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Ah, Super Mario. The video game character of generations of kids. The endless games, secret levels, and crazy bosses make the Super Mario universe one to remember. How well do you know it?

In what video game did Mario first appear?

Mario first appeared in "Donkey Kong," which was released in 1981. The objective of the game was to jump up a series of platforms while dodging obstacles. Originally named "Jumpman," the character was renamed Mario in the sequel game, "Donkey Kong Jr."


What is the name of Mario's biggest enemy?

Bowser first appeared in "Super Mario Bros," and has been Mario's biggest enemy ever since. He makes an appearance in almost every Mario game, making Mario's life difficult.


Mario's biggest enemy is also the king of what group?

King Koopa is another name for Mario's biggest enemy. He is the king of the Koopas, a group of turtle-like creatures that are Mario's most common enemy.


What power-up item enables Mario to become "Super Mario"?

In Mario's world, mushrooms are a type of powerup that are commonly found in Mario games. The affect of a mushroom varies from game to game, but generally allows Mario to become Super Mario, doubling his size and allowing an additional hit point.


Usually the color of his hat and other articles of clothing, what is Mario's favorite color ?

Mario's favorite color is red, and he wears it the majority of the time. Early Mario games show Mario in red overalls with a brown shirt and red hat. More recent games have changed his look to blue overalls with a red shirt and red hat.


What is the name of Mario's brother?

Luigi first appeared as Mario's brother in the 1983 arcade game, "Mario Bros." The character was created alongside Mario since the game was a two-player game. Since then, he has appeared in most Mario games.


Mario lives in the fictitious world known as what?

The Mushroom Kingdom is where Mario's home is located. The Mushroom Kingdom is comprised of several themed areas, or "worlds." The distinct areas include plains, desert, water, arctic, mountain, sky, and volcanic-themed worlds.


What is Mario's main profession?

Both Mario and his brother work as plumbers when they aren't trying to save the world from destruction. They also use pipes as transportation from one area to the next.


Besides his main profession, Mario had many other careers. What job did Mario NEVER hold?

Mario has had many different jobs, but he has never been a librarian. In addition to being a doctor, artist, and chef, his resume also includes: teacher, construction worker, athlete, theme park owner, and airplane pilot.


Mario races motorized carts with his friends in a game series called what?

The Mario Kart series of games features Mario and his friends racing small carts against each other. Many of the classic Mario power-ups can be found along the race course. The first Mario Kart game was called "Super Mario Kart" and was released in 1992.


What special power does Mario obtain when he uses the fire flower power-up?

The fire flower gives Mario the power to throw an unlimited number of fireballs. The fireballs can be used against enemies, but can sometimes be used to unlock secret areas. Usually, the fire flower can only be obtained when Mario is "Super Mario."


What power-up item gives Mario the power of invincibility for a short time?

The super star gives Mario invincibility. He is able to destroy enemies without taking hit points while invincible. However, the affects of the super star are only temporary.


Who is the ruler of Mario's home world and frequently gets captured by Mario's biggest enemy?

Princess Peach is the current ruler of the land. However, this makes her a target for Mario's biggest enemy, frequently getting captured and needing Mario to save her.


What innocent group are the primary inhabitants of Mario's home world?

Contrary to the name, the Toads are actually mushroom-like characters that walk and talk like humans. They dominate most of the population within Mario's world, and also frequently require rescuing.


Mario is also a multi-talented athlete. In which sport has he not competed?

Mario has participated in many sports, including tennis, golf, and baseball, which each have their own games. Mario has even been to the Olympics and has participated in each Olympic summer and winter sport.


What is the name of Mario's companion and lovable green dinosaur?

Yoshi is a dinosaur that was first introduced in "Super Mario World." Yoshi is Mario's companion, eating enemies and giving Mario rides.


The first enemy Mario encounters in "Super Mario Bros. is a common mushroom-shaped enemy called what?

Goombas are mushroom-shaped enemies that are easy to defeat with a single stomp. Goombas have two feet and no arms, and they are a very common member of the Koopa Troop, appearing in almost every Mario game.


In "Super Mario Sunshine," what machine does Mario use to spray water to clean up the town?

F.L.U.D.D. stands for Flash Liquidizer Ultra Dousing Device. In "Super Mario Sunshine," Mario used the device to squirt water at enemies and clean up the town from a substance called Goop.


What common enemy grows in pipes and often tries to eat Mario?

