How Well Do You Know the Foundation Trilogy?

By Stella Alexander on May 29, 2018

About This Quiz

We all want to know the future, right? What will you be doing later tonight, tomorrow, or maybe even 10 years from now? Will you pass this quiz? Those might be questions you're asking of your future, but if you're a fan of the Foundation trilogy, you know that there's more to the future than just yours! What's going to happen to the galaxy? Where will the world be in 3018? If these are the types of questions on your mind, there's a big chance you're thinking like a true Foundation fan. There's only one way to prove it. How well do you know the Foundation trilogy?

During the 1940s, a biochemistry professor from Boston University would begin working on the first novel in the Foundation series. Although he would go on to write more than 500 books, he would be most known for his Foundation trilogy. With the success of the first three books, it would take around 28 years before other novels were added to the series. Foundation's Edge and Foundation and Earth were two sequels added in 1981 and 1986, respectively. 1988 and 1993 would bring the final two installments to the series, Prelude to Foundation and Forward the Foundation as prequels, the second of which was a posthumous release.

Science fiction novels always have a way of garnering the attention of millions of fans. With a series of three novels, readers were trying to predict the outcome. Do you know the trilogy enough to predict a perfect score on this quiz? Let's find out!

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