How Well Do You Know the History of the Boston Red Sox?

By Heather Cahill on March 28, 2018

About This Quiz

The history of the Boston Red Sox starts even before they were known as the Red Sox! The team had some of the greatest baseball players to ever play the game on their side. Some got their start with the Red Sox, and some finished their career wearing the iconic uniform. The also played in one of the most famous ballparks in history. Which Red Sox player was your favorite?

Are you an expert on the players who made the team, and even the ones who didn't? Do you know how many American League pennants the team won? Can you name some of the most famous attractions found in the team's iconic ballpark? Only a true fan of the team can answer questions like these!

Do you know everything about the "Curse of The Bambino"? Can you even name the player who is known as "The Bambino"? Can you name the owners who have shaped the team throughout the years? Maybe you can even name the team's official colors. There is plenty to know about the historic team, from their start, all the way up to today.

The Boston Red Sox have shown the world their skill and left an impact on baseball. So, if you think you're an expert on this historic team, this one is for you. Let's see if you can hit a home run on this quiz!

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