How Well Do You Know the Stories of the New Testament?

By Zoe Samuel on March 08, 2018

About This Quiz

Biblical stories focus on different times in human history when defining acts of sacrifice, faith, and miracles occurred. Within the New Testament, readers can enjoy stories of Jesus performing inexplicable miracles, one of which included walking on water. 

The story states that after he had sent his disciples across the sea and left to pray in the mountains, the disciples got caught in a storm and when morning came they witnessed Jesus walking on water towards them. He called out to them to not be afraid, and they welcomed him onto the boat. Another miraculous act accomplished by Jesus included him healing a paralytic.

The stories of the New Testament also offers many insights and answers into everyday issues. The stories told by Jesus to his followers are filled with good morals and lessons. The story of the prodigal son, for instance, tells of a son who decided to leave home and venture to far off lands, only to find himself craving to be back home after his money, friends, and food had run out. 

The legitimacy of the stories of the New Testament has been questioned by many. However, real or not the lessons and advice given are precious and eternally relevant for humanity.

Were you paying enough attention during Sunday school to pass our test? Will you be tempted to answer the questions incorrectly by the ma downstairs? Or will you walk away with an 'A' courtesy of the One above?

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