The Piranha Plant first appeared growing out of pipes, and they would pop out and try to eat Mario. There are also other variants that can spit fire or even grow legs and walk.


What is the name of Mario's greedy arch-rival who wears a yellow shirt and purple overalls?

Wario is Mario's childhood friend who grew up on the wrong side of town. Wario is always jealous of Mario, and consistently tricks Mario for monetary gain. He has, on occasion, helped Mario, but only if he gets his share of the credit.


In what world does "Super Mario Bros. 2" take place?

This game takes place entirely in Dreamland, also known as Subcon. Mario and friends rescued the people of Dreamland, who were cursed by the evil Wart. Upon completion of the game, Mario wakes up from his dream.


What dinosaur-like enemy first appeared in "Super Mario Bros. 2" and could shoot eggs at Mario?

Birdo first appears as a mini-boss, and can be defeated by picking up the eggs fired at Mario and tossing them back at Birdo. In later Mario sports games, Birdo is a playable character.


In what game does Mario get all of his friends together to play mini-games?

"Mario Party" was first released for Nintendo 64 in 1999. It features several mini-games that can be played with several other players. They require reflexes, skills, critical thinking, and luck. Several sequels to the first game have been produced on other platforms.


What ghostly enemy disappears when you look at it and attacks when you look away?

Boos first appeared in "Super Mario Bros. 3." Usually shy, these ghost enemies will attack Mario when he turns his back. If Mario ever looks at them, they often cover their faces or disappear.


Who is the major character in the "Yoshi's Island" series, who is just a smaller version of Mario?

In "Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island," the Stork delivers the Baby Mario Bros. to the Mushroom Kingdom. However, a powerful Magikoopa named Kamek kidnaps Baby Luigi, and Baby Mario falls into Yoshi's Island. Yoshi helps Baby Mario rescue Baby Luigi.


"Super Mario Bros. 3" included power-up suits that gave Mario special abilities. Which of these was not a power suit?

The coin suit is not one of Mario's power suits. The Frog Suit allows Mario to swim faster; the Hammer Suit allows Mario to throw hammers, and the Tanooki Suit can turn Mario into a statue.


What game series features intense battles between Mario and many other Nintendo characters?

In "Super Smash Bros.," Mario and his friends are challenged by other Nintendo characters, including Donkey Kong, Kirby, Pokemon, Samus, Link, and Star Fox. The game was very popular due to its combination of several notable Nintendo games.


In Mario games, there are few ways to earn an extra life; which of the following does NOT award an extra life?

Finding a warp pipe does not give extra lives. It will, however, allow Mario to warp to a different world. The other three answers are typical ways to obtain extra lives in the game.


Which of the following power-ups does not give Mario the ability to fly?

The Gold Flower is unique because it allows Mario to launch gold fireballs, turning enemies into coins. However, the Gold Flower does not allow Mario to fly, unlike the other three mentioned power-ups.


What item allows Mario to be "transported" to another world?

Playing a tune on the Warp Whistle will transport Mario to another world. Although it is also sometimes called a Recorder, the original idea came from "The Legend of Zelda" games. The look and tune of the Warp Whistle was identical.


Which game features Mario's brother versus King Boo in a haunted house?

In "Luigi's Mansion," Mario's brother, Luigi, becomes the star of the game. Using the Poltergust 3000, Luigi can vacuum ghosts out of the mansion, while making his way to defeat King Boo, leader of the Boos.


This Star Sprite, also known as Chippy, helps Mario and Luigi by offering helpful hints during gameplay.

Starlow is a friend of Princess Peach who was sent to help Mario and Luigi on their adventures. Starlow is a Star Sprite, but Bowser continues to call her Chippy despite her name.


In what game do Mario's adventures take him to outer space?

"Super Mario Galaxy" takes Mario out into deep space. While traveling to many different planets, Mario must collect Power Stars to get to the center of the universe and defeat Bowser.


Who is the protector of the cosmos and the Comet Observatory in "Super Mario Galaxy"?

Rosalina is first seen in the Gateway Galaxy in "Super Mario Galaxy" as the protector of the cosmos. She often cares for Luma, a small star-shaped being. Rosalina becomes a playable character in later Mario games.


Which Mario game features a 3-D world, yet all of the characters are "thin" 2-D characters?

"Paper Mario" features a thinner Mario, with a bigger adventure. This game is a role-playing game (RPG) style, where there is a story to follow and no "defined" levels. This game series also inspired several sequel games.


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