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It's the movie Kevin Bacon probably wishes you'd forget... but it's also the movie that launched a decade of slasher films! Now, return to Camp Crystal Lake with our quiz!

Let's get this classic out of the way: Who's the killer in Friday the 13th?

Yes, it's Mrs. Voorhees. Drew Barrymore got this question wrong, famously, in the opening sequence of Scream.


And this one: Which of the female camp staffers will be the Final Girl?

Yes, it's Alice who survives to the very end. But that's getting ahead of things. First ...


In what year does the film's prologue take place?

The film opens by showing two counselors being killed in 1958. A crew member, Willie Adams, played the male counselor, thus becoming the first victim in the entire Friday the 13th franchise.


After the 1958 segment, when does the story pick up again?

A title onscreen says, "Friday, June 13, The Present." Not anymore! From Annie's willingness to hitchhike to the preponderance of beer and marijuana, the movie is full of late-'70s touches.


In what state is Camp Crystal Lake located?

A cemetery gate -- foreshadowing! -- prominently displays a town name: Hope, N.J. Camp Crystal Lake is not far away.


Who is the first character (in the present-day story) to die?

Annie doesn't even make it to the camp. After she accepts a ride from the unseen Mrs. Voorhees, the woman slashes her throat. Remember, kids: Hitchhiking is not safe.


What was Annie's role at the camp supposed to be?

Annie tells the truck driver, Enos, that she's going to cook at Camp Crystal Lake. Of course, she doesn't make it to the kitchen.


Which character drives a Jeep?

The only difference is, Mrs. Voorhees drives the Jeep with its top up, while Steve keeps it down. This, of course, leads to a classic fake-out late in the movie.


What is Alice's talent?

Annie's talent is only referred to once, when Steve looks at her drawings while she fixes a rain gutter. Even so, Annie's artistic sensitivity might be a hint that she'll be the eventual survivor.


Who is the practical joker of the group?

Ned was played by Mark Nelson. He suggested that Ned made jokes to cover up his insecurities, especially around girls.


When the motorcycle cop arrives at camp, what is Ned dressed as?

It isn't a full costume, just a headdress. He's jumping around in imitation of a tribal dance when he sees the officer, stops, and says, "Oh, s**t."


Who is the motorcycle officer looking for?

Crazy Ralph is an eccentric local who warned Annie not to take the job at Crystal Lake. In a meta sense, he serves as a red herring, a guy who might be the killer.


Where does Crazy Ralph show up later?

Ralph turns up to tell the kids, "I'm a messenger of God. You're doomed if you stay here." Then he rides off on a women's bicycle. Seriously.


What has Marcie been afraid of since childhood?

Marcie describes her recurring nightmare about a storm in which rain turns to blood. This was the monologue the auditioning actresses were required to perform.


As Jack and Marcie have sex, what's in the bunk above them?

This is one of the film's truly effective scares. The camera pans up from the contented lovers to Ned's glassy eyes and gaping throat wound.


How does Marcie die?

Until this point, Mrs. Voorhees has had a preference for throat-cutting. Here, she mixes it up a little.


What game do Bill, Alice, and Brenda play?

The film was shot in 1979, and the swinging '70s come through clearly in this scene. The kids drink beer, smoke grass, and strip down around the Monopoly board.


What breaks up the Monopoly game?

Brenda remembers she left the windows to her cabin open. So, the game breaks up before anyone is naked. And allows the next victim to get killed, of course.


What lures Brenda out of her bed?

Of course, it's Mrs. Voorhees instead. We see her later talking in her son's voice, perhaps an homage to Norman Bates being "Mother" in Psycho.


Where is Brenda killed?

The lights flood the range, where a rain-soaked Brenda is still looking for the nonexistent child in trouble. Her death, though, takes place offscreen.


What do Bill and Alice find in Brenda's bed?

The killer taunting his or her victims is a classic of slasher movies. The killer never seems to get caught setting up these tableaus.


Where does Alice discover Bill's body?

In this scene, Harry Crosby's eye is twitching, even though he is supposed to be dead. The stage makeup was badly irritating his eye.


What crashes through the window and shocks Alice?

To be honest, Mrs. Voorhees must be in her late 50s or older. How she has the strength and stamina to do all of this is something we're not supposed to question.


Why does Alice, after barricading herself in a cabin, suddenly run outside?

Remember that Steve drives a Jeep, like Mrs. Voorhees. Steve had gone to town for supplies and Alice is ready to relax in his protection, but it's Mrs. Voorhees instead.


What does Mrs. Voorhees identify herself as?

Mrs. Voorhees knows the Christys -- Steve recognizes her just before she kills him. She also tells Alice that she used to work at the camp.


What does Mrs. Voorhees wear while committing her murders?

We can't believe the producers missed the opportunity to call the movie Death Wears a Cable-Knit Sweater.


What does Mrs. Voorhees repeatedly say to herself, in Jason's voice?

"Jason" says other things, but this is the most frequent. In fact, the franchise's trademark "ki-ki-ki-ma-ma-ma" sound effect is said to be Jason urging his mother to kill.


How does Alice kill Mrs. Voorhees?

At a certain point you have to ask: Does a summer camp need this much fatal hardware?


What does Alice do after killing Mrs. Voorhees?

The idea to have Jason jump out of the lake and grab Alice was Tom Savini's. He worked on the film's effects and stunts, and he felt the movie needed one last, unexpected scare.


Friday the 13th rode the coattails of which film's success?

A Nightmare on Elm Street hadn't been released yet. The Fog and Prom Night were competing horror films of 1980.


Which character did Kevin Bacon play?

Director Sean S. Cunningham said he was only looking for attractive kids "you might see in a Pepsi commercial." Apparently he didn't realize the acting talent he was working with.


Which actor had a famous parent?

Crosby was the son of singer Bing Crosby. Some people saw this as another attempt to emulate Halloween, which cast Jamie Lee Curtis, the daughter of Janet Leigh and Tony Curtis, in its lead role.


Who played Mrs. Voorhees?

Betsy Palmer was a regular on the TV show, Knots Landing. Don't laugh about Sally Field. She actually auditioned for the role of Alice.


Which 2000s heartthrob starred in the Friday the 13th reboot?

The reboot came out in 2009. Jared Padalecki played Clay Miller, who has to rescue his kidnapped sister from Jason.


Which of the following is NOT a Friday the 13th sequel?

Yes, Jason's gone to hell, into space (and the future), and into the dream world. But he's never battled Sam Raimi's zombies.


Which film critic was so annoyed by Friday the 13th that he/she gave away the ending?

Siskel was also so unhappy with veteran actress Betsy Palmer playing Pamela Voorhees that he revealed her address and encouraged people to write to her. Nowadays, this is called "doxing" and taken much more seriously.


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