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Who doesn't love an old-fashioned, action-filled, Saturday-matinee kind of movie? That's what the animated film "The Adventures of Tintin" offered audiences in 2011. Now, test your "Tintin" knowledge with our quiz!

Who directed "The Adventures of Tintin"?

Spielberg said he discovered "Tintin" after a reviewer compared his "Raiders of the Lost Ark" to it. Still, it was years before a "Tintin" movie would finally come to the screen.

In what city does Tintin live?

Herge, the cartoonist, was Belgian and set the "Tintin" adventures in that city. That's why the newspaper has a French name -- though the headlines are in English, so English-speaking audiences could understand them.

What is Tintin's job?

Tintin is part of the "intrepid boy (or girl) reporter" tradition. This is particularly popular in fiction for kids and teenagers, as it's a little more realistic than having a teenager be part of a police force.

Who is Snowy?

Snowy accompanies Tintin everywhere. Pure white, he appears to be some kind of terrier.

What color is Tintin's hair?

Tintin is what people would call a "ginger." Are we the only ones who think this designation doesn't make sense? Ginger root is pale yellow on the inside ... this should be a nickname for blondes!

A rash of which crime plagues Brussels as the movie opens?

As the movie opens in a Brussels market, the pickpocket is going through the crowd, taking wallets. He's very good at his job.

The original "Adventures of Tintin" were in which media?

"The Adventures of Tintin" was created by Belgian cartoonist Herge, and ran in a youth newspaper called "Le Petit Vingtieme." Since then, the "Tintin" stories have been adapted into multiple media.

What are the names of the two detectives who are friendly with Tintin?

Thompson and Thomson are the classic "good-natured but incompetent" foils to TIntin the adept sleuth. (See also: Lestrade in the Sherlock Holmes stories).

What is the Unicorn?

Well, it was a ship, now sunk. Tintin buys a model of the Unicorn at the market in Brussels, and later learns it's not the only replica.

Thomson and Thompson were played by Simon Pegg and his regular collaborator, __________.

Frost and Pegg's breakthrough movie was "Shaun of the Dead," which they followed up with the cop-movie parody, "Hot Fuzz." Spielberg hired Pegg and Frost because he wanted a pair of actors who would work well as a team.

What is the name of the movie's main bad guy?

We meet Ivan Sakharine in the movie's first scene, but it takes a little while to realize he's bad news. Fun fact: look closely at Sakharine's rimless glasses. They're not just rimless; they have no earpieces. They seem to stay on his face by magic.

How many people try to buy the model of the Unicorn from Tintin?

Both an American and a mysterious stranger (who turns out to be Sakharine) offer to buy the model from Tintin, mere minutes after he purchases it. Tintin, however, refuses to sell it.

How does the model of the Unicorn break?​

A Siamese cat comes into Tintin's rooms, provoking the vigorous chase. The damage to the Unicorn proves to be a fortunate accident, though, as it will​ turn out.

What was hidden in the mast of the model ship?

Tintin doesn't find the scroll, in its metal case, right away. It rolls under his desk, where it stays while he goes to the library to research the Unicorn and its history.

What does Tintin find when he and Snowy return from the library?

Fortunately, the thieves didn't find the scroll. Snowy retrieves it from under the desk, and it's then that Tintin realizes what the intruders were after.

What is the name of the unoccupied manor Tintin and Snowy explore?

Tintin and Snowy arrive at the estate in pursuit of his stolen model ship. There they meet Sakharine and realize he has a model of the Unicorn, like Tintin's, except without the damage from the cat chase.

What is the name of the family who used to occupy Marlinspike Hall?

Sir Francis Haddock was the captain of the Unicorn. His family fell on hard times after the sinking of the ship, and now their estate has fallen into near-ruin.

What happens when Barnaby, the American, visits Tintin?

Barnaby has come one last time to get Tintin to give up the model ship (which Tintin couldn't do anyway, it having been stolen). Just then, Barnaby is cut down in a hail of bullets.

What is the name of Captain Haddock's ship?

Tintin is kidnapped and held prisoner aboard the Karaboudjan. It's been taken over by Sakharine, with Haddock's crew now loyal to him.

What is Captain Haddock's first name?

Francis Haddock was his bold and famous ancestor, the captain of the Unicorn. Archibald Haddock drinks because he feels he'll never measure up to Francis and his legend.

Why is Sakharine headed for Morocco?

Sakharine needs the third scroll to finish solving the mystery of the Unicorn's treasure. Tintin knows where he's headed, so he and Haddock are headed there too.

What is the name of the port city in Morocco where the third model ship is​?

Bagghar, which is fictional, is where Omar ben-Salaad, the collector of model ships, lives. Above, Rabat and Marrakesh are real Moroccan cities, but only Rabat is on the coast. Marrakesh is inland.

To what does Captain Haddock set fire?

It gets cold on the ocean, so as Haddock tells Tintin, "I started a wee fire." Tintin's appropriate response: "On a BOAT?"

How do Tintin, Haddock and Snowy get to land after their lifeboat capsizes?

Cary Elwes, of "Princess Bride" and "Robin Hood: Men in Tights" fame had a very small role voicing the seaplane pilot. Did he owe Spielberg a favor? Need gas money during the price spikes of the early 20-teens? We'll probably never know.

What does Captain Haddock hallucinate about in the Sahara?

Tintin knows that Sakharine wanted Haddock alive so he could remember something. Once Haddock sobers up in the desert, he begins to remember the sinking of the Unicorn, which seems to be important to Sakharine's quest.

What quantity of treasure was hidden on the Unicorn?

We're not sure how much a "hundredweight" is. But "four hundredweight" certainly gets everyone involved excited.

Why has the pickpocket, Aristide Silk, been stealing wallets?

When Thomson and Thompson finally track Silk down, the wallets contain all their money and contents. They are, however, labeled with the date of each theft -- the mark of an obsessive collector.

What animal is Sakharine's companion and helper?

Sakharine wears a leather gantlet (a long glove), like falconers do. Late in the movie, he uses the falcon to retrieve the scrolls for him.

What is Bianca Castafiore's nickname?

Castafiore didn't appear in the three "Tintin" stories from which the script was adapted. However, the writers included her because she was such a key part of the "Tintin" universe.

Why does Sakharine bring Bianca Castafiore to Bagghar?

Sonic waves can actually shatter glass at certain frequencies. We're not sure they could shatter bulletproof glass, but "The Adventures of Tintin" probably didn't hire science advisers.

What was the name of the pirate who was Sir Francis's foe?

In the crucial fight scene, Rackham makes his appearance by walking down a fallen mast that is partially in flames, and coolly addressing Sir Francis. He might be a bad guy, but Rackham's got a certain style.

Who turns out to be Red Rackham's descendant?

Sakharine didn't want to keep Archibald Haddock alive just so he'd remember clues to the treasure's location. He also wanted to kill Haddock's last descendant, because Sir Francis Haddock killed Red Rackham (sort of).

Where do the coordinates from the three scrolls lead Tintin and Haddock?

Instead of leading to a plausible spot for a shipwreck, the secret coordinates lead to Marlinspike Hall. This was the ancestral home of the Haddocks.

Where is the treasure of the Unicorn?

Remember, when the Unicorn exploded, Sir Francis caught some of the shower of gold coins and jewels in his hat; that's what's hidden in the globe. But the rest sank with the Unicorn -- and Haddock is game to go find it with Tintin!

Who voiced the villain, Sakharine?

Craig joked that he was carrying on a tradition of Brits playing bad guys. That's not really fair; there are lots of British heroes in film and fiction.

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