How Well Do You Know the Leaders of the Bible?

By Olivia Cantor on March 08, 2018

About This Quiz

The Bible contains in its 66 books a huge variety of characters, from villains to sidekicks to redeemed criminals to prophets to recipients of miracles. Among all of this colorful cast are a variety of leaders: prophets, kings, queens, soldiers, judges, and merchants. 

Some of them were born great, like those profiled in the books of Kings, while others were appointed by man, such as the Judges of Israel. Still more were chosen by God, such as prophets and preachers who spoke forth, often fruitlessly, about the risks and evils of the direction the people insisted on going.

Some Biblical leaders weren't actually the godliest people. Indeed, some of them were working for evil gods or worshiped idols, or simply didn't care that much about such things. Most of these got the message when they either lost to God's forces or were converted, often in dramatic and exciting ways. 

Some rejected the call to leadership, claiming not to be qualified, which God typically found rather offensive since obviously He would be unlikely to choose wrong. Others leaped eagerly to the service of God in the form of leadership of their people. How well do you remember the leaders, good and bad, of the Good Book?

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