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When George Pratt strikes gold in Alaska, he sends Sam McCord back to Seattle to pick up his fiancée, Jenny. When Sam finds out that Jenny is married, he brings back a woman named Angel for George, instead. Think you know their adventure? Take the quiz to find out!

What did George plan to do after receiving the money that he earned?

George planned to bring his fiancée to Alaska after receiving the money that he had earned. Sam had promised that he would help George get Jenny to the state!


What happened while Sam was in the shower?

While Sam was in the shower, Frankie threw someone out of the facility. He claimed that the man had been going through Sam's belongings, but he really wanted to look less suspicious in front of Sam!


What did Frankie give to Sam in return for money?

Frankie gave Sam his ring in exchange for money. He claimed that he was broke and he also claimed that the ring was worth $5,000. When a bottle was placed on top of the ring, it smashed, revealing Frankie to be a liar!


What did George ask Sam to give to Jenny?

George asked Sam to give Jenny a personal letter that he had written for her. He said that it had been three years since he last saw Jenny and he showed Sam a picture of his fiancée.


What was George building for Jenny?

George was building a cabin for Jenny. He wanted to make sure that Sam told Jenny all about it. He was going to be picking her up in Seattle.


What news did Jenny tell Sam when he arrived at her house?

Jenny told Sam that she was married when he arrived at her house. He brought her the letter and many presents from George. However, she was amazed to find that George was now a millionaire!


What kind of accent did Angel have?

Angel had a French accent. Sam thought that Angel could be the perfect fill-in for George since Jenny was already taken. He talked to her a little while longer to find out more about her!


Where did Angel say she was from?

Angel told Sam that she was from New Orleans. Sam asked if she had ever been to Alaska, but she said that it was too cold for her there!


Who came to visit Sam while he was in Seattle?

Lars Nordquist came to visit Sam while he was in Seattle. A woman brought Lars to Sam's private room where he found Sam and Angel kissing. She had just agreed to go to Alaska!


Who was Lars Nordquist?

Lars Nordquist was Sam's old boss. Lars said that he was in town for the logger's picnic and told Sam that everyone was expecting him to attend! He even brought Angel along with him.


Why did Sam and Angel almost leave the picnic?

Sam and Angel almost left the picnic because Lena had insulted Angel, even after she tried to say hello. Lena didn't even want Angel to sit on the grass at the picnic!


What kind of contest did Sam enter at the picnic?

Sam entered a pole-climbing contest at the picnic. Lars needed someone to fill in for his contestant who was too drunk to compete, and he trusted that Sam could do it!


What did Angel find in Sam's jacket?

Angel found the ticket to go to Alaska in Sam's jacket. After he won the pole-climbing contest, Sam passed out under the table after making many toasts. Angel went to make sure he was okay and found the ticket!


Where did Sam wake up after he passed out?

Sam woke up on a boat after he passed out. Angel was there and Sam was happy that she came along until they started talking. Angel thought that she was coming to Alaska to be with Sam, but Sam had only brought her for George.


What did Angel do when the boat arrived in Alaska and she was supposed to return home?

When the boat arrived in Alaska, Angel got off to stay there. Sam had already paid the captain to bring Angel back to Seattle and take care of her on the way!


Who was the new owner of the hotel when Sam made it back to Alaska?

Frankie was the new owner of the hotel when Sam returned to Alaska. Frankie appeared to be very wealthy and gave Angel a room at the hotel, despite one of the employees saying that there were none left.


How did Frankie and Angel know each other?

Frankie and Angel were once together. Frankie said that she walked out on him and Angel mentioned that Frankie didn't give her a wedding ring. Frankie was interested in Angel's feelings towards Sam.


What did Angel do at the hotel to get Sam's attention?

Angel threw her bag out the window to get Sam's attention at the hotel. He was just about to leave, but he was thinking about going back for Angel. He quickly changed his mind and Angel made it look like she was being tormented by someone to catch Sam's attention.


Where did Sam take Angel after the incident at the hotel?

Sam took Angel to the gold mine after the incident at the hotel. He figured that it would be the best place for her. Angel was amazed by the scenery surrounding the cabins!


What instrument did Billy play?

Billy played the accordion. Sam left Billy to take care of Angel at the cabin while he went to help George. There had been some problems with claim jumpers!


What did Billy do to welcome Angel?

Billy made dinner to welcome Angel to the cabin. He decorated a table and dressed up for the occasion. He also prepared venison stew and had plenty of champagne ready for both of them.


Where did Angel sleep while Sam was gone?

Angel slept in the honeymoon cabin while Sam was gone. She wanted to be far from Billy because he kept trying to pursue her. When Sam got back, Billy was nowhere to be found.


What did Sam say he would do after George found him and Angel in his cabin?

Sam said that he would take Angel to the boat so that she could go back to Seattle. George started to feel bad for the things he said about Angel, in his anger about Jenny getting married.


What did George ask Angel to do?

George asked Angel to stay at the cabin permanently. Angel declined his offer and told him that she didn't want to just be anybody's girl. She didn't want to live her life the way that she had been living it.


What did Angel and George do while Sam and Billy were cooking dinner?

Angel and George danced while Billy and Sam were in the next cabin making dinner. Billy and Sam were distracted by the loud music and they were curious as to what was going on in the honeymoon cabin!


What did Billy step on while trying to see inside the honeymoon cabin?

Billy accidentally stepped on Sam's hand while trying to see inside the honeymoon cabin. Billy was on the bridge and Sam was underneath, resting his hand on the bridge!


What did George do as Sam was about to bust down his door?

Just as Sam was about to bust through the door of the honeymoon cabin, George opened it. Sam went running through and fell beside the bed!


Why did soldiers arrive at the gold mine?

Soldiers arrived at the gold mine to place it under guard and informed Sam that he could not operate it. Sam wanted to take his share of the gold, but the soldiers wouldn't allow it.


Who followed Angel back into town?

Billy followed Angel back into town after she asked a soldier to bring her there. He caught Angel going into the hotel and asked her to speak with him. He told her that he wanted to take care of her, but she asked him to go back to the mine.


What was Angel planning to do at midnight?

Angel was planning to board the boat at midnight to go back to Seattle. Frankie instead wanted to have dinner with Angel, despite the fact that she wanted nothing to do with him.


Who did Sam and Billy find in what was supposed to be Frankie's room?

Sam and Billy found Angel in Frankie's supposed room. She let them know that Frankie told her that he knew the mine was going to be impounded days before it happened!


What type of animal got loose during a fight between Sam and Frankie?

Goats got loose during a fight between Sam and Frankie. Sam was on his way to see the Commissioner, along with Boggs who was drunk. When Frankie arrived at the hotel, just as they were leaving, they got into a fight.


Why did Sam want Angel to stay in Alaska?

Sam wanted Angel to stay in Alaska because he loved her. Angel had been waiting for Sam to say that to her since she fell in love with him. George knew that Sam was in love with her and tried to help them be together!


What did George steal from Frankie?

George stole a diamond ring from Frankie. He gave it to Angel after she decided to stay in Alaska with them and they all went to celebrate in the saloon!


What was Angel's real name?

Angel's real name was Michelle Bonnet. She had first introduced herself to Sam as Angel, but quickly revealed her real name to him as well. He still called her Angel throughout the movie!


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