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He's just a man trying to do the right thing. Maybe being a cattle baron and the richest man in the area wasn't easy to relate to, but a man who must deal with crooked people, thieving government officials, a headstrong daughter and needy neighbors certainly is! Maybe that's why this comedy was so popular. Do you recall some of the funniest scenes that involved falling down stairs drunk, being covered with molasses, or falling off a ladder into a trough? Start tickling your funny bone now by taking the quiz. Just click below. 

Besides the comedy, the movie "McLintock!" also had political undertones that resonated with audiences, from issues around Indian right to women's rights. And let's not forget there was a bit of romance in "McLintock!," too. Who could take their eyes off of Patrick Wayne (Devlin Warren) and Stephanie Powers (Rebecca 'Becky' McLintock)? And there was definitely chemistry between Maureen O'Hara and John Wayne especially during the chase scene in the General Store. From fist fights to wild horse rides, there was more than enough action to go around. Time for you to recall all the fun. Take the "McLintock!" quiz now, and laugh your way through the rest of the day. 

Who did McLintock visit at the hotel?

McLintock visited his wife, Katherine, after he received her letter. Katherine didn't want to go to the house to speak with her husband because she thought everyone would know she was there. They all knew anyway!


What did Davey give to McLintock when he went to Birnbaum's?

Davey gave McLintock a letter. McLintock wasn't too happy to read it. The letter was from his wife, who he wasn't close with anymore.


What game did McLintock and Birnbaum play together?

Birnbaum and McLintock played chess together in Birnbaum's shop. McLintock would ride all the way in to town just to have a game!


What did Katherine wake up with the morning after the fight?

Katherine woke up with a black eye the morning after the fight. Louise noticed it when she brought Katherine's breakfast to her room!


What did McLintock warn the homesteaders about the Mesa Verde?

McLintock warned the homesteaders that the Mesa Verde wasn't the best place to farm. He said that it was really only fit for buffalo!


What did Katherine do during the fight that McLintock started?

During the fight, Katherine poked everyone with a hat pin. She eventually ended up in a pit full of mud!


What did Katherine ask for from McLintock?

Katherine asked McLintock for a divorce. She also told him that their daughter, Becky, was coming home and she wanted Becky to live with her.


What did Birnbaum notice about Katherine?

Birnbaum noticed that Katherine's hair had become lighter since the last time he had seen her. She claimed that she did nothing to it, but McLintock said that he noticed it too.


Where was the girl who went missing from town?

The missing girl was with Ben. They rode up as the blame was being put on a Native American. The young girl said that the horse had wandered off while she and Ben were out on a ride.


What did Drago get Becky as a present?

Drago got Becky a horse to welcome her back home. She said she got him a mustache cup as a present.


What was Matt Douglas Jr. part of at college?

Matt Douglas Jr. was part of the glee club at college. Devlin, however, had to drop out of college because money was very tight for him and his family.


What instrument did Matt play?

Matt played the banjo and sang for Becky and Katherine while Devlin watched from afar.


Why did Katherine show up at McLintock's house during dinner?

Katherine showed up at McLintock's house because she was moving back in with him. However, she still wanted a divorce and wanted Becky to live with her!


What did Puma ask McLintock to do for him?

Puma asked McLintock if he would translate for him in court. The chiefs of the Comanches had been released from prison. McLintock agreed to help Puma out, as he had helped McLintock in the pastl.


Why did Louise quit her job working for McLintock?

Louise quit her job because she was getting married. Sheriff Lord had asked her to marry to him.


What did McLintock do after Katherine told him that she wanted to talk about Becky?

McLintock sneaked away on a horse after Katherine told him that she wanted to speak with him about Becky. He wasn't happy that she wanted to take Becky with her.


What did Becky ask her father to do when she and Devlin returned home?

Becky asked her father to kill Devlin because she said that he had slandered her. She was surprised when her father shot Devlin, but it was a blank cartridge.


Where was McLintock when Katherine found out he left?

McLintock was at Birnbaum's when Katherine found out that he was gone. She followed him there and confronted him while he was playing a game of chess.


What did McLintock have control over on his property?

McLintock had control of the water rights on his property. A man named Douglas pointed this out in front of all of the homesteaders to who McLintock was speaking.


Why did Becky ride out to find her father while he was hunting?

Becky rode all the way out to find her father while he was hunting so that they could talk about her mother. She wanted to know why they wanted a divorce.


Who didn't McLintock like?

McLintock didn't like the governor, Cuthbert. He compared him to a herd of cattle, saying that he would be the most useless one.


What did Devlin Warren do after McLintock hired him?

After McLintock hired Devlin Warren, he tried to punch his new boss! McLintock was fast enough to block the punch and Devlin ended up on the ground.


What was the town celebrating near the end of the movie?

Near the end of the movie, the town was celebrating the Fourth of July. The Governor was there to make his speech and start the celebration with a horse race.


Who offered to drive Matt home after his horse ran away?

Devlin offered to drive Matt home after his horse ran away from him. Devlin wanted to spend some time with Becky during the ride, but she wanted to sing with Matt in the back of the carriage.


What was on the bull sign on top of McLintock's house?

On top of McLintock's house there was a bull sign with a cowboy hat on it. McLintock let the boys race to the top to see who could get the hat!


What did Louise and McLintock do after he got home drunk?

After McLintock got home drunk, he and Louise drank some more. They both ended up falling down the stairs a few times.


What did the court plan to do with the Comanches?

The government planned to send the Comanches to Fort Sill. The decision was made after McLintock delivered the speech on behalf of Puma.


Who fought with Ben Jr. after he fought Davey?

Devlin fought with Ben Jr. after he fought with Davey. Devlin won the fight, and then told McLintock that he used to be on a boxing team when he attended college.


What spilled all over Katherine while the Comanche people were in town?

Molasses spilled all over Katherine. She ended up being covered in feathers as well!


What did the Comanche people do during the Fourth of July celebration?

During the Fourth of July celebrations, the Comanche people freed their imprisoned chiefs. They got guns from a train that was passing by to carry out their plan successfully.


What did Birnbaum give to Katherine?

Birnbaum gave Katherine a medal. He said that it belonged to her father, and he remembered that she had sold it to him many years ago to get milk for her newborn.


Who did McLintock dance with at his party?

McLintock danced with Louise at his party. Katherine watched from afar, and she wasn't very happy about what she was seeing!


What did Katherine fall off of when McLintock was chasing her?

Katherine fell off a ladder and into a trough of water while the entire town watched.


For what did the Sheriff ask McLintock?

The Sheriff asked McLintock for a few heads of cattle to give to the Native Americans. The Native American people had come to town to wait for the arrival of their chiefs.


Who did McLintock hire as his housekeeper?

After tasting the biscuits she had made, McLintock hired Louise as his housekeeper. He even allowed her and her daughter, along with Devlin, to live with him.


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