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Take a trip into the futuristic world of the HBO blockbuster, "Westworld." Test your knowledge of season one and discover if you know what makes the playground tick.

Westworld is a futuristic park that caters to humans' _______.

People love coming to the park to indulge in a wide range of fantasies. The two most popular fantasies involve sex and/or violence.


Who is the founder of Westworld?

Robert Ford co-founded the park with another person. However, by the time the show begins, that person is not in the picture.


Westworld is an advanced __________ themed amusement park.

The Wild West is sometimes called the Old West. This evokes images of the western part of the United States in the second part of the 19th century.


The hosts of Westworld are ________.

The androids might not be alive like humans, but it is difficult to tell them apart from humans. The guests can kill androids; however, the androids are not supposed to be allowed to kill humans.


The guests that visit Westworld are ________.

The guests are wealthy people who will pay any amount of money to live out their fantasies. Many of the guests are upstanding citizens in their real lives, which is why they are so bad while they're visiting Westworld.


Who is the oldest host still working in the park?

Dolores Abernathy is the oldest working host in Westworld. She was built by Arnold Weber and has a special connection to Bernard Lowe.


What does Westworld do with hosts that are not performing up to par?

The hosts are deactivated and stored in one huge room. The hosts are all naked and standing.


What do the hosts call the guests?

The hosts do not know they are androids who play a part in an amusement park. Therefore, when anyone new arrives, the hosts do not call them visitors. The new arrivals are called newcomers.


Who plays Robert Ford?

Anthony Hopkins started his onscreen career in 1960 by playing Stephen in "A Matter of Degree." Mr. Hopkins is also a composer. He can currently be seen as Odin in "Thor: Ragnarok."


In the pilot episode, what does Dolores kill?

The way Dolores is programmed, she cannot kill a living thing. However. at the end of the pilot episode, she kills a fly that is on her neck.


As a person moves further from the center of the park, what becomes more intense?

When a guest starts in the center of the park, it's straightforward and safe. The further out the guest goes, the more intense the experience gets. How far a guest wants to go is up to him or her.


Who is the sadistic frequent guest of Westworld?

He is looking for the deeper level of the game. The Man in Black scalps a host and in the "skin" there is a maze. He assumes that maze is the deeper level of the park.


How do guests get to the Western town, Sweetwater, to start their adventure?

The guests board a vintage steam engine train. The train's name is the Black Ridge Limited.


How many story lines are present in "Westworld"?

One story lines focus on the Man in Black. The second story line appears to focus on William. The Man in Black and William never appear on screen together.


When the androids "sleep," they have ________.

The nightmares are programmed into each host. They are put there in case someone forgets to erase the android's previous loop.


Bernard is having an affair with _________.

Theresa Cullen is a senior manager within Delos, the company in charge of Westworld. As Head of Quality Assurance, she is responsible for the park's safety and quality.


In the beginning, before the park opened, Robert had a partner named _________?

Arnold wanted to give the hosts a consciousness. He based his desire on a theory of consciousness called the Bicameral Mind - a theory that primitive man believed his thoughts were the voices of the gods. Arnold died in the park.


Who plays Dolores Abernathy?

Evan Rachel Wood had her first onscreen role in 1994, as Little Susie in "In the Best of Families: Marriage, Pride & Madness." She can also be seen as Laura Drake in "A Worthy Companion."


A host's story is called a _______.

A loop is when a host's storyline is coming to an end, and it restarts from the beginning. Each host is in a loop for a specified amount of time and restarts a new loop or deactivates.


________ soldiers escort Native Americans through Sweetwater.

The Civil War took place between 1861 and 1865 in the United States. This war divided some families, as they fought for or against slavery in the South.


How does Maeve realize she's not crazy after all?

Maeve has flashbacks or memories of getting shot in the stomach. She makes Hector dig out the remnants of the bullet, proving to herself that she is not crazy.


The hosts are not supposed to _________ or remember.

A host is not supposed to think for himself or herself. Every "thought" is supposed to be set by the programmers as a part of his or her loop.


Who plays the evil Man in Black?

Ed Harris started his acting career in 1976 by playing Steve in "Gibbsville." He can be seen as Dekkom in 2017's "Geostorm."


What criminal does the Man in Black save from the noose?

The Man in Black takes Lawrence with him as he searches for the maze. He realizes after he has Teddy with him that Lawrence needed to die.


Who does William fall in love with in Westworld?

When William arrives in Westworld, he is engaged to marry Juliet. However, William meets Delores and starts to fall in love with her, after she falls into his arms by the campfire.


What are reveries?

They are gestures that seemed to be programmed in the hosts by Robert. However, they were apparently created much earlier, by Arnold.


Who plays Bernard Lowe?

Jeffrey Wright made his first onscreen appearance in 1990, playing the prosecuting attorney in "Presumed Innocent." He can also be seen playing Detective Portnoy in "Friday's Child."


Who is the scapegoat for the screw-up of the update of untested faulty code?

As Head of the Programming Division for Delos' Westworld, Bernard is ultimately responsible. Although Bernard has his suspicions that Ford is the one who added the Reveries code, he doesn't outwardly accuse him.


Who kills Theresa?

Bernard is upset and disgusted by what he did at Ford's request. He asks Ford why he had to kill Theresa.


Who plays Teddy Flood?

James Marsden started his career by playing Steven Willis in "In the Line of Duty: Ambush in Waco," in 1993. He can also be seen as Warren Strobel in "Shock and Awe."


The Man in Black is actually _______.

William believes that the original co-creator of the park, Arnold, hid some secret within the park. He becomes laser-focused on getting to the bottom of the secret.


The Man in Black is a _________.

The Man in Black is a primary shareholder and is the owner of the Westworld amusement park. The Man in Black came to Westworld as William 34 years earlier and is determined to uncover Westworld's secret.


Who plays the sexy Maeve Millay?

Thandie Newton splashed onto the screen in the 1991 movie, "Flirting." She grew up in Zambia and the U.K.


After Maeve escapes Westworld, she _______.

Before she became a brothel madam in the Mariposa Saloon, she had a previous loop as a mother with a daughter. As she leaves Westworld, "memories" of her daughter flood her thoughts. Those thoughts cause her to turn around and go back to Westworld.


Who pulls the trigger on Ford?

Ford wants Dolores to be completely self-aware and make a choice to kill him, instead of that choice being programmed. He gives her back the gun she used to kill Arnold years earlier. It's a gun that will kill humans.


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