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"Little Miss Sunshine" follows a broken family with many problems as they make their way to a beauty pageant. By the end, they start to come together as a true family. Think you know their adventure? Take the quiz to find out!

What was Olive watching on television at the beginning of the movie?

Olive was watching a beauty pageant on television. She tried to mimic the reactions of the winners and do what they do.


Who was hospitalized at the beginning of the movie?

Frank was hospitalized at the beginning of the movie. He had attempted suicide, but was saved saved. Sheryl went to see him shortly after.


Who did Frank share a room with while staying at his sister's house?

Frank shared a room with Dwayne while he stayed at Sheryl's house. The doctor had asked Sheryl to make sure that he wasn't alone, for fear that he might attempt suicide again.


What does Dwayne refuse to do?

Dwayne refuses to speak. He had a goal of becoming a test pilot, and until he fulfilled his goal, he planned to stay silent.


How late was the family to the "Little Miss Sunshine" pageant?

The family was four minutes late. The woman who registered the girls refused to let them register, but another man volunteered to register them.


What reason did Frank give Olive on why he wanted to commit suicide?

Frank told Olive he tried to commit suicide because he was in love with a man that didn't love him back. The man he loved had fallen in love with someone else. He had also lost his job and home.


What did Cindy's message on the answering machine say?

The message Cindy left on the answering machine said that Olive would be moving on to the state contest. Olive was so excited to hear the news, she started packing right away!


How did the family plan to go to California?

The family planned to go to California by car. They were very tight on money and had to find the most cost-efficient way to get there.


Why was Edwin taken out of the retirement home?

Edwin was taken out of the retirement home because he started doing drugs, specifically heroin. After being removed from the home, he went to live with Cheryl and Richard.


What did Olive order at the restaurant?

Olive ordered ice cream. Richard tried to tell her about ice cream and how it can make a person gain weight. Everyone else around the table encouraged her to enjoy her ice cream.


What happened after the family ate breakfast at the restaurant?

After eating breakfast at the restaurant, Richard and Sheryl tried to get the car going, but the clutch wouldn't work. They brought the car to a shop, but it wouldn't be fixed in time for the pageant.


Who did Frank see in the convenience store at the gas station?

Frank saw his ex-boyfriend. He tried to hide his wounds from him, and awkwardly talked to him about how he had been.


What bad news did Richard receive while at the gas station?

While at the gas station, Richard received news that he had lost the business deal. Despite his willingness to negotiate, it was no use.


Who noticed that the family had forgotten Olive at the gas station?

Dwayne noticed that the family had left Olive behind at the gas station. They went back right away to pick her up!


At the hotel, what did Olive say that she didn't want to be?

Olive told her grandfather that she didn't want to be a loser. She knew that her father didn't like losers, but her grandfather comforted her and told her that she wasn't one.


Where did Richard go in the middle of the night?

Richard went to Scottsdale, Arizona. He went to meet Stan, who told him that nobody bought into Richard's steps because nobody knew who he was.


What happened to Edwin at the hotel?

Edwin passed away. Olive ran into her parents' room to tell them that he wouldn't wake up, and after arriving at the hospital, there was nothing that could be done.


What did the family do with Edwin's body after they weren't allowed to leave the hospital without filling out forms?

After the family wasn't allowed to leave the hospital until the forms were filled out, they smuggled Edwin's body out through the window and into the back of the car. They weren't going to miss Olive's "Little Miss Sunshine" pageant.


What broke on the car after the family left the hospital?

The horn on the car broke after the family left the hospital. An police officer pulled the car over, and Richard was nervous that he was going to be in trouble for having his father's body in the back seat.


What did Dwayne find out on the way to California?

Dwayne found out that he was color blind. Frank broke the news that he would be unable to become a pilot because of it, and Dwayne broke his silence.


Who was able to get Dwayne back in the car?

Olive was able to get Dwayne back in the car. He helped her back up the hill and apologized to his family after he had yelled at them.


What did Olive ask Miss California when she met her?

Olive asked Miss California if she ate ice cream. She was happy to find out that Miss California loved ice cream, and didn't feel so bad about what her father had said earlier.


What did Olive do as her talent at the pageant?

Olive's talent was dancing. Her grandfather had shown her some moves that the judges and the audience didn't really enjoy!


To whom did Olive dedicate her performance?

Olive dedicated her performance to her grandfather, Edwin. When the host asked if he was with them that night, she told the audience that he was in the trunk of the car.


What did Richard do when the host tried to stop Olive's performance?

After the host tried to stop Olive in the middle of her performance, Richard attacked him. He was able to stop the host from stopping Olive while she was performing!


What did Richard do while on stage with Olive?

Richard started dancing with Olive after he found himself on stage with her. One of the judges told him repeatedly to get her off of the stage, but he didn't listen.


Under what condition did the officer say the family could leave?

The officer said that the family would be allowed to leave if they agreed to never enter Olive into another beauty pageant in California. They agreed, and were allowed to leave!


Before her last performance, who tried to convince Sheryl to stop Olive from participating?

Dwayne tried to convince Sheryl to stop Olive from participating. He said that everyone would end up laughing at her if she continued.


Who did Olive say chose her music?

Olive said her grandfather picked her music. He also taught her the dance moves she used in the performance.


Who inspired Dwayne?

Dwayne was inspired by Friedrich Nietzsche. He had a picture of Nietzsche in his room. During one scene, he was shown reading about him.


How did Sheryl get Dwayne to go to California with the family?

Sheryl got Dwayne to agree to go to California with the family by telling him that she would let him go to flight school. Since this was his dream, he agreed right away.


What food did Edwin complain about eating every night?

Edwin complained about eating chicken every night. This led to a small fight about the food and Edwin's retirement home.


Where did the family live?

The family lived in Albuquerque, New Mexico. When Edwin died during the trip, this caused a problem since were in another state. Their trip to California was 800 miles!


Where did Dwayne go during his spring break?

Dwayne went to visit his father. Olive went to California to see her cousins, and competed in a pageant while she was there.


What color was the car the family took to California?

The car was yellow. It was a Volkswagen T2 Microbus that caused a few problems throughout the movie.


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