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Do you remember what Jed Clampett discovered in his backyard? Ever wished your grandmother was as cool as Daisy May? And what was the name of the nosy rich neighbors who were always bothering the Clampetts? If you know the answer to these and other questions about "The Beverly Hillbillies," you might have the know-how to ace this quiz!

Years before a man named Jed was running into black gold, a show called "The Real McCoys" premiered on ABC in 1957. The black-and-white sitcom about a poor Appalachian family was recognized as one of the first TV series in the so-called "rural revolution" that took place from the late '50s to the early '70s. As televisions were becoming more common in American homes, people were increasingly seeking a return to the past, and shows with rural themes and simple folks grew in popularity.

After "The Real McCoys" came "The Andy Griffith Show," and while both of these shows were hits, neither had the chart-topping power of "The Beverly Hillbillies," which came out in 1962. The series about the Clampetts and their move to sunny California lasted for nine seasons, and never once failed to achieve a top-20 ranking during that entire run.

Though the series got the ax during the "rural purge" of the early '70s, it has lived on in syndication ever since. Even today, fans can relate to the rags-to-riches, fish-out-of-water theme of the series — and of course, many of the gags and down-home humor are just as funny now as they were then.

Think you're an expert on the Clampetts? Take our quiz to find out!

What breed of dog is Duke?

Duke is a bloodhound. He is Jed's dog.


Who is Magaret Drysdale?

Margaret Drysdale is Milburn's wife.


What is Milburn Drysdale's profession?

Milburn is the president of the Commerce Bank. Milburn is always trying to keep the Clampetts in Beverly Hills to keep their money in his bank.


Why do the Drysdales always try to keep the Clampetts in Beverly Hills?

The Drysdale's alway try to keep the Clampetts in Beverly Hills because their money is in the Commerce Bank where Milburn is the president.


What year did "The Beverly Hillbillies" first air?

"The Beverly Hillbillies" premiered in 1962, and became a comedy favorite from then on.


What occupation does Miss Jane have?

Miss Jane is Milburn's secretary.


Who are the Drysdales?

The Drysdales are the Clampetts' neighbors. Mr. Drysdale is also the president of the Commerce Bank.


What does Elly May love?

Elly May loves animals. She always called her pets her "critters."


Who does Miss Jane have a crush on?

Miss Jane has a crush on Jethro.


What is Granny's real name?

Granny's name is Daisy Moses. She is Jed's mother-in-law.


What year did "The Beverly Hillbillies" end?

The Beverly Hillbillies ended in 1971, marking the end of one of the most-watched sitcoms in the United States.


What did the Clampetts call a "cement pond"?

The Clampetts call their swimming pool a "cement pond."


Who is Jed's daughter?

Elly May is Jed's daughter.


Who is Jethro's mother?

Pearl is Jethro's mother and Jed's cousin. Like Jed, her significant other passed away.


When Granny calls herself an M.D., what does that stand for?

M.D. stands for "mountain doctor." In one episode Granny decides that she might retire from her practice.


How many seasons did "The Beverly Hillbillies" air?

"The Beverly Hillbillies" aired for nine seasons over a span of nine years. The show was canceled after Season 9 because CBS was looking to target a different audience.


How much was the Clampett family property said to be worth?

The property was worth $25 million. This funded the Clampetts move to Beverly Hills.


Who is Jethrine?

Jethrine is Jethro's twin sister. She is played by Max Baer Jr., who also plays Jethro.


What does Jethro pass his time doing?

Jethro passes the time by trying to make moves on as many pretty girls as possible.


What is one thing that Elly May is not good at?

Elly May is not good at cooking. In one episode, a miller bought one of Elly May's cakes to use as a grindstone in his mill!


Who is Margaret's rival?

Margaret's rival is Granny. In one episode, Margaret goes as far as accusing Granny of theft.


How did the Clampetts become rich?

The Clampetts struck oil on their land and became rich. With their newfound wealth, they moved to Beverly Hills, where the show takes place.


Where was Granny from?

Granny is from Tennessee. It's thought that this might be where the whole family moved from, but no one knows for sure.


What spinoff of "The Beverly Hillbillies" had an opposite plot line?

"The Beverly Hillbillies" spinoff is "Green Acres." Its plot line was the reverse of "The Beverly Hillbillies," given that the main characters went from riches-to-rags.


Who convinced Jed to move his family to California?

Pearl convinced Jed to move his family to California. Thanks to Pearl's encouragement, the Clampetts became millionaires!


What is Jethro always searching for?

Jethro is always looking for a job. He's tried everything — working at the bank, becoming a stunt double, even joining the Navy as a frogman!


What is the name of the show's theme song?

The theme song is called "The Ballad of Jed Clampett." It tells the story of Jed and how he became rich.


What oil company purchased the right to drill on Jed's land?

OK Oil Company purchased the right to drill on Jed's land. They paid the Clampetts more than the family ever could have imagined, and that is how they made the money to relocate to Beverly Hills.


What was the name of "The Beverly Hillbillies" reunion movie?

The reunion movie was called "The Return of the Beverly Hillbillies."


What is one of the names of Granny's moonshine?

One of the names used to refer to Granny's moonshine is Tennessee Tranquilizer!


Who is the only living cast member?

The only living cast member is Max Baer Jr., who played Jethro in the show. As of 2018, he is 81 years old and living in Oakland, California.


What does Miss Jane think that the Clampett's are?

Miss Jane thought that the Clampetts were servants, which almost made her lose her job.


What was the name of Jed's deceased wife?

Jed's deceased wife was named Rose Ellen. She died when Elly May was a young girl.


Why is "The Beverly Hillbillies" considered one of the most popular sitcoms that ever aired?

"The Beverly Hillbillies" was considered one of the most popular sitcoms ever aired because of the high ratings it received. The first two seasons made it number one in the United States.


What is Jed's catchphrase?

Jed's catchphrase was "Well, doggies!" This is one catchphrase that can still be heard today.


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