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"I don't want to be anything other than what I've been trying to be lately!"

If you're belting out the lyrics to this song, you're either a major Gavin DeGraw fan or you spent years watching "One Tree Hill."

In 2003, "One Tree Hill" premiered on The WB and then finished it's nine-season run in 2012 on The CW.  Starring Chad Michael Murray and James Lafferty as Lucas Scott and Nathan Scott, respectively, the series followed the two half-brothers as they battled it out on the basketball court and in their love lives. 

Having watched Lucas, Peyton, Nathan, Haley, and Brooke grow up over the years, how well do you remember their journey. Which NBA team did Nathan get drafted to? What was the name of Nathan and Haley's son? Where did the show take place? If you can rattle off these answers, you're ready for this quiz! 

Many times throughout the series, you watched Lucas or Nathan step up to the line and take a shot. This is your chance to do that! Let's see what your score is at the final buzzer.

Which fictional town was the show set in?

"One Tree Hill" was fictionally located in Tree Hill, North Carolina.


It followed the lives of which two half-siblings?

It originally followed the lives of half-brothers Lucas and Nathan Scott. They shared basketball as a common interest.


Lucas Scott was played by which actor?

Chad Michael Murray played Lucas Scott.


The opening credits were originally accompanied by which song?

Originally the opening theme song was "I Don't Want to Be" by Gavin DeGraw. The theme was removed from the opening in the fifth season to lower production costs. It was restored for season eight, in response to audience demand, and was sung by different artists each week.


"If you're lucky ... if you're the luckiest person on this entire planet, the person you love decides to love you back." Who said this line?

The quote is from "Everyday Is a Sunday Evening." Nathan is the character who said it.


Nathan Scott was played by which actor?

James Lafferty played Nathan Scott. He was chosen partly because of his basketball skills.


Which of these is the title of the novel Lucas Scott wrote?

Lucas wrote a novel called "An Unkindness of Ravens." The book was a major success and garnered Lucas widespread recognition as an accomplished author. The first person Lucas presented a copy of his book to was classmate Glenda Farrell, followed shortly after that by Peyton Sawyer and the rest of his friends.


What NBA team was going to draft Nathan Scott before his injury?

Nathan was due to be drafted by the Seattle Sonics. After his recovery, he played for the Charlotte Bobcats.


Which character said this line? "Be careful with his heart. It's more fragile than you think."

Haley, played by Bethany Joy Lenz, said this quote to Brooke.


Who played Brooke Davis?

Sophia Bush played Brooke.


What's the first song that Haley wrote?

Haley was initially introduced as Lucas Scott's best friend. Later she became his sister-in-law, upon her marriage to Nathan Scott in their junior year of high school. Haley was also a singer and her first song was "Elsewhere."


Which two actors were married in real life?

Sophia Bush and Chad Michael Murray met while filming the show and got married. Sadly, their relationship wasn't meant to be and they got divorced.


What was the name of Peyton's website?

The website was used in many episodes. Peyton usually sat at her desk on her webcam, thinking, drawing, or listening to music. Lucas Scott was known to look at the website frequently, as he was in love with her.


Which character was not in the pilot episode?

Brooke Davis (Sophia Bush) was not cast until after the pilot episode. Brooke made her first appearance in "The Places You Have Come to Fear the Most."


Which character said this line? "Remember tonight, for it is the beginning of always. A promise. Like a reward for persisting through life so long alone. A belief in each other and the possibility of love."

Lucas was the character who said this quote. He said it in "Somewhere a Clock Is Ticking."


Where did Karen go for cooking classes?

In season one, Karen was accepted at a cooking school in Italy, to which she had applied months before. At the airport before her six-week trip, she kissed Keith, hoping to start a relationship on her return.


Who bought the first item of clothing from Tree Hill's Clothes Over Bros store?

Brooke Davis created her fashion line Clothes Over Bros in high school. By the fifth season, Clothes Over Bros had grown into a multi-million-dollar fashion empire, with Brooke and her mother Victoria at the helm.


"Here's my philosophy on dating: It's important to have somebody that can make you laugh, somebody you can trust, somebody that, y'know, turns you on ... And it's really, really important that these three people don't know each other." Who said this line?

Brooke, played by Sophia Bush, is the character who said this.


Who owned Tree Hill's record store?

Max owned the record shop. Peyton Sawyer was one of the shop's most frequent visitors.


Who attempted to kill Dan in the car dealership?

In season two, Dan grabbed Karen and forcefully kissed her. At the end of the season, Dan drank a poisoned bottle of whiskey that was left for him with a note that said, "For everything you've done." The dealership was then set on fire with Dan inside. Dan later found out it was Deb, trying to get revenge.


Who said this line? "When I fell to the floor tonight, I was so scared. I was so terrified. Then I saw you, and I promised myself that if I could just get up, I'd walk over to you ... I'd tell you how much I need you and how much I want you ... and how nothing else matters."

Nathan said these words in "With Arms Outstretched."


What song did Haley James Scott and Chris Keller record together?

Chris Keller was a musician who noticed Haley James Scott's talent and helped her at the start of her music career.


Who were the only actors that appeared in both the pilot episode and the finale?

The only actors who appeared in both the pilot episode and the finale episode were James Lafferty, Bethany Joy Lenz, Lee Norris and Antwon Tanner.


What inspired the show's title?

The name "One Tree Hill" was taken from a U2 song of the same name. The creator, Mark Schwahn, was inspired while listening to U2's "The Joshua Tree" album.


Haley is pregnant a second time in which season?

She was pregnant with her second child in season eight. The actor, Bethany Joy Lenz, was pregnant in real life during season eight as well.


When did "One Tree Hill" premiere?

"One Tree Hill" premiered in 2003.


What season did Keith die?

Out of jealousy, Dan murdered Keith. Keith was seen in later episodes as a spirit watching over his loved ones.


How were "One Tree Hill" episodes named?

Episode titles were all names of songs and album titles.


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