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Suits is set in a fictional law firm in ________?

There are more lawyers than there are jobs for lawyers in NYC and beyond.


What network airs 'Suits?'

The USA Network was originally launched as UA-Columbia/MSG in 1977. It relaunched as USA Network on April 9, 1980.


Who is the female shark in charge of the 'Suits' law firm?

Before she became named partner at Pearson Hardman, she was an associate at Gordon Schmidt Van Dyke.


Who lands an interview with Harvey Specter after he runs from a drug deal gone bad?

Mike is a brilliant college drop-out who growing up, lived with his grandmother after his parents died in a car crash.


The firm hires law graduates from ________?

Founded in 1817, Harvard Law School is one of the preeminent centers of legal education in the world.


_____ is the firm's expert on all financial matters?

Louis is overly pedantic, jealous to the point of paranoia, highly suspicious, snobbish, and cruel. However, he is very loyal to those he loves.


Louis has a rivalry with _______?

Louis is particularly jealous of Harvey's success and feels that his own contributions to the firm have been overlooked as a result.


Mike Ross is not an actual ________?

Mike dropped out of college and never passed the bar in his own name.


Harvey Specter is a brilliant __________ lawyer?

A lawyer starting out in corporate litigation can make an average of $160,000/year.


'Suits' first aired in _____?

'Suits' premiered on June 23, 2011.


Harvey's unusual middle name is _______?

Harvey doesn't like to use his middle name.


Who is Harvey's "in the know" assistant?

Donna is extremely perceptive, with the inside scoop of all the comings and goings at the firm and a razor sharp wit, she is admired and feared by both associates and partners alike.


Who plays Mike Ross?

Patrick can be seen as Rex Tyler/Hourman in the TV series 'Legends of Tomorrow.'


After working 12 years for Harvey, Donna briefly goes to work for __________?

Louis fires Donna so that she could go back to work for Harvey.


How does Louis figure out that Mike didn't attend Harvard?

Mike didn't recognize Louis's Order of the Coif key and that set Louis off on a mission to prove that Mike is a fraud.


What is Louis's catchphrase?

In episode "Bad Faith" he got it registered as a trademark and also received mugs with printing You Just Got Litt Up.


Whose ashes does Louis have in his office?

Norma became Louis's executive assistant when he was a junior partner. After Norma dies taking care of her sister, her wishes were to have Louis keep her ashes.


Mike Ross is engaged to _________?

Rachel worked as a paralegal for five years before finally achieving an LSAT score high enough for Columbia Law School.


Who plays Harvey Specter?

Gabriel got his first break in show business at age eight by playing Jeorge in 'Why Would I Lie?'


Who is the senior SEC official that Harvey butts head with on more than one occasion?

Sean Cahill is played by Neal McDonough who can be heard voicing Charles Sumner in 'The Gettysburg Address.'


Five years before the events in the series, who embezzles money from the firm?

Daniel Hardman is the co-founder of Pearson Hardman, former managing partner, and former mentor of Jessica. He embezzled the money for his affair with a colleague while his wife was dying of cancer.


How did the firm get Daniel to resign?

Harvey forced Daniel to resign and name Jessica as his successor by threatening to tell Alicia about the affair. Daniel resigns to prevent his wife's distress.


Whose father is a named partner in a competing firm?

Rachel's father, Robert Zane, is a name partner at Rand, Calder, and Zane.


Who plays Louis Litt?

Before playing Louis, Rick played Jerry Best in 'The Bernie Mac Show,' and Chase Chapman in 'Samantha Who?'


What law exam did Mike charge to take for others?

The Law School Admission Test is a half-day standardized test administered four times each year that when passed, students can apply to law schools.


Who was Mike's best friend and the drug dealer that sent him on the deal that went bad?

When the series first starts, Trevor is a marijuana dealer and a computer programmer of dubious skill. After Mike works with Harvey. Trevor and Mike part ways.


Who plays Donna Paulsen?

Sarah got her start on TV in 1998 by playing Sarah in the movie 'Trinity.'


What does Louis do when he's stressing?

For Louis, mudding is a relaxing event that occurs in a spa with a mud bath consisting of mud, commonly from areas where hot spring water can combine with volcanic ash.


When Mike's arrested for not being a lawyer, he's charged with ________?

In criminal law, a conspiracy is an agreement between two or more persons to commit a crime at some time in the future.


How long is Mike's prison sentence?

Mike doesn't last two years in prison. Harvey works it out so that Mike's sprung early.


Who plays Rachel Zane?

Before playing Rachel Zane, Meghan played Jill in 'General Hospital' and Junior FBI Agent Amy Jessup in 'Fringe.'


Who is the inmate that gives Mike a rough time in prison?

Harvey put away Frank for racketeering even though he should have been put away for murder.


After Donna goes back to Harvey, what quick-talking experienced assistant does Louis get?

Gretchen is originally hired in as Harvey's executive assistant when Donna is working for Louis. When Louis fires Donna so that she can go back to Harvey, Louis gets Gretchen.


Who plays Jessica Pearson?

Long before 'Suits,' Jessica played Zoe Washburne in the cult classic 'Firefly.'


How does Louis attain named partner status?

Louis holds the fact that he knows Mike is a fraud over Jessica's head. He exchanges his silence for his name-partner status.


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