story ever told, you'll have no trouble acing this. Take the quiz to see how well you really know their stories and relationships!

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